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6/30/97:Election '97 Check out some of the candidates supported by the New Party in the upcoming Fall elections.

6/30/97:New Job Postings We have posted new job descriptions on our job page.

6/24/97:Bi-Weekly Update June 24, 1997  The New Party talks about fighting for a “Real Democracy” and a “Fair Economy.” On the Real Democracy side, nothing stands out as more critical than serious campaign finance reform.

6/18/97: June 1997 Update NP wins 3rd living wage fight in Milwaukee. Little Rock NP wins police accountability ordinance. Progressive Dane (WI) members elected to leadership posts. Key unions affiliate with Progressive Montgomery (MD), Chicago NP. New organizing in Houston, Portland. Bronx NP member Luis DeJesus runs for City Council.

6/11/97: Bi-Weekly Update June 11Making Work Pay: Steve Macek reports on the Living Wage, upcoming in Z Magazine.

4/30/97: Supreme Court Rules Against Fusion On Monday, April 28, the SC ruled 6-3 that states do not have to permit fusion. In what was clearly a political rather than constitutional decision, Chief Justice Rehnquist argued that "the State's interest permits them to enact reasonable elections regulations that may, in practice, favor the traditional two-party system." Read more about the Court decision and what it means for the New Party (not much, actually) in Executive Director Dan Cantor's report on the decision. Full text of the SC decision can be found in the Fusion Clearinghouse.

4/22/97 : Fusion Clearinghouse Includes full text of Supreme Court decision in Timmons v. Twin Cities Area New Party, as well as background and pre-oral argument press coverage.

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