The Integrated Co-operative Workspace Project

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ICW was a £1.2M, 2 year DTI/EPSRC ATP funded project in the field of Computer Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW). It was carried out by an academic/industrial consortium comprising: and involves Sheffield Health Authority and the Aries Pensions Consortium as demonstrators.
The intention of the ICW project has been to move CSCW towards a central position in large and complex organisations. To do this, we have developed tools which enable CSCW to be integrated with enterprises' core applications. The tools slot into a methods architecture, which enables flexible, evolving solutions to be implemented, meeting enterprises' evolving business needs. Open standards are employed, which helps to ensure that applications can be extended over diverse, distributed environments in large organisations.

In particular, within ICW, three perspectives on the enterprise are integrated:

3 strands of ICW
ICW aims to show through demonstrators, that real business benefits can be delivered by developing usable methods for applying state of the art technologies.

The Future

All three strands of ICW are continuing to be commercially developed beyond the end of the ICW project, and employed in solving business problems in new contexts. For example:

The methods and technologies are being applied to Learning Environment Development, in collaboration with a number of further education colleges.

The Enterprise Information Service is being further developed and trialled on the Internet.

More details are available in these Word 2 Documents:

Project Directors Closing Report
ICW Awareness Document