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We believe

citizens nourish their communities

by sharing their values in open discussion.

We believe values give the foundation for responsible health policy.

We believe communities act responsibly when they link their goals to their values.

We believe democracy thrives when citizens choose to make a difference.

As a non-profit membership organization open to individuals and groups, American Health Decisions brings state and local organizations together to benefit from shared experiences and to create collaborative programs on regional and national levels.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has awarded a grant of $254,440 to American Health Decisions to conduct a research project aimed at a better understanding of Americans' values, concerns, hopes, and fears regarding end of life care. Thirty-eight focus groups will be conducted in cities and towns across the country to discover what Americans want from their care givers and the barriers they see to getting what they want carried out. In addition to the focus group discussions, the AHD research project will include in depth telephone interviews with individuals who have recently, or are currently, facing end of life decisions for themselves or a family member. The findings of the research project will be released in July at an opportune time to benefit two other iniatives: a project being conducted by the American Medical Association to enhance American physicians understanding of, and attention to, a wide range of options for end of life care and a national education program that will parallel the AMA's project. Information on how to get copies of the AHD report on this project will be posted here when they are available.

Extreme Care, Humane Options (ECHO). Sacramento Healthcare Decisions has just published findings from a community forum series on values about end of life care. The community forums results will be used by Sacramento area hospitals as they develop guidelines for care in desperate circumstances. Contact Executive Director Marjorie Ginsburg shd@quiknet.com of SHD for information on how to get a copy of this report.


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