Princess Gwenevere TM

Gwenevere is the sixteen-year old bold and beautiful Princess of Avalon, daughter of Queen Anya and King Jared. Gwenevere is a true heroine, ready to face the challenges that await her as she rides the wings of her destiny to become the next Queen of the kingdom.

She has certain traits that she has inherited from her famous namesake -- courage, a strong will, and impulsiveness. She also has a fiery temper and can sometimes be snobby and pretentious. Happily, she has bonded with a rare and stunning winged unicorn named Sunstar who works with the young Princess to help her realize her potential and develop her inner beauty. Sunstar will teach Gwenevere to make the right decisions, and keep a positive outlook, always. Gwenevere's (human) best friends, Fallon and Tamara are a great source of happiness for the princess and contribute enormously to her growth as a young woman and future leader of the kingdom.

Gwenevere and Sunstar share the Sun Stone, the stone of light, handed down by Gwenevere's mother, Queen Anya.