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XFree86-3.3 is now available!

Most binary distributions are in place and the mirrors are quickly picking up the files. Please be patient when trying to download the files and please check the mirrors closest to you first.

If your XFree86-3.2A servers are about to expire, please check the next section about extending the expiration date.

Highlights of the new release include

Check the XFree86-3.3 documentation for more details.

Extending the Expiry Date of XFree86-3.2A

Since XFree86-3.3 could only be released a few days before XFree86-3.2A expires we want to make it easier for those in need of an updated server. Add the following command line option when starting the servers of XFree86-3.2A and the expiry time will be extended another 30 days until July 15th, 1997.

-extendExpiry 30 0a8d20244e3c8fcb

This should give you enough time to get and install XFree86-3.3.

When starting the server with startx, use:

	startx -- -extendExpiry 30 0a8d20244e3c8fcb
When starting the server from xdm, edit your /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers file and change the :0 line to something like:
	:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X -extendExpiry 30 0a8d20244e3c8fcb

The XFree86 Project, Inc is a non-profit organisation that produces XFree86, the X Window server for PC based UNIX(R) and UNIX-like systems.

Please Help Support Our Work!

If you obtain XFree86 software in its original or a derived form, from an entity other than The XFree86 Project, Inc. (or one of our Internet mirror sites), please consider using vendors which support our work in the form of donations. You can find a complete list of those vendors on our sponsors page. In particular, some CD-ROM vendors provide financial support to our project, whereas others don't or will only do so under unacceptable constraints.

In addition, please consider donating if you find our software a useful component of your computing environment. Without this financial support, our continued progress will be hindered.

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