If you cannot see moving images and/or hear sounds, click here to get a Java-aware browser such as the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. By the way, you can "switch" an Egor animation on or off by clicking on it.

Animation created by the Egor Animator from Sausage Software. Please use a Java-compatible web browser to view this animation.

Animation created by the Egor Animator from Sausage Software. Please use a Java-compatible web browser to view this animation.

Introducing Egor
The World's First Commercial Java Application!

Sausage Software would like you to meet our newest creation - Egor! He's warped, he's twisted and now he's on the Net! He'll bring your Web pages to life with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy and fun to create professional-looking animations.

Take Egor home today. He's yours to play with! Check out his awesome powers off-line at no charge. When you're ready to use Egor's animations on your Web pages, simply register Egor for only US$99.95. Registered users of Egor versions 1.x and 2.x can upgrade to Egor 3 for only US$30.00!

STOP PRESS: Egor v3.0 has now been released! New Features include:


"Egor" has been awarded 5 cows by TUCOWS!


IBM-Compatible PC
486 or better
Windows 95
Minimum 8Mb RAM
(16Mb recommended)
IMPORTANT: This is a 32-bit application, designed to run under Windows 95. It will not run under earler versions of Windows. This application uses non-standard HTML tags which may not be understood by every browser available. It will definitely work with the latest releases of Netscape Navigator however, which means that the vast majority of people will have no problems. It would be advisable to offer viewing and navigating alternatives for those people using non-conforming browsers.

BEFORE DOWNLOADING: For Egor to run properly on your system, you need to have certain files and drivers in your Windows System directory. The chances are that you already have the necessary files on your system and don't need to download them again. That's why we've created two versions of Egor - so you can pick the right one for you!

The following files must be present in your Windows System directory for Egor to work properly. Please check your Windows System directory now. If you already have all these files, you should download only the Egor program files.

  • OLEPRO32.DLL (dated September 29 1995 or newer)
  • OLEAUT32.DLL (dated October 6 1995 or newer)
  • OLE32.DLL
  • VB40032.DLL
  • MFC40.DLL (dated October 6 1995 or newer)

Option 1. Egor v3.1 program + all related files
Download from our US mirror now. File size: 3,307,172 Bytes

Option 2. Egor v3.1 program only
Download from our US mirror now. File size: 2,154,446 Bytes

Option 3. Microsoft DLL files only
Download from our US mirror now. File size: 1,612,091 Bytes
If you install Egor 3, you will need to upgrade your copies of Clikette and CrossEye to avoid conflicts with Egor 3. You can download the latest versions of Clikette and CrossEye for free from this site.
  • You will need to upgrade CrossEye versions 1.20 and earlier versions to the new version 1.21
  • You will need to upgrade Clikette versions 1.27 and earlier versions to the new version 1.28
IMPORTANT: You may not be able to download our software using some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. This is because there is a bug (confirmed by Microsoft) in the program which makes it incompatible with many FTP servers. Microsoft suggests the following workaround: use another FTP tool. We recommend you try clicking the link. If it doesn't work, try right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As...", or else try downloading using a different browser, such as Netscape, or an FTP client. If you have any difficulties, please contact Tech Support

If you have trouble downloading Egor from the above sites, just get it from your nearest TUCOWS site!

Click here to register your copy of Egor - it's easy!

IMPORTANT: To create & edit your own customised sound files to use with your Egor animations, you'll need a sound file converter such as GoldWave - available from your nearest TUCOWS site! Egor's built-in Help file will tell you the rest.

Check out some of the other animation sequences that come bundled with Egor!


Check out our new Weenies, bundled sets of images ready for animation with Egor!


Click here to see the groovy Sausage-mobile!

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