Prices for direct orders from Ticsoft/Germany:
Roadhog 1 or Roadhog 2 with 30 tracks each: DM 39,90
Roadhog bundle Version with 45 tracks: DM 59,90
System requirements: 386DX/40 or higher IBM compatible machine, 4 MB RAM
supports: Gravis Gamepad, analog Joysticks, Sound Blaster, Generell Midi and other Audio cards
Roadhog is a truly hilarious cart-racing game. You have to prove your skill on several tracks around the world to recieve the necessary scores. Plenty of humor and very cool music and soundeffects make this game a lot of fun. The registered version features a leveleditor to make your own tracks. Several registration options available!


Road Hog has been listed as a finalist in the Ziff Davis Shareware industry awards to be made at the annual Shareware Industry Conference. These awards are regarded as the 'Oscars' of the industry. Simply to be nominated is an honour, to win it is the pinnacle of many a programmers career. Road Hog has had dozens of enthusiastic press reviews here in Europe as well as in the USA, everyone who plays it says it's the sheer fun of the gameplay that marks it out from the rest.

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