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Former State Department official Giacomo Cacciatore was contacted: "I was never questioned about OSWALD. The Watch Card or Lookout Card was done by another section of the Passport Office. I worked in the Foreign Passport Division and was concerned with determinations of citizenship and loss of nationality." Former State Department official William E. Duggan was contacted in November 1993. He stated that a court action forbade the State Department from withholding passports for non-payment of repatriation loans. William E. Duggan could not say precisely when this occurred. A spokesman for the Legal Division of the State Department recalled no such decision.



        On June 27, 1963, S.A. Hosty was advised by the New York FBI that his Subject was living in New Orleans. On June 28, 1963, S.A. Hosty asked the New Orleans FBI to determine OSWALD'S address and activities, and asked it to take partial responsibility for the case, because the Subject was now in its area. [WR p435; FBI 100-10,461-36 "Re: Dallas ltr. to NO /28/61" - date on this 7.17.63 doc. should have been 7.28.63] S.A. Hosty explained: "After it had been determined that the Subjects had left Dallas, the lead to determine OSWALD'S employment [from Marina Oswald] appeared unnecessary at the time. The Subjects were not active in any subversive organizations and had done nothing to arouse any undue interest. The sole purpose of the investigation at this time was to locate and interview Marina Oswald in accordance with 105-E, Manual of Instructions." [FBI 100-10461 Hosty to Shanklin 12.6.63] S.A. Hosty responded with uncharacteristic promptness to the New Orleans Office of the FBI, because he wanted to transfer the OSWALD case. S.A. Hosty told the Warren Commission: "In June, I believe it was the middle of June, we received a communication from our New Orleans office advising that one LEE OSWALD was apparently in New Orleans, and requested information on him...This was June 17, 1963 A , I believe, they notified us, and by the time I got the letter back to them within a week or two, it would have been the end of June, early part of July. I sent a request back that they verify his presence in New Orleans. They then wrote back a letter to me, within two or three weeks. It would have been in August 1963, when it came back, that they verified OSWALD'S presence in New Orleans, and that he was working in New Orleans...Dallas became an auxiliary office upon the submission of the proper forms to the New Orleans office in which I designated them as the office of origin."



        On June 27, 1963, the FBI in New York sent the FBI in Dallas two copies of a photograph of OSWALD'S name on the mailing list of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. This highly deleted document indicated that one copy of it was filed in NY 97-1792 and the other was filed in NY-97-2229. It was received by the Dallas Office on July 1, 1963, and initialed into file by S.A. Hosty. The document contained the notation: "1 verifax to Bur December 8, 1963, H cc to 105-1201 H." [FBI 105-10461-37, 105-1201-15]



        OSWALD was back in his native new Orleans. The Warren Commission: "Aside from Ruth Paine and Ruth Kloepfer and her daughters, the Murrets were the only social visitors the OSWALDS had." [CIA 475; WCD 75; WR 276] Ruth Kloepfer had received a letter from Ruth Paine requesting she help the OSWALDS for humanitarian reasons. Ruth Kloepfer was interviewed in May 1977: "I was not a friend of Ruth Paine, I had never met her before. I received an official letter, she was a Quaker in Texas...She knew OSWALD'S wife...and was concerned about her. They asked me if I, as a Clerk of the New Orleans Meeting, would stop by. The wife was not at home the first time I stopped by, but Mr. OSWALD was. I went back and saw her later. It was strictly because I was the Clerk of the New Orleans Quaker Meeting. I worked for Sheriff Hyde in the Criminal Courts building at the time." Asked if she had any CIA connection, Ruth Kloepfer said she had none. A CIA Office of Security document contained traces on Dr. Werner Kloepfer (born February 25, 1913): "Kloefper was of interest to OO/C during September 1963, apparently in relation to OSI requirements." Dr. Kloepfer was interviewed and queried about the CIA Office of Security record: "I have never been a CIA employee. I have been interviewed about other people from time to time, it seems to me, by the CIA. Someone wanted to know something about somebody. I think I have had this happen. I had something, I don't recall exactly what...somebody who they are checking on. They asked me to tell them what I knew about them. You say my name is in OSWALD'S address book? Well, that would be impossible. I mean there must be some error because there is no way for him to have my name." OSWALD did have the names, "Ruth Kloepfer" and "H Warner Kloepfer," in his address book on page 46. [CIA 646-277] The CIA's Office of Security files reflected H. Warner Kloepfer was a faculty member of Tulane University. FBI files noted he was on the mailing list of the Southern Conference Educational Fund. The Kloepfer's daughter visited the Soviet Union in 1963. OSWALD had to have associates other than the Murrets and the Kloepfers. Evidence suggested OSWALD knew William Guy Banister during the Summer of 1963.

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