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        HEMMING told this researcher: "I worked with the 30th of November Movement. Frank Pais's organization. I knew Homer Echevarria. Never heard of Francisco-Blanco. Quesada was the interim military coordinator of November 30th when we found the organization. Carlos got a lecture from us right off the goddamn bat. We set you people up with a training camp. We're training your fucking people. We delivered them a load of explosives. By the end of 1961 the organization started coming apart. The guys who had gone to the training camp started their own organization. They had been conducting operations. If they weren't conducting operations, we wanted nothing to do with them. We found that the CIA had been supporting them, and cut them off, and it was very clear what the policy was. Now the excuse could be that they were cut off because they were cowards. Once we were satisfied that they were operational, that they weren't bullshit artists, we dealt with them. Quesada made a fairly simple decision. They had been cut off from CIA funds, they had nothing going for themselves, and they made a brave decision. 'Fuck the CIA, we're gonna do something.' They were put back on the payroll in return for not doing any more operations. They took the money and screwed the CIA. I was surprised when HUNT walked into the 30th of November Movement headquarters, which was a private residence converted into offices. But he was in some kind of an uproar at the time, having to deliver money and put these people on the payroll. They'd pulled the case officers off of 30th of November, so he had to personally show up. Quesada became a politician. He has run for Mayor of Miami time and time again. I ran into Homer Echevarria when I went to Chicago. When we were picking up some arms from Lauchli in Collinsville in the Summer of 1963 we stopped in Chicago to check on Paulino Sierra and Kangles. While there, among a large number of people, I met Echevarria. I never heard anyone I dealt with saying that kind of shit. Paulino Sierra or Echevarria never said that kind of shit. The reports are lying."



        On December 3, 1964, the CIA contacted the Echevarria family: "(Deleted) explained the need for contacts in Cuba. Neither Subject nor his father had any contacts worthy of KUBARK'S purpose. However, they felt that they knew many people in the United States who had good contacts. They said that they would devote considerable thought to people who might have contacts. On January 6, 1965, WH/SA/EDE generated a document about the Echevarria family for WH/SA/IOS. On January 14, 1965, the Deputy Chief, WH/SA directed an Operational Trace Request to the Chief of Station, JMWAVE. On January 25, 1965, the Chief of Station at JMWAVE reported: "The only Station trace on the individuals listed in UFGW 4732 is a carded reference based on (deleted) 6588, dated January 24, 1964, pertaining to Subject E (Deleted)." On February 5, 1965, the CIA telephoned Homer Echevarria about the same Subject. On February 8, 1965, Edward P. Brown generated a memorandum about Echevarria for WH/SA/IOS. On February 8, 1965, the CIA notified the FBI that it intended to contact Echevarria in regard to "Operation Stateside #381." On February 8, 1965, Deputy Chief, WH(SA) , John L. Hart, requested a Provisional Operational Approval for Homer Echevarria: "For contact, assessment and possible use as an FI asset in Headquarters S/W program." In 1969 John L. Hart was HUNT'S immediate supervisor. The Provisional Operational Approval was granted on February 25, 1965, then canceled on August 26, 1965, because of "Failure to submit PRQ-II as required under CSI No. 10-5 or to indicate any further interest in obtaining approval for the operational use of Subject." On August 23, 1967, the CIA checked with the Immigration and Naturalization Service in regard to Echevarria. [CIA 201-767,409 - 1994 CIA Release]

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