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A federal grand jury in Springfield, Illinois, indicted Richard Lauchli and Charles M. Von Kriegsfeld of Cicero, Illinois, on September 23, 1964, in connection with the seizure of a cache of weapons. Richard Lauchli pleaded guilty of transferring a machine gun without having a federal tax stamp and was sentenced to two and one half years in prison. Charges against Richard Lauchli included illegal manufacture of firearms, interstate transportation and receipt of firearms and conspiracy to sell firearms. Charles M. Von Kriegsfeld, a weapons dealer, was indicted for his part in the conspiracy. Named as a co-conspirator, but not indicted was Donald Sturgis. Thomas Moseley testified against Richard Lauchli. In The Minutemen, Harry Jones reported "Thomas Moseley, a Chicago bus driver who did part time work as an undercover for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and other federal investigative agencies, testified that as he and 'General Joe Camillo,' actually an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agent, were collaborating with Richard Lauchli over the purchase of numerous weapons, Lauchli tried to impress the General that he was no amateur as an arms supplier. Moseley quoted Lauchli as saying: 'Well, I've supplied in the past guns to Castro...I know the personal pilot of Raoul Castro in Cuba [Howard K. Davis].' [Jones, J. Harry, The Minutemen, Doubleday 1968 p83] Richard Lauchli said, "I'm not in it for the money, I just wanted to pull some hairs from Castro's beard." HEMMING 1994: "Lauchli went to prison four fucking times serving his country. You know. Making special munitions and shit. He had an arsenal. Lauchli hated Bobby Kennedy. Thomas Moseley was a snitch to the Chicago P.D. who brought the United States Secret Service in. He was actually an undercover cop, they later found out. A narcotics detective."

On January 31, 1968, the CIA generated this document:

        SUBJECT: Lauchli, Richard J. (See also Pederoso, (Amores) Acelo)

ALLEGATION: Richard Lauchli "one of the founders of the Minutemen," was allegedly caught by the FBI in a raid on an arms cache at Lake Ponchartrain in August 1963.


SOURCE: January 1968 Ramparts article by William Turner.


        Negative except for a reference to his name in an Air Force Intelligence Report dated December 9, 1964. The report stated that Richard Albert Lauchli, who claimed he is a former paratrooper, was Minuteman leader in the St. Louis, Missouri area until September 1962 when he claimed he parted with Robert DePugh (Minuteman Leader); was arrested by United States Treasury agents in 1964 in connection with the non-registration of a large number of automatic weapons purchased from U.S. Army surplus and allegedly restored to operating condition by Lauchli. Lauchli reportedly organized his own group patterned after the Minutemen called Counterinsurgency Council. No significant following was noted for this group.


        FBI reports concerning the seizure of dynamite on July 31, 1963, at LaCombe, Louisiana were found in the Agency 201 files of Acelo (Amores) Pedroso and Dominador Espinosa Hernandez. These reports revealed that the purchase of the dynamite was traced to Richard Lauchli of Collinsville, Illinois, on July 10, 1963, from the American Cyanamid Company, St. Louis, Missouri. It was a cash purchase and Lauchli arranged for immediate delivery by picking up the items in his own delivery truck from the company's magazine at Millstadt, Illinois. Lauchli had made other purchases of ammunition from the American Cyanamid Company through his own company, LOXCO, Inc. 2010 Keebler Street, Collinsville, Ill."

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