HugoIn 1988 two men sat down to create what became the most popular interactive gameshow in the world - HUGOŽ the TV Troll. Hugo had it's premiere on Danish television in 1990 and in only 5 years it has been introduced in 20 countries around the world. Ever since this show saw the light of the dawn it has received extremely high ratings and awards all over the world - such as the Golden Cable Award in Germany, The best rated Children's show in Sweden - ever! And in Brazil, 1.8 mill. people calls every day to the Hugo Hot line.
Hugo and HugolinaThe story
Hugo's family has been captured by the witch "Scylla". She needs the presence of Hugolina (Hugo's wife) to be beautiful, but she is still evil at heart. Now Hugo has set of to rescue his family, but to do so he must struggle through different scenarios such as Scuba diving, snowboard, walk through abandoned mine shafts, ride an old motorcycle etc. Hugo can by now be experienced in 18 different scenarios.
Hugo and the airplaneHugo the TV-Troll - An Interactive Globetrotter
Hugo is ITE's greatest success. Since he first appeared on Danish television in 1990, he has charmed the world with his antics. Today, more than 20 networks throughout the world have included Hugo in shows. Many have even created new formats based on the Hugo character. Hugo's international appeal encompasses all ages and nationalities. Follow Hugo and his succes around the world.
The future of Hugo
In 1996 Hugo will meet a stronger enemy, but this does not stop him from fighting the bad. Now we introduce many new features to the game:
  • Advanced 3D graphics and animation's,
    made on Silicon Graphics machines,
    which are aiming for a detailed character description.
  • A new dynamic story telling
    which uses more dramatic camera
    angles and cuts between scenes.
Hugo knocking
  • A more emotional and musical arrangement,
    to build up a stronger atmosphere.
  • Scenes which provides more interaction
    with the viewer.

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