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Dedication to quality service has been the driving force leading to Kitty Hawk's unique reputation for its reliability as the nation's largest on-demand air cargo transport company.

This dedication and concentration has led to numerous successful transportation contracts with the US Postal Service, Burlington Air Express, DHL Worldwide, Airborne Express, United Parcel Service, the US Air Force (Log air) and Federal Express as well as ongoing air charter management relationships with the General Motors corporation and the IBM Corporation. Many other corporations and institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico frequently and continuously utilize Kitty Hawk's airline and charter services.

The company and its employees share a philosophy and live a corporate culture where providing quality, cost-effective service the first and every time assures repeat service requests from pleased customers. In the unscheduled (on-demand) air charter business of Kitty Hawk Charters, a firm is only as good as the last charter results. There are no long-term contracts insuring volume. To motivate the shipper's repeat business, every charter must be completed on time.

Service means being responsive, creative and cost conscious. Excellent service creates a repeat customer and turns one-time engagements into long-term relationships. Kitty Hawk is known for delivering fair pricing and extraordinary quality service. This on-demand service philosophy has become the standard for all facets of the Kitty Hawk services, including the scheduled services provided by Kitty Hawk AirCargo.

One of the best records for performance and customer satisfaction in the scheduled cargo airline and air charter business belongs to Kitty Hawk. Dealing regularly with major government entities and private sector firms. Kitty Hawk Aircargo is presently flying scheduled service for Roadway Global Air, Airborne Express, Burlington Air Express, and the US Postal Service in addition to providing ad hoc lift in its Convair and DC9 aircraft on a daily basis.

Kitty Hawk also manages all air cargo charters for General Motors and has entered into a charter management inventory maintenance/distribution agreement with IBM. Kitty Hawk has successfully flown many operations for the U.S. military, and is looking forward to further scheduled and unscheduled transport contracts with the federal government.

It is estimated that Kitty Hawk flies between 30 and 40% of all on-demand cargo missions in the nation today, ranging in size from light aircraft and corporate jets to transport category jets, including 747's.

To assist in it's delivery and service commitment, Kitty Hawk developed a proprietary data base and networked computer system which aids in tracing and reporting its daily operations. Quality computerization has permitted the rapid growth of Kitty Hawk to occur without the overloading of more manual approaches. The system also provided the company additional operational creditability with major clients. Part of Kitty Hawk's service philosophy is the belief that computerization and real-time data bases are requirements in providing reliable service.

In addition to its computer system, Kitty Hawk's continuous performance reliability and improvement relies on its talented people, service attitudes, skills and programs to continuously evaluate and enhance the company's performance levels.

The TQM Program emerged as a natural outgrowth of the essential "Service for Repeat Business" attitudes necessary in the unscheduled air freight charter environment where virtually every call is an absolute emergency requiring trained professionals to implement their training and skills flawlessly. TQM begins with top/down endorsement including CEO Tom Christopher who has been an advocate for the customer since he founded Christopher Charters many years ago. Kitty Hawk's top management implemented a new, formalized TQM program in early 1993 facilitated by the Richard Rogers Group of Portland, Oregon.

Kitty Hawk's leadership and its employees are excited about the current and the long term benefits of the formalized TQM program. The effects of this program and leadership's commitment to quality and excellence in serving its customers will flow throughout the organization and Kitty Hawk's customers will experience it in even greater measure than in the past.

Kitty Hawk has recently consolidated various operations at the DFW International Airport in a 42,000 square foot facility previously occupied by SMB Stage Lines and, most recently, Braniff Airways. The building is located in the West freight area of DFW International Airport on 20th street adjacent to American airline's hangar complex.

The Kitty Hawk AirCargo operations, previously located at Ft. Worth's Meacham Field, have now been consolidated with Kitty Hawk Charters in the new facility at DFW International Airport. The new quarters provide large hangar and parts storage facilities, maintenance work areas, administrative offices, flight operations area and training facilities, equipped with audio visual equipment and aircraft training aids, including a DC9 cockpit familiarization simulator.

The executive, sales, accounting and other corporate administrative offices as well as Kitty Hawk Systems and a 1,000 square foot, state-of-the-art System Control Center occupy most of the office facility. Kitty Hawk's System Control Center was tailored to streamline scheduled airline and ad hoc air charter management using experience gained over the years. This unique center was custom designed in 1993 as the optimum approach to maximize Kitty Hawk's productivity and mission effectiveness.

The use of computer technology in the flight manager stations incorporates the database of air carriers, surface transportation agents, airports, weather, ground handling information and communications to support each station. Each position has two computer screens, a keyboard, a printer, two telephone instruments (with headsets), a calculator and reference materials. Currently eight positions are outfitted with provisions for four more. Four display monitors are mounted at the front of the controlled-access area to show current charter trips, weather information, and special information for the current day. In the center of the front wall, between two banks of monitors, Kitty Hawk's proprietary HawkEye System projects all the flights in progress during the day, in real time with current locations and status.

Schedule Reliability is the primary reason Kitty Hawk Aircargo has been able to add to its fleet on a continuous basis. Flying for the US Air Force in the Log Air program, Kitty Hawk was the only operator prior to the program's termination in 1992 that had a 100% reliability record. This was in comparison to Southern Air Transport, Express One, Evergreen International and American International Airways. In addition, Kitty Hawk has consistently maintained an on-time/reliability ratio of over 99% with its customers including, DHL, Burlington Air Express, the US Post Office and Airborne Express.

Kitty Hawk has received many commendations for its performance. The company takes extreme caution and patience with its fleet in order to assure maintenance reliability. Kitty Hawk's fleet maintenance capability is unsurpassed in the industry.

The Kitty Hawk fleet includes 10 Boeing 727s, 5 Douglas DC9s and 9 turbo-prop Convairs, which are all configured for freight operations. Kitty Hawk also manages and operates a Learjet 35 and a Beechcraft Baron. Many of the aircraft are presently engaged in scheduled service. Several are based in Ypsilanti, Michigan and engaged in flying ad hoc charters for the automotive industry and other major accounts arranged by Kitty Hawk Charters.

Kitty Hawk was organized in 1985 as a holding company to merge the activities and companies of Christopher Charters, Inc., founded by Tom Christopher in 1978 as a broker of air freight charters, and Kitty Hawk Airways, Inc., founded in 1978 as a FAA 135 Passenger and cargo charter company and aircraft operator. Subsequently, Kitty Hawk has initiated several acquisitions that have produced what is today Kitty Hawk Aircargo, Inc., the FAA 121 airline operation. Kitty Hawk has also entered the data systems development and marketing field with its proprietary software through Kitty Hawk Systems, Inc. and has begun to offer financial services to the aviation industry and others through its finance and credit subsidiary, Aircraft Leasing, Inc., also known as Kitty Hawk Financial.

Since the merger in 1985 that officially commenced the operating history of Kitty Hawk Group under Christopher's management and ownership, the company has produced audited results and has been profitable. Kitty Hawk's revenues for the fiscal years ending August 31 indicate the strong growth pattern of the company.

Kitty Hawk has had the honor in 1993 of being named the 6th fastest growing company in the Dallas 100 competition sponsored by the CEO Institute and the Caruth Institute of Southern Methodist University's Business School. Mr. Christopher was also named Entrepreneur of the Year in the service business category by the Entrepreneur Institute founded and sponsored by Ernst and Young's entrepreneurial services division and nationally sponsored by Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch.

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