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Multimedia Marketing Group is the oldest and largest online promotions and public relations agency. We provide an array of free and fee-based services that are proven and time-tested web site traffic builders. Regardless of your budget, you will find resources here that will help you start building traffic to your web site.

"A small business can sell more products and services by advertising and marketing with a web site. But the results are mixed. The more interesting and unique your product is and the more well-defined its niche market is, the better you will do online. That's because the Internet itself is a massive collection of niche markets - it's not a mass market."

John Audette
President, Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
As quoted in U.S. News & World Report, 10/96

"Unfortunately, many people think that they can open a web site and then go lie on the beach while their accountant deposits checks in their bank account. Putting a web site online without properly promoting it is like building an elaborate billboard and putting it in your basement."

John Audette
As quoted in BusinessWeek, 12/96

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