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My High School Days

Is that really you?

Yes, that's me in 1987 (you do the math). I'm in the school library. The sign in front of me says "Today is:" and "The due date is:" on it. To my right is the librarian, to my left is a composition teacher. He started teaching in 1942, believe it or not. He remembers living through the Big Tokyo Earthquake Disaster of 1923.

Okay, so where are the infamous posts?

Simply click on the list below to obtain the original articles in plain text format. They have not been edited and thus still look exactly as they did when they were first posted. Enjoy!

Note: comments, questions, etc. should be mailed to Do not mail to the address suggested in the articles themselves as it is old and wayyyy out of date.

Will I be writing more of these?

The answer to that question is, not likely in the near future. The events in those posts occurred more than 8 years ago now, and I honestly don't think I could get myself into the same frame of mind.

Kono page ha, goran no sponsaa no teikyo de...

Why is there now a commercial on this page? Every time you visit this page, the sponsor above donates 0.75 cent towards the maintenance of It is my small part to support the service that makes this page, and the network connection I have to write posts at all, possible. Makoto ni arigatou gozaimasita...

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