NiGHTS' Cast

Born as the right-hand man to Wizeman, the ruler of Nightmare, NiGHTS is a "First-level" Nightmaren. While he has retained his crazy Nightmaren nature, he loves his freedom and refuses to be ruled by anyone. Unfortunately, Night's personality and insubordination have earned him Wizeman's wrath. Wizeman has cast a spell on Nights, imprisoning him in the chasm between dreams. Confined to the space of a dream, Nights endeavors to be released from Wizeman's spell.

NiGHTS' most outstanding trait is his ability to fly, which allows him to soar through the sky freely. When he makes a loop in the air, he can even open a hole in space. NiGHTS can also change shape to adapt to any situation. However, the big question remains: Will NiGHTS be able to escape the ruler's spell, to again enjoy the freedom he loves so much?

Elliot is a talented fifteen year-old boy, living in the central square of Twin Seeds. He excels at everything he does and is he both an exceptional student and a great basketball player. Elliot especially enjoys basketball, and is regarded as the top player in his class. However, not one to show his feelings in front of anyone, Elliot remains indifferent and cool to the admiration of his friends. It's this particular personality trait that leads to Elliot's involvement in an unusual incident...

Claris, a fifteen year-old girl, dreams of becoming a musical star playing to huge audiences. Born into a family of artists and raised in the suburbs of Twin Seeds, she is extremely shy. The very thought of performing center stage absolutely terrifies her. Little does Claris know she is about to be visited by a great opportunity to realize her dream...

Nightopians are the carefree, happy inhabitants of Nightopia. They're born every time balls of light (called Ideya) collide. The sole reason for their existence is to have fun. Because they are incapable of doing anything else, they have no need to work together, or to cooperate towards a common goal. As a result, they have no leader, and no language. What they do have, is the ability to see the consciousness of each visitor (dreamers from our world), through the Ideya. When visitors arrive, the Nightopians can see their consciousness and recreate the happy world that is hidden deep inside. That's why the Nightopians, who don't have the capacity for intelligent thought, can sing, dance, and even go fishing.

Nightmarens are the crazy inhabitants of Nightmare, the dark fearful world ruled by Wiseman, their creator. They derive an insane pleasure from startling and scaring people, and spend most of their time doing so. Unlike Nightopians, who accept each visitor's consciousness the way it exists, Nightmarens use various methods to fill the visitor with fear and surprise. There are many different kinds of Nightmarens which can be broadly grouped into three levels, based on intelligence:

Reala is Wizeman's right-hand man. Like NiGHTS, he is one of the few First-level Nightmarens. Unlike Nights, he is cruel, brutal, and absolutely loyal to Wizeman. Reala and NiGHTS are rivals, as it was Reala's brutal tactics that contributed to Nights' eventual confinement to the space of a dream. Reala's flight capabilities are almost equal to NiGHTS' - he can also paraloop.