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Important Mail Note: I somehow managed to delete all the mail I've received over the past week. This includes all mail sent to all three gamefaqs addresses (cjayc, gamefaqs, and requests), so please re-send anything you've mailed me since Tuesday the 11th!

Got a Request??? NOW is the time to send it in! I'm still doing a lot of searches for particular FAQs, so let me know what to look for!

What's New? FAQs and Walkthroughs for Tekken 3, Suikoden, Diablo, Battle Arena Toshinden 3, Street Fighter 3, and Final Fantasy VII!

Coming soon: I'm currently coding the search page routines - look for a beta soon (i.e. 1 1/2 weeks). Author recognition and links pages are coming, but don't hold your breath...

Next scheduled update: February 18, 1997
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