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August BeDC Boston Be Developer Conference
August 4-5,1997
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Coming August 4-5, 1997, the Be Developer Conference is the ideal forum to get up to speed on development for the Be Operating System. Come for the BeDC, stay for MacWorld.

Be info
Newsletter #81
Read all about potential future directions of the BeOS, musings on why certain operating systems have been successful, the beauty of BNode & BPath, and Jean-Louis Gassée's thoughts on set-top box evolution.

Jobs at Be
Be is Hiring!
Two more new job posting describe openings for a Font & Printer Engineer and a Technical Documentation Manager. Positions for graphics engineers and marketing/evangelism people are also available.

Advanced Access
AA:PR Applications
Check out a list of over 100 currently available applications for the Advanced Access Preview Release.

BeWare Highlight
BeNFS Server and Client
The latest BeWare Highlight lets you access Network File Systems from the BeOS.

Advanced Access
We've released an update to the Advanced Access Preview Release. It updates NetPositive and PPP, among other things; installation instructions are available on-line.

Advanced Access
Advanced Access Info
Already have the Advanced Access release, but you're looking for more information? Check here first.

BeOS: The Media OS
The BeOS is perfectly suited for digital media creation. Read an in-depth discussion of why the needs of high-octane media can be met by the BeOS.

BeOS Screenshots
Tour the Preview Release
Take a guided tour of the Preview Release, complete with screenshots which highlight some of the new features.

BeOS Preview Release
Data Sheet

Check out an overview of the BeOS that highlights some new Preview Release capabilities.

What's New in the
Preview Release?

Perhaps a better question is "What isn't?" Pack a lunch--this list is extremely long.

Be Compatible Hardware
Be Ready Systems
The BeOS runs on a wide variety of PowerPC based personal computers, workstations, and servers; check the list to see if your machine is ready for the BeOS.

May BeDC

The May Be Developer Conference is over, but you can still read transcripts of the sessions, see who won the May BeOS Masters Awards, and read about the big announcements from the conference.

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