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Introducing the Macintosh Application Environment

Just rode a wave and washed up upon our shore? MAE is software allowing you to run Macintosh software on your Unix workstation. Essentially, it is MacOS for Unix.

MAE 3.0

MAE 3.0 is based on System 7.5.3, offering users of Sun and HP workstations the ability to run off-the-shelf Macintosh applications. Substantial performance increases, bug fixes, and other enhancements make MAE 3.0 faster, more flexible, and easier to use.

MAE 2.0

The previous version of MAE, MAE 2.0, is still supported by Apple.

MAE 3.0 Free Demo

A fully-functional demo, valid for 30 days, is available from this server for FREE. See our MAE 3.0 Free Demo page for more information.

Free demo keys are also available from this site if you already have the MAE 3.0 software installed!

User Support

Investigate the User Support area and discover official support contacts, software updates, MAE mailing lists, feedback and a bug reporting form, the mae-users HyperMail archive, and useful utilities.

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