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YASD is on her way to beautiful Grand Isle, Vermont. I am looking forward to new adventures, but am sad to be leaving many good friends behind. However, with the Internet, contact is only an email away...

YASD is... Author and Web Developer/Consultant, Shelley Powers.

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All sorts of new stuff is going on folks. First of all, two new sample pages have been created: The Internet Explorer 4.0 Dynamic HTML page and the Netscape Navigator 4.0 Dynamic HTML page.

Also, I re-organized several sample site pages. I combined the VBScript, JavaScript, and controls web pages into one, the YASD Samples Scripting page. Links to existing sample locations will remain for a time. I also am trying a slightly different look, just for fun.

The June Photos of the Month is a set of images from Oregon I call Postcards from Oregon.

Scribbles 'n Yak

This month I have an article using Dynamic HTML to create an animated menu bar within a web page at Netscapeworld. The page demonstrates using Netscape's and Microsoft's Dynamic HTML in one page to create the same look.

Next month I will feature an article that talks about how I used the Internet to facilitate our move to Vermont. We moved our corporation, found a home, learned all about the way of life, and even checked the weather of our new home, all online. So for those who say you can't do business on the internet all I can say is, Oh, Yeah?.

YASD Sites

I promised you and here it is. I started a new site, called The Dynamic Earth. The site features a combination of earth sciences, such as rocks, minerals, crystals, volcanoes, earthquakes, that sort of thing, and the newest (and I mean newest) web technologies. If you are using Navigator 4.0 or IE 4.0 check it out!


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