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Maranatha was a cutting-edge, charismatic campus ministry founded by Bob and Rose Weiner in 1973, which grew phenomenally in the late 1970s and 1980s. The churches planted around the world by Maranatha are having a lasting impact even today.

A youth-focused, revival-birthed move of God, Maranatha was a bright and shining light during a period when many campus ministries were afraid of confrontational evangelism and the preaching of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His dominion in the earth. Maranatha's vision was to plant a New Testament Church on every major university campus in the world.

Maranatha Ministries disbanded in 1989 for the purpose of decentralization and diversification of ministry through local churches. Today, roughly one-half of the original 500-plus staff members of Maranatha remain in some type of evangelistic or youth-oriented ministry in a full-time capacity.


1. To provide a link to a Maranatha-related listserv (Radical-Chat) where campus ministries may engage in discussion, evangelism and discipleship on-line.

2. To provide links to Maranatha-related World Wide Web sites.

3. To provide addresses and phone numbers of ministries and churches who have asked to be included.

4. To provide email addresses of those who have asked to be included.

This page is about what God is doing in our lives presently and the vision God has given us for advancing His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

This page is by no means complete. If there is anything you think needs to be added, let me know. Try to include:

Name of organization
Name of person(s) who run the organization
Phone number
e-mail or web address
Anything else we need to know
If you see any mistakes or find any dead links here, let me know.

Check this page often as I am getting updates frequently. I recently added the 100th email address! :-)


Jay Rogers
former editor, The Forerunner
Director, Media House International


This is an email discussion group for campus related ministries. Bruce Harpel of Maranatha Christian Fellowship of Minneapolis serves as the list master. Campus ministries engage in discussion, evangelism and discipleship on-line.

To subscribe to the Radical-Chat list simply send an email message to:
with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe radical-chat [your email address]

(When providing your email address, do not include the []'s around it.)

Submissions to Radical-Chat should be mailed to:



Solid Rock Church and Campus Ministries
51 Second Street (Hwy 6)
Coralville, Iowa 52241
Phone: (319) 337-7662
Brad Sherman, pastor

Church and campus ministry at the University of Iowa.

Maranatha Christian Fellowship
315 Tenth Ave S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
Phone: (612) 378-2299
Fax: (612) 331-6818
Bruce Harpel, pastor

Church and campus ministry at the University of Minnesota.

River of Life Christian Church/Campus Missions International
P.O. Box 346
(street address: 364 Augusta)
DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 748-2934 or (630) 897-9490
Tom & Jan May

Since 1990, a campus church & ministry at Northern Illinois University, 65 miles outside of Chicago.

Grace Christian Fellowship
440 SW 9th
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone/Fax: 541-758-4444
Pastor Bruce Fidler
Assoc. Pastor Darryl Flowers
Assoc. Pastor John Moa

Community based church with a strong campus outreach to Oregon State University, serving the Willamette Valley with a vision for the world.

Hosanna Christian Fellowship
3141 Briarcrest, Suite 501
Bryan, TX 77802-3004
Phone: (409) 776-1938
Lee Taylor, Church administrator
Church email:

Plans for future campus ministries are in the works. Main focus at this time is prayer.


Global Network of International Students
P.O. Box 64474
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4474
Phone: (757) 579-5874
Fax: (757) 579-5889
Kim Avallone, director
Bob Weiner, founder and president
Home page coming soon!

Reaching the Global Leaders of Tommorrow ... Today. The vision of GNIS is to serve as a catalyst for international student ministries worldwide.

Maranatha Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 1799
Gainesville, FL 32602
Phone: (352) 375-6000
Fax: (352) 335-0080
Brad Smith, director

Life changing books and Bible Studies by Bob and Rose Weiner and historical reprints, such as The Story of Liberty and Sweet Land of Liberty by Charles Coffin.

Media House International
P.O. Box 362173
Melbourne, FL 32936-2173
Phone: (407) 242-8491

Publishes newspapers in former Soviet Union: Predvestnik; Latin America: El Campeon; United States: The Champion and Puritan Storm. Publisher is Jay Rogers (former managing editor of The Forerunner).

Predvestnik: Russian language Forerunner (Alexei Salapatov)

Russian-language newspaper published in the Ukraine by Alexei Salapatov and Roman Medvid. Associated with Media House International. Send e-mail for details.

El Campeon: Spanish language Forerunner (Phillip Steele)

Spanish newspaper published in Costa Rica by Phillip Steele. Associated with Media House International. Send e-mail for details.

Ministry of Helps
Winkey Pratney's Home Page

The man who taught us the 3 R's: Revival, Reformation, Reconstruction.

Reel to Real Ministries
1909 Fox Quarry Circle
Cantonment, FL 32533
Phone: (904) 968-6380
Fax: (904) 968-9626
Eric Holmberg, President
Erik Hollander, Associate Producer

Fulfilling the Great Commission through the arts; Training and Equipping Ministers for 21st Century Evangelism. We have produced almost 20 videos on subjects ranging from rock music to abortion; popular entertainment to creation science.


Media House International's Christian links

This page will lead you just about everywhere else.


To receive a complete Maranatha email list simply send a blank email message to:
with the subject: maranatha
("maranatha" in the subject MUST be included to get the list!)

You should get a reply immediately. We hope this will help out in communication.

Send Benjamin Sherman your email address or those of any others not on this list and he will include them.

Remember, this is a list for those who have specifically asked to be included!

Benjamin Sherman


NOTE: We've decided to alphabetize first names.

Australia addresses:

Arnold Rowntree

Jack and Margaret Sonnemann

Brazil addresses:


Gil Pinheiro

Osias Matos

Cambodia addresses:

Eric Dooley

Costa Rica addresses:

Phil and Edith Steele

France addresses:

Robert & Kathryn Baxter

Indonesia addresses:
(Gereja Persekutuan Maranatha Indonesia)

Bandung City

Depok City

Frans Wowor

Gerrit Hansen

Jakarta City

Marganti Sihite

William Khusyonny

Latvia addresses:

Bob Perry

Malaysia addresses:

Eric & Cathryn Chew

Jit Chan

Joann and Alvin Loong

Teik Huat


Fergus O'Regan

Kyle-Wendy Holland

New Zealand/American addresses:

John Steele

Winkie Pratney

Phillipines addresses:

Steve Murrell

Victory Christian Fellowship

Victory Leadhership Institute

Victory World Missions

Romania Addresses

Matthew Hanrahan

Russia Addresses

Michael & Pia Paderes

Singapore addresses:

Lena Wan

Ping and Simon Chua

Richard and Joy Ay Soud

Sooki and Fang Wei Lim

William Lee

Ukraine addresses:

Alexei Salapatov

Venezuela addresses:

Enrique Soto-Rivera

U.S.A. addresses:

Albert & Leslie Hines

Barry McMahon (administrator for Phil Steele in Costa Rica)

Benjamin Sherman

Bert Turner

Bill Regenold

Bob Weiner Ministries

Bob and Rose Weiner

Brad Sherman

Bradley White

Brett Fuller

Bruce Fidler

Bruce Harpel

Carlton Quist

Cory Abouaf

David & Lisa Panak

David Whitehead

Dean Bonde

Eric Hanson

Eric and Rhonda Holmberg

Forrest Berry

Grant S. Buse

Greg Anthony

Hosanna! Christian Fellowship (College Station)

Jason Malacko

Jay Rogers

Jeff and Regina Dwiggins

Jeff Kurland

Jim Gilbert

Joe Smith

Karl Crank

Kendrick Vinar

Kent Berdahl

Kevin Loop

Kim Carroll

Kenny Vickers

Lauretta Hoover

Lee Grady

Lee Taylor

Leon Turner

Leilani D. Haywood

Lenard and Serena Arlene Johnson

Lynn Harpel

Johnathan Bislew

Maranatha Church Minneapolis

Mark Beliles

Michael Armbrust

Mike Gibbens

Mike Godwin

Nick Pappis

Paul Barker

Paul Speros

Providence Foundation

Reel to Real Ministries

Reel to Real Ministries Canada

Rice Broocks/Larry Warren

Ronnie Lewis

Rusty Russell

Scott Brenkert

Solid Rock Church and Campus Ministries

Stephen Johnson

Steve Hall

Terry Vantreese

Tim & Kim Gehering

Tom Ford

Tom May

Tom Stewart

Tri Chau

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