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Bigger, Better, Faster and Meaner:

This is Micro Machines 2

Take charge of 17 different turbo-charged air land and sea vehicles in the most competitive all-action racer ever seen. Speed onto the multiplayer race circuits in and around the Micro Machines house where up to four players can simultaneously compete on over 50 hazard - packed tracks.

With 9 different play modes and a unique Construction Kit that enables you to shape, create and race in the tracks of your own design.
The Construction Kit lets you:

Micro Machines 2

As Gamesmaster Magazine puts it - "it's the most playable game in the world!"
Recommended by PC Gamer Magazine,
PC Zone Classic and
Winner of the Editor's Choice Award from CD - ROM Today.

PC CD ROM Multi-player simulation - Up to 4 players on 1 PC in any combination
CD Music: 100% sampled soundtrack including pumping music and screaming sound FX and speech.
Includes Silicon Graphics Full Motion Video Sequences.


Requires: 486 25MHz PC or compatible, 4MB Ram, 15MB Hard Disk space, VGA Graphics Card, CD ROM Drive.
Recommended: 486 DX@ DX$ or Pentium processor, Local Bus Graphics card, Double-Speed CD ROM drive, Soundblaster or Gravis Ultrasound 100% compatibles.
Supports: Joypad or Keyboard play.
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