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Multimedia Accelerator From NVIDIA Corporation Transforms PC Into The Ultimate Multimedia Machine

Single-Chip Accelerator Enhances Today's Applications While Enabling a New Class of Interactive Multimedia Titles

Sunnyvale, CA--May 22, 1995--NVIDIA Corporation today announced a new generation of powerful multimedia accelerators targeted at redefining the consumer multimedia personal computer. NVIDIA's technology will deliver powerful multimedia capabilities exceeding that of next generation game consoles, while preserving the versatility of the personal computer. Available now, NVIDIA's first product, NV1, is a single-chip Multimedia Accelerator that delivers the power of real-time photorealistic 3D graphics, full-motion video and special effects, and concurrent high-fidelity audio for interactive multimedia.

NVIDIA's multimedia architecture was created to address the problems plaguing the multimedia PC, and limiting its potential to deliver interactive multimedia. "Home users expect very high quality sensory experiences with real-time interactivity. Unfortunately, today's multimedia PC experience doesn't totally deliver," says Kathy Klotz, Multimedia Worldwide Industry Analyst at Dataquest. "The fact that the multimedia PC is a mixed bag of different components with specific single-function add-in cards causes developers to work to the lowest technology common denominator. The last thing that the market needs is more single-function, add-in products or multi-function products that lack key enabling technologies. NVIDIA's single coherent, unified architecture combining 3D, audio, and video in a single-chip, has great advantages for both consumers and developers," she adds.

The foundation of NVIDIA's products is the NV ArchitectureTM, created to provide a unified approach to accelerating and integrating multimedia elements. The NV Architecture provides the coherent platform and enabling technologies to accelerate and enhance multi- media applications today under DOS and Windows, as well as tomorrow's.

The NV1's features include stunning 3D graphics capabilities with texture-mapping, lighting effects, and a special feature called video texturing. This unique feature allows developers to texture a 3D object with full- motion video, creating new levels of realism never before possible in a PC application. In addition, the NV1 delivers concurrent high-fidelity wave-table audio, full-motion video acceleration, world-class GUI acceleration, enhanced digital game port, and an internal synchronization timer for multimedia. David Kaemmer, Vice-President at Papyrus, commented, "This is not just watching TV on a PC. The NV1 is a really unbelievable breakthrough in interactive multimedia for the personal computer."

NVIDIA's multimedia accelerator has gained early support from the industry's leading title developers, including Domark, Interplay, Papyrus, and Velocity. "It's quite obvious that NVIDIA truly understands the problems developers face creating high-quality interactive titles for the PC," remarked Colin Boswell, Technical Manager at Domark Software. "With the NV1, they have virtually eliminated the technical barriers which have limited our ability to really innovate. Bottom line, the NV1 is just really cool."

NV1's high degree of integration and innovative 3D technology makes it a hot ticket for Christmas 1995," stated Jay Patel, Director of Technology at Interplay Productions. Susan La Sky, OEM Manager at Interplay commented, "Because it offers so many features in one package, there's no question that it will be a big hit with consumers. We are very excited about our upcoming products that support NVIDIA's multimedia accelerators.

Our Jet Ski Rage is a great example of the next-generation 3D game, which integrates extensive sound, graphics, and texture mapping into an action-packed experience," says Mark Yahiro, Sr. Vice President of Marketing for Velocity, Inc. "NVIDIA's architecture and delivery of integrated technologies opens up a whole new environment for cutting- edge multimedia entertainment."

Developing the NV1 multimedia technology within the constraints of standard PC architecture was a huge challenge. I am very proud of our accomplishments. From the enthusiasm we are generating with our customers and developers, I believe NV1 will make a significant impact on the market," says NVIDIA's President and Co- founder, Jen-Hsun Huang. "NVIDIA's solution allows dazzling 3D, wave-table audio, GUI acceleration, enhanced game port performance, and video acceleration capabilities on one card--for a street price of around $200."

NVIDIA is a privately held company developing VLSI and software acceleration technology to transform the personal computer into the ultimate multimedia platform.

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