What is Big Brother?

Big Brother is a hyperlink validation tool. Feed it your HTML source and sit back while it checks it. It will notify you when a remote document is no longer available and will display its new address whenever possible. It can also check internal links offline, which can be very useful if you maintain a large site.

For instance, the links which appear on these pages have all been checked by Big Brother. This way, whenever a link breaks, be it a link to one of my own pages, or a reference to a remote page, I am aware of it and can fix it.

Big Brother's only requirement is the Thread Manager (which is built into System 7.5.x). For optimal use, System 7.5, MacTCP or Open Transport, and Internet Config 1.1 are recommended.

Big Brother is shareware, with a $10 fee.


Icon Click here to download Big Brother 1.1 (670K).

Companions to Big Brother

Managing bookmarks

A useful tool to manage bookmarks is Alco Blom's URL Manager Pro. URL Manager Pro is now able to invoke Big Brother automatically to validate your bookmarks. They form a great team!

This requires URL Manager Pro 1.4b13 or later.

Farming bookmarks

Eastgate Web Squirrel is another bookmark manager. Interestingly, it allows you to organize bookmarks in a two-dimensional fashion - a nice way of setting up your own virtual world. It is also able to validate bookmarks by cooperating with Big Brother.

This requires Web Squirrel 1.1 or later.

Writing HTML text

The text editor Alpha knows about Big Brother when in HTML mode. This allows you to have Big Brother check the document you're writing without leaving Alpha.

Alpha's HTML mode was written by Johan Linde. You should use version 1.4 or later

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