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In the News....
Petro in Atlanta
Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko's appearance at the Amiga Atlanta meeting
  How to get it on video!

Amiga International's WOA Press Release
Petro Tyschtschenko's press conference at World of Amiga, London on May 16th, 1997

Gateway 2000 update
After almost two months, the purchase of Amiga Technologies by Gateway 2000 has been finalized. Here are the details.

Amiga Report Special Edition
Jason Compton's special edition of Amiga Report detailing the Gateway sale.

Reports from World of Amiga, London
On May 17th and 18th, The World of Amiga Show returned to Hammersmith with a bang! Here are a few reports from attendees.

   Adrian Pickering
   Patrick Anderson
   Amiga Flame Web site

NewTek to move
The Topeka Capital Journal holds an interview with Dwight Parscale, CEO of NewTek who reveals that they are considering relocating to Texas. Parscale sites Topeka and Kansas' "business-unfriendly" attitude.

Ted Waitt Interview
Trendy News and Entertainment site "The Site" takes a very interesting interview with Gateway's CEO, Ted Waitt.

press releases
Browserwatch update
AmiCrawler releases its' May 1997 BrowserWatch statistics.

TAEN needs you!
The Amiga Education Network is seeking partners and help for its' mission.

AUI fades away
Amiga Mag, "Amiga User International" ceases to exist.

Legacy update
Amiga Legacy Videozine to feature Deathbed Vigil in its' 1997 issues.

ICOA, Phase 2
The Amiga Industrial Council and The Open Amiga Workgroup (ICOA) announces their phase 2 goals.

New Phase5 products
Phase 5 expands it's product line with a couple of new accelerator boards.

Java for the Amiga
Haage & Partner announce "Project Merapi", Java for the Amiga!

VoyagerNG supports SSL
Highly popular Amiga browser, VoyagerNG now supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for enhanced security during Internet transactions.

Two new Amigas coming!
UK company, Index Information LTD. has announced plans for two new Amiga-based computers.

WOA videos
Amazing Computing/Amiga announces the availability of both the Gateway/AI press conferences and the WOA developer conference on video cassette.

More PPC Libraries
Superview (and more) are available for PPC...

More Geek Gadgets
Geek Gadgets Volume 2 is now available.

Air Mail Pro
Toysoft announces Air Mail Pro for MUI and ClassAct.

DirOpus, Magellan edition
GP Software announces Directory Opus, Magellan Edition. A virtual plethora of new additions..

Miami 2.1 now available
Version 2.1 of the popular TCP/IP stack, Miami, is now available.
Related Story - Miami now supports SSL

PowerPC Blitting Library
Cloanto releases the PowerPC Blitting Library for Personal Paint 7.

coming soon
Ami Expo - Downunder!
The Australian Amiga Gazette is running a show in Sydney Australia slated for 28th and 29th of June, 1997

PowerCon '97
Information pack for the first (hopefully) annual Power PC convention, 19 - 20 July, 1997 in Montreal. PIOS and ProDAD already committed to show.

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