Speed Haste


The most amazing car racing game ever seen!

Speed Haste was developed by NoriaWorks & Javier Arévalo. It was produced and published by FRIENDWARE.

"One of the best 3D Arcade Racers we've had the pleasure to play"
- PC ZONE - United Kingdom -

Features: Click on image for full-screen shot
.  Polygonal cars with highly-detailed textures.
.  Gouraud and flat textures with shadows.
.  Abated terrain.
.  Realistic objects in the scenery.
.  You can choose from 6 cars and 8 circuits.
.  20 robot cars with highly-intelligent systems during game play.
.  Two players on-screeen simultaneously.
.  IPX, Serial and modem support.
.  3 different views, including INDY cam.
.  Cameras in the circuit to follow game incidents.
.  3 modes of play: Championship, single race and practice.
.  Incredible musical multi-channel scores.
.  Dolby-Surround System in Stereo. You can feel the other cars moving around you!
.  Digitalized voices.
.  Programmed in protected mode.


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