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Los Angeles, CA
L.A. Police Codes
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Dallas, TX
Dallas Police Codes
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Dallas, TX Coming Soon:

PoliceScanner's Most Wanted- ScannerChatter Moderator: We want PoliceScanner.Com to become THE PLACE for ScannerHeads to congregate. So, we're creating a chat room called ScannerChatter. And, we're looking for an expert ScannerChatter Moderator. So be a good citizen and help us find our man or woman. In an essay of 100 words or less, tell us why you or someone you nominate should be the Moderator of ScannerChatter. This person will not receive compensation, but he or she will have the opportunity to design and moderate the ScannerChatter Page that will be hosted on this very site. Please send all entries to Contest ends Friday, February 28th.

Coming soon?? The ScannerShow: Ever heard a radio talk show devoted to scanning? is proud to announce a groundbreaking program, The ScannerShow, a weekly, live, interactive talk-radio show devoted to scanning. Finally, you and fellow ScannerHeads will get to share your scanning experiences and it will be totally uncensored. Keep bookmarked for more details!

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