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William Perry Shunn's Mormon Matter

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We've taken care of everything,
The words you hear the songs you sing,
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes.
It's one for all and all for one;
We work together, common sons--
Never need to wonder how or why.

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I was a Mormon for nearly twenty-eight years -- from the time I was born until sometime in the middle of 1995. I spent two years of my life as a proselytizing missionary in the Pacific Northwest. I helped bring nearly two dozen people into the Church during that period. And now I've left. Why?
The Net Magazine
The Net Magazine says, "Insightful and funny."
Or better still, why did I stick with it for so long?
The aim of this page will be to present my own experience as a Mormon as a way of elucidating a subculture in our society that many people will have seen from the fringes, but few will know as well as someone who has been on the inside. (And of course to get in a few licks, but hey.)
I used to believe some very strange things, and at times that belief led me to do some extremely strange things -- like the thing that landed me in jail while I was a missionary for the Church. Some of the broad categories I'll cover:

FRAGMENTARY DREAMS Special plea! This link is not religious in nature for the most part, but it would be a kindness to me if you would help me decide which of these ten short story fragments is most worth my time to finish writing.
THE FIRST ARTICLE OF MY FAITH If you take no other message away from this site, this is the one I hope sinks in.
MORMON MYTHOLOGY What do they believe, and why? A stab at some answers -- and a reality check.
LOUD LAUGHTER Yes, Mormons can be funny, too -- sometimes on purpose. Wish List updated February 17th! New!
TERROR ON FLIGHT 789 An amazing true-life missionary adventure! My expulsion from Canada, set forth in painstaking and painful detail. Still more facsimiles of original newspaper articles now on display!
MISSION: IMPROBABLE What will those wacky elders do next? Fresh surprises around every corner! Sound clips recently added to the Wenatchee Rap!
THE ROAD TO APOSTASY Why I left -- and why the door hit me so many times on the way out. Fifth section added December 16th.
A LETTER FROM A FRIEND A long-lost friend chronicles his own journey away from Mormonism.
A BOOK OF MORMON STORIES A small collection of my fictional writings -- both published and unpublished -- that touch in some way on the Mormon experience.
SPEAKING IN TONGUES What the hell are those Mormons talking about? Find out in this extensive and irreverent glossary.
GOLDEN LINKS How much do you know about the Mormon Church? Would you like to know more? Latest link added January 31st.
VOICES FROM THE DUST See what people are saying about this very site! Latest letters added February 17th. New!

What, you didn't see Broken Arrow? You missed a great line.
Waiting for more substantial updates? I hate to admit it, but the maintenance of this page has to take a backseat to both my day job and my writing career. I'll be penning new installments of "The Road to Apostasy" when I can, but I hope you'll forgive me for giving my pursuit of the Almighty Dollar precedence. (And you thought I didn't have a religion!)
As always, don't forget to try some of the coffee.

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