"The name Fold Zandura combines two ideas," according to front man Jyro Xhan. "Fold is taken from John 10:16 where Christ says 'I have sheep that are not of this fold, but I will be their Savior.' Zandura is sort of a non-sensical word that we developed to describe the place where we feel the most creative musically and the closest to God." Made up of Jyro (vocals/guitar), Jerome Fontamillas (bass) and Frank Lenz (drums), Fold Zandura originally came together in early 1995 when Jyro and Jerome dissolved another band they fronted called Mortal.Jyro remarks, "Mortal had an industrial music base, but I was also writing straight pop rock songs at the time which I couldn't use. Mortal was a great experience, but I felt we'd taken our industrial sound as far as it could go, so we decided to go back to our pop rock roots."The resulting songs have taken a direction that's a little more progressive than the norm. Jyro continues, "With Fold Zandura, I use a different tuning for my guitar, we use a good amount of electronics including numerous samples, and I write songs on the piano instead of on the guitar. These are the aspects of our songwriting which I believe separate us from other rock bands."Fold Zandura did three national tours and sold nearly five thousand of their self-released album before signing with Sub-Lime Records. Since their debut is now nearly impossible to find, they decided their new release would include five remastered songs from the debut, as well as, three new songs. The result is an astonishingly strong national debut with more layers of noise and kinetic pop than you're likely to hear elsewhere in the current copycat music trends. Jyro shares an insight into the lyrical content of the record. "The themes to our songs are taken from a personal perspective. We write about things that we've experienced, issues that we've dealt with or stories that we've heard and the way that we've processed through them. Hopefully our thought pattern will help someone listening to the songs to look at a situation in a new light."

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