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        Small Core Size Delivers Low Power Dissipation
AUSTIN, Texas -- November 18, 1996 -- Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) 
Semiconductor Product Sector today announced the MC68SEC000 
microprocessor.  The MC68SEC000 combines remarkably low power 
consumption, small packages, and fully-static operation making it 
ideal for applications such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), 
portable measuring and test equipment, electronic games and 
battery-operated, hand-held consumer products.
"The MC68SEC000 offers the lowest cost entry point for embedded 
system developers who need 32-bit processing," said Mike Frawley, 
manager of systems engineering and technical marketing for 
Motorola's embedded processors.  "A fully compatible device, the 
MC68SEC000 builds upon the huge success of the MC68EC000 
with a small core and extremely low power consumption which 
maximizes battery life in mobile computing applications."
The HCMOS-based MC68SEC000's fully-static design is a direct 
replacement for the MC68EC000.  In addition to the cost and 
performance benefits of the MC68EC000, the MC68SEC000 offers a low 
power mode that provides significant improvements in power 
consumption and the integration of power management features. The 
MC68SEC000 is designed for operation in 3.3 V or 5.0 V systems and 
calls for an impressively low 0.5 microamps in static standby mode 
and only 15 milliamps during normal 3.3 V operation.
In addition to pin-for-pin compatibility with the MC68EC000, the 
MC68SEC000 provides upward object-code compatibility with any 
member of the M68000 Family.  This allows designers to speed up 
time-to-market cycles by leveraging the MC68000's comprehensive 
development environment including existing code and an immense 
body of hundreds of the industry's existing hardware and software 
development tools.
The MC68SEC000 features eight 32-bit address registers, eight 32-
bit data registers, a 16-Mbyte linear address range, 56 powerful 
instruction types, operations on five data types, memory-mapped 
I/O, and 14 addressing modes.  Initially, the MC68SEC000 will be 
available in 10, 16, and 20 MHz versions.
The MC68SEC000's internal 32-bit architecture provides fast, 
efficient processing, ideal for sophisticated applications based 
on high-level languages.  The architecture allows effective 
development of assembler code using a C compiler.
The MC68SEC000 provides a powerful upgrade path.  It is fully code 
compatible with the Motorola M680x0 and M68300 Families, and with 
minor modifications with the ColdFire(tm) VL-RISC Family.
The MC68SEC000 will initially be offered in two packages:  a 64-
lead plastic Quad Flat Pack (QFP) and a 64-lead plastic Thin Quad 
Flat Pack.  The plastic Thin Quad Flat Pack is a low-profile 
version of the 64 QFP package which is ideal for portable systems 
due to its small, 10 x 10 mm body size.
The MC68SEC000 is immediately available in the QFP package.  The 
TQFP version will be available in the first quarter of 1997.  The 
MC68SEC000 is priced at $2.95 (10 MHz), $3.95 (16 MHz), and $4.95 
(20 MHz) in quantities of 10K for direct OEM customers.  Extended 
temperature range devices will also be offered.
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ColdFire is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.

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