Privateer takes you to the seamy side of the Wing Commander universe. In Gemini Sector, pirates, merchants, militia and mercenaries all struggle to make a quick buck in the shadow of the Kilrathi border. On this frontier, opportunity abounds for the resourceful and the ruthless. You choose your own destiny as you seek to survive, improve your ship, and make a lot of cash.

CD-ROM Classics gives you with all the action and excitement of the original Privateer and Righteous Fire.

Like all CD-ROM Classics, Privateer includes a complete printed installation guide, with all the original documentation on disk, complete with a text reader that allows you to view the documents on-screen or print them out for your own use.

Key Features

  • Lowest price ever!
  • Select your ship and modify it according to your needs ... and budget. Choose the sleek Centurion fighter, the Orion gunship, the trustworthy Galaxy merchant ship, or stay with the decrepit Tarsus scout ship inherited from your grandfather. Customizing your ship makes every game a unique adventure.
  • Make your own alliances. You choose whether to live the life of a pirate, merchant or mercenary. As long as you keep a step ahead of your enemies, you're a free agent.
  • Strong characters with realistic motives bring the Privateer universe to life.
  • Accept an infinite variety of missions from Mission Computers, the Mercenaries' Guild, Merchants' Guild or the nefarious fixers located throughout Gemini Sector.
  • Printed install guide with all the original docs available on disk, for on-screen viewing or printing. Complete with Adobe AcrobatÃ’ text reading/printing software.
  • Computers: MS-DOS 386/33+ or 100% compatible system
  • Sound Devices for Music (optional): Thunderland, Pro Audio Spectrum, Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, MPU-401 interface General MIDI or 100% compatible
  • Sound Devices for Speech/Sound Effects (optional): Sound Blaster, Pro Audio Spectrum or 100% compatible
  • Graphics Supported: 256-color VGA
  • RAM and HD Storage Requirements: 4 megs RAM; 5 megs hard drive space
  • Playing Time: 50+ hours
Copyright © 1996 Origin Systems, Inc.