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Zone 99

Short Game Description (Click pictures for screenshots)

Zone 99 is a multi-player, top-down action game with puzzle and strategy elements. Each zone has a different mission. Work with your opponent or blow him out of the arena -- it's up to you! Either way, the two of you must make your way through the maze of zones. Find the clues, solve the puzzles, buy vehicle upgrades, destroy the bosses ... and survive long enough to find Zone 99!

Shot Screen

The demo will be a stripped down version of the commercial one to allow downloading from distribution sites. It will consist of 5 zones out of the total 99+ available in the commercial edition and animations and other items will not be included due to size. We will be releasing the demo and the commercial versions concurrently to the Amiga community in late spring, 1997.

Features and Requirements (* subject to change)

cdrom drive: cdrom-based distribution only
hard drive and/or cdrom, selective install available
Cybergraphx system: 1 meg chip, 8 megs available fast, 2 megs video card ram
AGA system: 2 megs chip, 4 megs available fast ram
030/25 cpu minimum, 040/25 recommended
one or two players
multi-button joystick support (Comp Pro, CD32, modified Sega etc)
system/multitasking friendly
48 frames per second (graphic card and system dependent)
Cybergraphx: 640x480, 16 bit (65536 colour) play screen
AGA: 640x440, 8 bit (256 colour) play screen
AHI: 4 to 16 channels on native Amiga hardware with sound card support
8 bit film player with soundfx
music by: Matt "Counterpoint" McLellan, Ruben Monteiro, Neil "Celsius" Gaeggeler, Roger "Rescator" Hågensen -- MSI Software, Mijk "Schagger Man" van Wiir, Sidewinder
99+ zones split into multiple sections, with save option

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Last modified: 14 Apr 97