V-Brake Rant

This is the short bullet-pointed version for people who don't have time to read:

Tempted by V-brakes? Poor? Tired of changing technology that always makes the stuff you just got dialed in obsolete?

I sympathize. You are in for a hard life.

But there is a way you can get around all of this if you are stuck with old style, out of date, out of fashion, not really up to the task anymore apparently, cantilever brakes.

With a little mechanical skill, a few $, and some common sense you can:

Really. You have to replace a few nickel and dime parts that the lawyers made obsolete years ago, set them up right, and away you go, errr… stop.

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Sorry, but brain dumps like this are usually hard to control. This one certainly was, even after all the edits. Some call it spoiling the fun. I call it recreation. Too much Mark Twain and Hunter Thompson, among other things, in my formative years I guess.

These views are my own of course, straight from a desire to know more about the way the world really works and twisted on a regular basis by what I find. It's clear to me; the truth is never simple, rarely in line with common opinion or thought, and almost always roughing up someone's feelings somehow. I apologize in advance - so don't bug me about it, okay.