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April 1, 1997

G'Day Doris,

Thanks for your great page, it's an enormous help to us down under. Thought you might like to know that we had a great time with Hedy & Michael in Brisbane and there are some pics on our page at Follow the lead through the Albums page to 'Workshops' where you will find photos of Charlotte, Bill Bader, Michael & Hedy in Brisbane. M & H were reading your report of the Thursday class the next Sunday and were quite blown away, and on seeing the photos of her birthday cake printed in full colour was heard to say "Is nothing sacred? ". Best Wishes and thanks for the loan of your teachers, they were great. Ken

Horseshoe Club - Santa Clara, CA

Mike Sliter taught us Vanilla TwirL (That's my dance) last night...this is a beginner cha cha dance which can be done to the slow music of Alan Jackson doin' Tequila Sunrise or it can be done to a turbo Boot Scootin' Boogie for an entirely different feel. There were a lot of beginner dancers on the floor last night and a lot of couple dancers.

Mike reviewed Five O'Clock Stomp, Stray Cat Strut, and Midnight Waltz.

New faces were there last night, Tommy H and DJ Dave...said they came especially to learn Vanilla TwirL What nice guys!...and Angela had some news to tell...she and J.R. eloped on Saturday...yeap, went to Reno and tied the knot! Congrats to you guys!

Mike and Beth have given the band the list of dances we do to the music they play. It's pretty fun when the band calls a dance before they start playing the music...cause the dance floor gets crowded and folks know what they are going to do! Last night it seemed the entire bar turned out for Travelin' Four Corners and then the floor was split between the couples around the outside and the line dancers filling in the middle...The dance floor is small and last night was a good test for Vanilla TwirL. The band played Neon Moon and couples were doing Cowboy Cha Cha and line dancers were doin' Vanilla TwirL. It worked, there was room for everyone! and ...."new " Barbara , not to be confused with Barbara who is married to Chuck, came late and started picking up TwirL off the dance floor...afterwards she says..."what was that, I liked it"...

The band was rockin'; we got to do: Dancin' Feet, Love Letters, TTS Boogie, Stuck On Hold, Cruise Control, Watermelon Crawl, and I'm Dancin'.

Last night was an aerobic workout...I was tired and sweatin' when I left . Thanks Mike and Beth for teaching Vanilla TwirL. I certainly had Too Much Fun!


Hi Doris, Just thought I would let you know. I got my first pair of lacers today, custom made! Mahogany, shark skin toe and heel pieces, Black leather uppers, 10 sets of hooks, 6 sets of eyelets at the bottom and 1 set at the top. Cut back dance heel, chisled toe and they are 12" tall with red and white stitching! You can give them the OK in Reno!........ (That's a note from Knox)

Well, everybody, over the week-end --Evelyn Khinoo bought her first pair of basic black!

Also, over the week-end, Doris finally found the letters "L" & "R" for her training lacers. Now she will know at a glance which is the left foot and won't have to stop and think about it. If you are still in training, might want to consider putting the letters on your lacers! Lucky for me I found the letters in time to help me out when I take workshops in know when you are learning those hard Knox Rhine dances...every bit of your brain power is needed!

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT FLASH TO LINE DANCE FUN Just back in Tiburon after two terrific weeks of vacationing and dancing in Australia, hereinafter referred to as "OZ." It's a fabulous place to visit, and it's line-dance paradise -- venues everywhere and every night, high-level dancers on the floors, and lots of weird new stuff to learn. Country line dancing is actually a bigger deal in OZ than in America -- they figure 200,000 regular dancers in a country of 20 million people.

Line dancing dominates, although partner dances and the two-step are making inroads. It's such a big deal, in fact, that people like Cindy Truelove in Perth and Mark Simpkin (GYPSY LADY) in Sydney run full-time dance empires with instruction staffs and booking offices.

We arrived in Sydney on a Friday, poked around downtown for a while, caught a jet-lag nap in the afternoon, and got ready for a night of dancing right after dinner. At least I did -- Miss Nicky was too pooped after the interminable 15-hour flight nonstop from San Francisco. I was picked up at the hotel by Woolongong boot-scooters (that's the term they use mostly in OZ, rather than "line dancing") Mark and Wendy Pilley and driven to an old wool shed in the bush called Darke's Forest. It's about 40 miles south of Sydney, and the Pilleys live even farther south, so they wound up driving half the night to accommodate me! Beyond the call of duty, and mucho appreciated. Good on ya, mates.

Darke's Forest has a big wood floor and there were about 70 boot-scooters on hand. Everyone apologized for the low turnout -- a big contingent of regulars was in Canberra, three hours away, for weekend competitions and a series of workshops with our very own Michael Barr and Hedy McAdams. The dancing was advanced-level, and the gang was after me for some new stuff from the US. Trouble was, they already knew almost everything I mentioned!

Lots of fans of Miss Doris's web page Down Under! I finally settled on teaching Hedy's LOVE LETTERS and PRAIRIE STRUT, plus a favorite oldie, BOCEPHUS, that they'd never heard of. I also learned that at Sydney's Royal Easter Show on March 30, 6,000 OZ boot-scooters will be doing FLY LIKE A BIRD on national TV, having paid $20 each for the privilege! Jet-lag hammered me big-time on the one-hour midnight ride back to the hotel. Thanks again to Mark and Wendy for all the help.

Off early the next day to Alice Springs, dead center in a country about the same size as the continental US. The occasion was Rockscoot '97, Cindy Truelove's five-day dance event in the true Outback. Guest instructor, along with Sydney/Woolongong's Tom Glover, was Bill Bader from Vancouver BC. Bill was making his first teaching tour of OZ-land, along with his buddy and international line-dance champion Grant Gadbois. Some teaching highlights you'll be seeing soon in America: Bill's new HOME ON THE RANGE, Tom Glover's COUNTRY GIRL, and Cindy's hilarious ROCKSCOOT, written especially for the event. The trip's highlight was an overnight bus trip out to Ayers Rock, 250 miles even farther into the Simpson Desert. The Rock is properly called by its Aboriginal name "Uluru" (pronounced like "toodle-oo") these days. This is one of the true wonders of the planet -- the world's largest single piece of rock, a sandstone monolith eight miles in circumference. The aboriginal locals worship Uluru, and I can't say I blame them -- it's truly awesome.

We stayed at the five-star Sails resort nearby, and comandeered the poolside lobby for an evening of line dancing before an astounded audience of locals and hotel guests, many of whom jumped in for quickie lessons on GO GO STOMP and Bill Bader's COWGIRL TWIST. Grant Gadbois got talked into a solo demo of his contest-winning talent. Just one fly in the ointment, so to speak, at Alice Springs and The Rock: flies so thick that we had to wear face nets everywhere. But the little buggers magically disappear every night at sundown, and the desert nights are magnificent.

Cindy and husband Eddy Boekelman are planning a repeat Rockscoot for 1998, and I can't recommend the experience highly enough -- you'll have the time of your life. I hope we can get together a good American/Canadian contingent next year. And Cindy's leading a tour of 100 Aussie dancers around the US this fall, hitting the Pismo Beach event among other stops. Watch for 'em.

After a few dance-free days on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Nicky and I headed for Brisbane, the third-largest OZ city and home base for line-dance guru Terry Hogan. Terry was hosting Michael and Hedy at three afternoon/evening workshops. Our locals were a huge hit in Brisbane, and they still have a few more appearances in Sydney and Newcastle before heading home. The Palo Alto kids, already famous in OZ for FLY LIKE A BIRD and BLACK DRESSES, taught just about everything in their book, from Hedy's first effort HONEYSUCKLE VINE to Michael's new STUCK ON HOLD and A WALTZ IN TIME.

Terry's well-taught classes do lots of northern California stuff, including a perfect SILK AND SATIN (complete with hat moves) and even Evelyn Khinoo's new TAKE A LOOK (no flashlights, though -- in fact, the whole "prop" thing had them a bit bewildered in OZ. We'll have to send Ev and Miss Doris down with their trick bags for some silliness workshops!) Terry likes goofing around with SILK done fast to KT Oslin's "Cornell Crawford" -- claims to have gotten the idea from Ev herself, at the last Golden Gate Classic. And speaking of Terry: watch for the latest addition to his choreography repertoire, which includes TULSA SLIDE, NIGHTMARE, BLUE MOVES, CHECK PLEASE, AND GOING STRAIT. It's going to be a monster. The official name is ALONG FOR THE RIDE, but his students call it "The Ants Dance", as it's written to "Ants On A Log" by Randy Travis. Do the dance right and you'll look like a bunch of ants trying to balance on a log. You'll get it when you see it. Mr H is a genius.

Michael and Hedy plan to teach "The Ants Dance" as soon as they get back. I'm headed for a jet-lag coma as soon as I squirt this e-mail to Linedancefun world headquarters. Only one thing wrong with Australia -- it's that horrible 15-hour plane ride each way! We'll be recovered in time for some dancing this weekend -- see you then. Meanwhile, here are the hot ones to watch for in the weeks to come: HOME ON THE RANGE (Bill Bader), ROCKSCOOT (Cindy Truelove), COUNTRY GIRL (Tom Glover), and THE ANTS DANCE (Terry Hogan).


March 22, 1997

The South Bay Dances are DJ'd by Don Duffy who invites every dancer to dance every dance on the 10,000 square foot dance floor. He splits the floor 3 & 4 ways: couples can always dance the perimeter, line dancers usually have 2 dance choices for the center of the floor and additional dances were invited to be done "up front" on the floor directly in front of the DJ booth.

Evelyn Khinoo taught her newest dance - I Never Knew Grandma Could Rollerblade! for the first time ever to the South Bay Dancers. This medium beginner dance is most fun when done to slow or medium east coast swing type of music because it allows emphasis on "the rollerblade slide". Evelyn also led the dancers in her intermediate dance Take A Look and her classic dance Silk and Satin. Ev's students - Gayle and Sherry (their very first time to a South Bay Dance) and our DJ Dave were doin' perfect hat tricks to Silk and Satin; they were using their invisible props...but they never missed a trick!

We got to do Michael Barr's newest boogie: Stuck on Hold and his newest waltz A Waltz In Time. Michael's TTS Boogie brought out Ev's cow prop and she did a couple rounds to the dance before she handed it off to me and then I handed it off to Gary; "rent-a-prop" was just invented! Gary was able to put the cow on the top of his hat; looked pretty nice sitting up there while he was dancin'...I'm going to try it that way at the next dance.

The dance floor was crowded with dancers doin' Janet Humphrey's Fallsview Rock and up front by the DJ booth with Instructors: Trish and Gary, we were doin' Susan & Harry Brooks's Dancin' Feet. Trish had just learned this dance from Mike & Beth Sliter at the All American Dance Jamboree. (She and her husband Bob were the only other folks besides Bruce and Ev who were at this dance and who were also up at the Jamboree.) Gary said he had just taught this dance to his students...he also mentioned he had downloaded the dance from this site...and that he has all the dances from this site on his laptop. He carries his laptop and his portable printer with him to dances he DJ's. If dancers ask about a particular dance...he just prints them out a signed copy! Gary, you are TOO COOL.

Most of the dancers were doin' Boot Scootin' Boogie or The Boot Scooters' Boogie; Ev, Stu, and I were doin' Vanilla TwirL. This is a beginning cha cha that I created and Ev taught to us in her Wednesday class. It is so easy; we were able to do it in the center of the floor when the couples were dancin' to Cowboy Cha Cha and I taught it to Gary when the dancers were doin' Caribbean Cadence.

Ev, Bruce and I were pretty tired before the end of the dance; I even experienced "new dance overload - public meltdown syndrome". I sure hope Bruce was the only one to notice! My feet are trying hard to keep up with the "big dogs"; it's the memory that is not co-operating. We were all set to leave, just before 11PM, and Don announced Front Row Attitude - gees, there was no way we were goin' to miss the opportunity to do Neil Hale's new easy intermediate, "prop" dance. Don announced the last two dances for the evening: Hot Tamales and Wavy Gravy . We love you Neil - but we just had Too Much Fun today and we couldn't make our brains tell our tired feet to do anything more, but we want you to know that we did do hot tamale shoulder shimmies all the way out to the car.


March 22, 1997

Don Wright's Cowboy Dancin' Unlimited put on this Saturday afternoon Jamboree. Line dancers could choose from 13 different dances to learn and couples lessons were in two-step, West Coast Swing and Nite Club two-step. Most line dance workshops involved learning two dances in one hour with no break between. Imagine dancer's delight in learning 8 different dances in 4 hours! My guess would be our brains hurt about as much as our feet. Signed copies of the dances are now available for downloading.

Thursday lessons and open dancin' at the Y - Palo Alto, CA

March 20, 1997

Hedy and Michael are in Australia, but their Thursday class at the Y is still going on...Mike and Beth Sliter are teaching the beginner lessons. Tonight we reviewed No Way Jose and learned Traveling 4 Corners . We also had two guest choreographers helping out with the intermediate lesson.

Evelyn Khinoo taught us Ride That Train last week and she came tonight to review this dance. After the review, she let us do what seemed like the entire "train ride". I love the Quad City DJ's!

Ev and Mike Sliter helped Neil Hale demo his newest beginning/easy intermediate dance Front Row Attitude. After Neil finished teaching this dance, Evelyn and Tom Neier and Doris were in the back rows just having fun with their "gun" props while doing the dance to the "real music". Later on in the evening at the "refresh your memory" and do this dance again time...we had to be in the front with our "props" and we were amazed and amused at the different poses that Neil came up with to "shoot" us during the "Draw & Point" counts of his dance.

Neil also taught his Wavy Gravy; the dance with the killer turn. Neil spent a lot of time helping us learn that turn and in perfecting the "Hot Tamale" shoulder shimmie 1/4 turn. The "real music" is fast and the dance is intermediate. I triple dotted between Beth and Ev because you know they are real good dancers...I'm tryin' hard; I will get it!

During the open dancin' part of the class, our DJ Dave played the music so we could do Neil's Mustang Sally and his Cruisin'. I love the Beach Boys, I know the words to Still Cruisin', I love dancin' the dance Cruisin' AND I got to dance right behind Neil Hale. (If there is dancer couldn't be much better than tonight!)

What a Too Much Fun guy!!...Thanks Hedy and Michael for bringing us Mike and Beth and Ev and Neil tonight to dance sit us while you are traveling the roads of OZ!

The 2nd Friday Dance at the Y - Palo Alto, CA

March 14, 1997

Evelyn Khinoo and Bruce Bowman DJ'd our dance tonight. Evelyn taught us Jonathan Villarreal's fast tempo The Good Night Boogie. (I think I just figured out that if a dance has the word boogie in it: it might be turbo fast.)

New beginner dancers were here tonight; we got to do Bill Bader's Cowgirls Twist, Lori Wong's Ain't Goin' Nowhere and Sherry McClure's Uno, Dos, Tres. (Ev's beginner class has been struggling with Uno, Dos, Tres for 4 weeks or so...but we are getting it.) We got to do Scott Blevin's Ride That Train -( Ev taught it to Michael and Hedy's Thursday night class) and Bill Bader's Chill - (Mike and Beth Sliter reviewed it at the Thursday night class). We also got to do the two new Neil Hale dances....Front Row Attitude and Wavy Gravy.

While dancers were doin' Syncopations; Mike and Beth and I were doin' Harry and Susan Brooks' Dancin' Feet. (This is one of the dances I brought back from my visit to the Midwest; Mike taught it at the Horseshoe Club) (Michele Burton just got back from the Midwest; the dances they were doin' in Chicago are of interest!) After doin' what seemed like a dozen fast dances in a row; we got to do Mike Sliter's I'm Dancin'.

We got to do the new dance from Australia that Charlotte Skeeters brought back - Cannibal Stomp and during a couples cha cha, line dancers were in the middle of the floor trying out a new beginning cha cha - Vanilla TwirL.

We did Evelyn's dance Take A Look to "I Don't Care If You Love Me Any More" by the The Mavericks and then Evelyn wanted us to do Walkin' Wazzi as the last dance. She put on new music; well, Linda listened and she and Kay started doin' Take A Look again...then... Ev joined in ... then all the die hards who stayed 'til the last dance joined in...even Jamie no one did Walkin' Wazzi we just did Take A Look again...It was too much fun!


March 9, 1997

Pat Nolan and Diane Montgomery hosted this Sunday dance. Pat taught us Cannibal Stomp and Diane showed us the crazy little moves that make the dance too much fun to watch...she does them so cool. Neil Hale taught us Front Row Attitude and Wavy Gravy. (Amazing how the killer turn in Wavy Gravy didn't seem so killer the second time around to Linda, Kay and me! Of course we were in the front row this time (we were in the middle of the dance floor at CCC last night) so we could see him do it up close and personal!) Front Row Attitude is an easier dance and will be a fun one for "props". There were many instructors in the crowd: Trish and Bob, Mike and Beth and even Michael and Hedy. (Michael and Hedy just had to learn Neil's dances before they leave for Australia on Monday morning.) The Bay Area is goin' to have too much fun with these 3 dances!


March 8, 1997

This dance was DJ'd by Neil Hale; Neil taught the crowd his newest dance Wavy Gravy. This is an intermediate dance done to fast music. There is one killer turn, but after mastering that...piece of cake. The evening was made extra special because Mac & Jackie were there dancing with us and Charlotte Skeeters was there dancin' with us. Just before the dance started, Evelyn Khinoo gave Charlotte a quick lesson on the etiquette of using "props"; I gave her a clicker for her boot. Charlotte led the dancers in a new one she brought back from Australia...Cannibal Stomp. The music is fabulous. The dancers looked like they were having a great time. I can't wait to learn this one!

The "props" fad has happened with the CCC dancers; should have seen them doin' Sal's Dancin' With You. Evelyn did a good job: Charlotte did really well with her drinking cup when we did Sal's OOO! AAH!...and she did an expert job of using her flashlight during Evelyn's dance Take A Look

Neil told the crowd about all the beginners that were at the dance from the local parks and rec dept. It is great to see a whole new bunch of dancers enjoying themselves. It was fun for us to put the intermediate dances to new tunes...Kay and Linda , from Ev's class, came up with Tulsa Slide to do to God Blessed Texas. That was too much fun for us to do...and then Ev and I did Younger Men to that very long music mix that we do Cowgirls Twist to. I was draggin' my butt to my chair when that was over....not Ev...she was out there doin' the next dance!

Note of interest: from Michael Barr:

March 6, 1997

New music for Backroads - we are playing: "This Old Highway", by the Neilsons; there is a 32 count lead.

New music for Black Dresses - we are playing: "One Dance With You", by Vince Gill; there is a 48 count lead.

Thursday lessons and open dancin' at the Y - Palo Alto, CA

Class was different tonight...Michael introduced Mike and Beth Sliter who will be our host instructors while Michael and Hedy are in Australia. They will be reviewing the dances we learned tonight next they came to learn what we were learning. In the beginning class we learned Bill Bader's Cowgirl Twist, and in the intermediate: Bill Bader's newest, Chill. We got to do open dancin', all our requests, after the lesson. Since it was Hedy and Michael's last class til they return from OZ, we wanted to do all their dances. We will miss them, but they left us in excellent hands...Evelyn Khinoo, Neil Hale, Charlotte Skeeters, and Diane Montgomery will each take a turn and dance sit us.


March 1, 1997

This was only the second time ever that Michael Barr and Hedy McAdams DJ'd the Quick Stepper Dance. This was the "Newcomers" dance and Glenda Howland, our president, announced that there were around 30 or so of the "Marin Group" at the dance. Rockin' Robin (Stuck On Hold was choreographed for her birthday) and George Hall and Nicky Wolf were among them. I was really glad to see old friends from Spanky's there: Jerry and Karen, Jackie and Gigi and Glenda and Beth Ann. I haven't seen some of these folks for months! We never see Pat Nolan out dancin', but he was here tonight and so was Diane Montgomery. Don Wright was there; he is sponsoring the All American Dance Jamboree that happens March 22. We don't ususally see Jamie Hogan and Arny Messersmith out dancin', but they were here also.

We got to do all of our favorites; and nearly missed doin' some dances cause the floor was split on nearly every dance. If you were busy talkin' and only paid attention to the first dance called and not the second...You could have missed out! (Bruce Bowman and I were saying to each other Cha Cha Con Tejas wondering if we could pull that out of our memory and deciding NOT...when we look and see our friends dancin' ... Silk & Satin...good grief we could have missed Ev's dance.) We got to do Hedy's Prairie Strut and see even more dancers doin' Michele Burton's One Cherokee Boogie around the outside. Evelyn joined in and picked it right up, I triple dotted behind and never got it at all....but that's o.k. I 'll let John Mulhall teach it to me at the Jamboree.

We got to do Swing Time Boogie; I was pretty lucky I got to dance in the line with Evelyn and have Karin Zielger in back of me. Karin is teaching it at the Jamboree and I need one more lesson to get my speed up and get that one time only second wall nailed into my memory. Michael called the Gatlin Boogie that I requested...I wanted to see my friend Gerry do it . He is the absolute best Gatlin Boogie dancer ever! He remembered it; and it was a great treat for all of us to see him dance. (Bruce even agreed Gerry.)

We were listening to some turbo music and Ev said, "Ride That Train" no sooner than we started to double dot...we were joined by Glenda and Beth Ann. Seems Ev taught the dance on Sunday up at Jamie's class in Redwood City.

We got to do Take A Look and then right after I went back to the refreshment table...well, Dave our DJ was holdin' an informal class back there with two dancers who wanted practice on the Take A Look turn. They said they thought I did it good, well I am no instructor...and so was no help other then to show in slow motion "cross ball change, ball change, ball change, ball change stomp, stomp. I struggled with that turn is NOT an easy dance, but it is too much fun once you know it.

We got to do Michael's newest waltz A Waltz In Time and his new boogie Stuck On Hold. Michael was on the schedule to teach it tonight; but that didn't work out...still a third of the folks already knew it and many were triple dottin' it in the back row. Michael called Mike Sliter's newest dance, I'm Dancin' and those of us who knew it ; we got to demo it. Mike will be teaching it at the Jamboree on March 22.

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