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Warning the following content contains important information and other information that is just silly stuff only a few people would care to read. Since this is my web site, I give myself permission to think that everybody is entitled to my opinion.

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December 31, 1996

Party goers had a tableful of appetizers to nibble on throughout the night and a continental breakfast served just after midnight. Mike & Norene Gural were the DJ's for this New Year's Eve Dance. Sparkling cider, Party Favors, Funny Hats, and Hugs were goin' on at Midnight...when a strolling visit from "Father Time" and "Baby New Year" interrupted the crowd...and brought smiles and laughter from the dancers.


December 28, 1996

It was jam packed at the dance hall....there were many couple dancers who were doing very fancy dancin'. Spontaneous applause broke out at the end of one dance...Robert Royston and Laureen Baldovi had just treated us to a spectacular example of a lively West Coast Swing. Robert and Laureen graciously posed for a photo. They will be defending the World Champion Title this month at Worlds...and Charlotte Freeman is dancing Pro-Am with Robert at Worlds also...

Karen and I love to do the "Bull Shift" dance...and Chris Kumre said he would be our bull. He is showing off his new butt clicker and of course his t-shirt which he claims is his motto...I guess when you are champion line dancer and a famous choreographer and only 23..."let the asskicking commence" pretty much sums it up!! Mac put in a lot of new variations to the bull shift dance and Karen and I had too much fun!!!

Mac announced that Evelyn is debuting her new dance "Take A Look" at the January 11th dance.

YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

December 27, 1996

Evelyn had been teasing all week about a fabulous new prop she was going to bring to the 4th Friday Y Dance...she now has so many props she has to bring a large suitcase to hold them all...(see photo gallery for the prop)

Our dances were captured on video by Kort Kurdi who is visiting us from Chandler, Arizona...Kort is a great dancer we met at the Pismo Festival...he knows most of our dances now and joined right in wearing a butt clicker and sharing our props...he is coming to California for the summer and will be driving up from Carmel on Thursdays to join us in class. (see photo gallery)


December 21, 1996

It was windy, foggy, rainy and chilly outside but the dancers were in the Holiday spirit as we danced to our favorite music...put on by "Howlin' Coyote" with DJ Pat Nolan. Dancers were especially festive and another group showed up with "props" .... Hedy's newest fast paced dance Prairie Srtut had dancers dancin' with toy tomahawks!! Toys were collected for children, Santa passed out gifts, and a table full of homemade sweets was consumed. The new dance schedule is out and DJs -Evelyn Khnioo & Bruce Bowman will be kickin' us off in the new year for the January 18th "Super Bowl Ralley" dance...Evelyn will be teaching us her newest dance "Take A Look".

Swiss Park- Newark, CA

December 18, 1996

The dance hall was packed with party goin' dancers...there were four tables spread with every kind of nibble food... mostly calorie laden homemade treats and the party was given by Neil Hale and Charlotte Skeeters...so the music was all our favorites. When we brought out our mirrors for AttitudeWe let the Buffalo Girls check their good looks...Susan used my mirror. I was dancin' next to Chris Kumre and shared my mirror with him the entire dance...Ev's prop idea is too much fun! The night certainly flew by once we got there...(the "dance mobile" was stuck for an hour on the D...Bridge trying to get across to the party) Thanks Charlotte and Neil....we had Too Much Fun!

Note of interest:

Charlotte told us that she is going to Miami to appear with Scooter Lee and other dancers at the Orange Bowl.

The Orange Bowl game is in Miami, Florida on New Years Eve and will be televised live. There will be dancers at the half time show and Charlotte Skeeters will be one of 12 featured dancers on stage along with Jo Thompson, Max Perry, Scot Blevins, Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi and others. They will be on stage dressed in white with red/white/blue vests dancing beside Scooter Lee and The Mavericks.


December 14, 1996

The "dance mobile" left the pennisula early on Saturday night headed for a night of partying and dancing at the Cowboy Country Club. Hedy is on vacation, so Michael rode over with us and we had to be there early...Michael had to tape TTS Boogie so Mac could teach it later on in the week. Michael was the first guest choreographer at the Club and there were many folks who came to support him...George drove down from Marin, the Buffalo Girls were there, Pat, Sandy, & Vicky practiced all day with their dance team and still drove all the way from Gilroy, and folks from Michael's class who had never been to the Club...Vicky and Lonnie and Dave our DJ even came. We line netters wore our "butt clickers" and Santa Hats and turned into Michael's TTS Boogie "demo team" for the lesson. (see photo gallery)

The DJ's - Linda and Todd surprised Evelyn...We were all doin' Attitude and being silly with our mirrors...when we turned back to the DJ stand...Todd and Linda were holding up large sized props through out the music...and doin' it with straight faces...(see photo gallery)

We marathon graduates got to do Knox's The Riv and we did Hot Footin' to the Wild, Wild West Boogie...and we did Hedy'sYounger Mento the very long, fast rock & roll music by Jive Bunny, the music we do to Bill Bader's Cowgirls' Twist.

Evelyn and I surrounded Michael with our poms poms while dancin' Black Dresses.He even accepted one of Ev's pom poms and joined in with us... then Michael asked for a cup so he could join us in doin' OOH! AAH!It seemed like we boogied 'til the cows came home cause we were all draggin' when we left the party. On the way home we discussed how we are looking forward to coming again on January 11, when Evelyn premiers her new dance...which she is polishing as I write.

December 7, 1996

Line Dance Marathon- Palo Alto, CA

There were many advanced competition dancers who came to this Country Attitude Event...These dancers were not only fast learners...they were able to stylize the steps and even enjoy doin' the dances turbo style. Some of us barely got the steps together, but we didn't give up! You know the saying: "if you want to dance with the big dogs hon, you gotta get off the porch!" I for one just enjoyed being able to survive the entire day and still be smiling! (see photo gallery)

COUNTRY QUICK STEPPERS DANCE- Belmont, CAThis certainly was the week for catching a cold...Beth and Anna and Hedy were under the weather...and so Mike and John didn't come dancin' either. Michael stopped in at the dance (on his way to bringing dinner to Hedy) and brought us news from the Desert Sands Dance Festival held in Las Vegas...Hedy's dance Prairie Strut won first place in new line choreography at this event. We all knew that this dance is too much fun to do...congrats to Hedy! Jamie Hogan taught Side Hitch and Tom Nelson was our DJ. Evelyn Khinoo figured out a "prop" for Attitude and she, Linda, Laura, and Chris Kumre had too much fun doin' those hard dances...Kamakazzi...and Princess something or other... but Bruce wasn't dancin' much...he twisted his foot last night at Swiss Park. We certainly missed Tom and Karen...Tom I sure hope you can dance by the big New Year's Eve Party!

November 18, 1996

THE HORSESHOE CLUB- Santa Clara, CA Dancers drove from miles around to be at the "shoe" last night...Hedy's new waltz -"Love Letters" was being taught by Mike and Beth Sliter. The dance floor was full of her fans as we learned this beautiful, flowing waltz together. The band was really rockin'; Diana Cox called the dances and dancers flooded the newly cleaned and waxed floor. Even Rhonda joined in the excitement and danced "Cruise Control" with us...(she doesn't usually line dance with us at the shoe). We did "Attitude", "Silk & Satin", "Fly Like A Bird", and even "TTS Boogie"...but there was something magical about doing "Love Letters" to a live band; when you do this dance, it is like you just become one with the music..it is so smooth and soothing to the soul...like you are floating. Michael defined it when he said to me..."Everything that woman touches turns to gold." Mike and Beth are teaching us dances by our local choreographers and this night, the dancers certainly supported their decision. Thank you Hedy for giving us this dance...so we can be havin' Too Much Fun!

November 16, 1996


The rainy night did not keep the die hard dancers from turning out at the "Thanksgiving" Potluck Dinner and Dance DJ'd by Neil Hale. The "Marin Group" was there...George and Nicky too. "Country Sue" came for the first time with her group. Chris Kumre drove all the way from Holister to dance the night away with his friends from the Morgan Hill area...lacer note: Chris wore silver and gold kiltie plates on his lacers as he did all his fancy dancin' with John and Anna Burton and Laura Holder. Laura brought some great pictures from the line dance competitions at Country Harvest Dance Festival so we all could share in the memories from the Bolado Park. (We also saw some pretty scary shots of her Colorado rafting trip.) It was pretty cool to hear 200+ folks yelling OOO! AAH! while we were dancin' the dance...it was also to cool to see Neil doin' "Attitude"...he knew all the gestures! Michael was using his video cam to film "Neil at work" and us at dancin' ...we even got in a "herd" to say "Hello from the Quick Steppers Dance in Belmont, CA". He is working on a piece to send back to Jo Thompson in Nashville. We missed you Mike and Beth...hope you didn't get snowed in at the cabin...Tom we miss you like crazy! Karen, hope Tom isn't to fussy while he is waiting for his back to feel better! You know we couldn't have Too Much Fun without you guys.

November 9, 1996


The "dance mobile" left Sunnyvale on Saturday night full of line netters headed for a night of partying and dancing at Mac and Jackie's Cowboy Country Club. Evelyn, Bruce, Karen (Tom wasn't feeling too well and we REALLY missed him) & Doris finally talked Mike and Beth into driving their van "all the way over there" to see what all the excitement was about. We line netters wore our butt clickers and promoted Evelyn's newest dance "Attitude" (which Mac is teaching to his students this coming week), and "Prairie Strut", Hedy's new dance. Hedy & Michael had a gig to do and couldn't go with us...Hedy you should of seen us ...there was Dan, Karen & Dave, and Stu & Sandy, and Karen, Doris, Mike & Beth, Evelyn & Bruce and Marin George Hall and the Gilroy gals, Pat and Vicky and we were all doing the "Prairie Strut" when Mac played Cherokee Boogie. Michael...we all brought out our poms poms to do "Black Dresses". Everyone got to meet fellow line netter Charlotte Freeman, who now has her own butt clicker. Mac wore his new clicker on his front pocket while he DJ'd the dance. He looked pretty sharp up there just clicking away. (see the photo gallery) We all talked and laughed and sucked on our tootsie pops and the 50 minute drive home was just a conversation ending to a night of having Too Much Fun!

October 31, 1996

YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

A lot of folks dressed in costume for the regular Thursday night lesson; even Hedy and Michael. (check the photo gallery) After reviewing the dances that we had been learning all month...Hedy surprised us by teaching her newest dance: Prairie Strut.This is a beginning dance with a lot of struttin' and stompin'.

The Horseshoe Club- Santa Clara, CA

Everyone was dressed up in the "Shoe" last night. The costumes were fanciful, funny, and fabuous...even "Kramer" was there. The band was hot and so many folks were a rockin', you had to pick a tiny corner of the floor to do your line dancin'. Only the serious dancers filled the floor with Michael and Hedy when the band called: "Fly Like a Bird" as they rocked out playing "High Wire". It's too much fun dancin' (theBoz) to a live band!

Country Harvest Dance Festival - Tres Piños, CA

October 19, 1996

The first place winner of the New Line Dance Choreography was: Dancin' With You, choreographed by Sal Gonzalez.

This was an exciting festival for couple dancers. Michael Barr & Hedy McAdams and Randy Holden instructed dancers in 2-step beginning and intermediate. Sal & Diane Gonzalez instructed dancers in night club 2-step, Potluck 2-step- (choreographed by Sal & Diane), and the Waltz. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced West Coast Swing was taught by Tom & Vicki Owens; This couple also taught East Coast Swing. Lori Wong instructed dancers in beginning hustle. Patrick Riley instructed in free style cha cha; he also taught intermediate and advanced West Coast Swing.

Laney Leatherman taught a mixer dance she choreographed- Redneck Roulette.

Charlotte Skeeters taught Australian Kylie Brown's Sunset Dreaming.

Jane White, an instructor from Australia, along with her dance team taught Ghost Rider. (All of the Australian ladies were so intent on learningSunset Dreaming that they showed up late to teach their Ghost Rider dance) We dancers didn't mind though, we remembered how exciting it was when we all learned Kylie's Sunset Dreaming...the music Djäpana by Yothu Yindi has a fabulous, unique sound. Unlike any music I've ever heard before! Anyway it was a delight to listen to Jane White's accent and she blew us all away with her phrasing (a grapevine is a freeze) and her exiting with "Ketcha Layder!"

Hedy McAdams taught her hardest dance,Younger Men. Hedy said I could finally scan Younger Men and put it on my page. She wants everyone to look for the date at the bottom of the choreography sheet (9/26/96). This is the up dated version with all the additions she has added to make her step descriptions easier to follow.

The Buffalo Girls taught their newest choreography Jukin' Around. We all need to get long chains to put on our belt loops if we want to be cool when we do this dance.

Lori Wong taught Fresh Break. Karen and I stood next to each other for this dance...(It was Karen's first time) and after Lori was finished with the lesson Karen told us both how Tom (he didn't come to the festival and we missed him terribly) thought Fresh Break was an esoteric dance. Gees Tom I came home and grabbed the dictionary to see what you meant. In case other folks want to know also...Webster says esoteric means ...taught only to a select number, and not intended for the general body of disciples; designed for and understood only by the initiated: said of ideas, doctrines, literature, etc. Well, now we know it is said of a line dance. Lori, this is a great compliment coming from Tom and now I know why Michael Barr and I liked it so much when we first learned it. I just didn't have the vocabulary to tell you.

Evelyn Khinoo taught Attitude.She was fully recovered from all the clapping and hollering going on when she showcased her dance with Bruce Bowman & Mike Sliter. Bruce & Mike were on either side of Evelyn with their fronts facing us for the beginning wall of the dance. When they all turned to face the second wall, Bruce & Mike had their butt clickers on and they were blinking with a lot of attitude. It was too much fun to see those two just moving their TCWB's with the clickers blinking red. Charlotte Skeeters was videoing them and I have no idea how she is going to explain to her viewers why Bruce & Mike are wearing butt clickers. (I had given the line netters their butt clickers that morning as a Halloween present from Line Dance Fun.) (Tom, I have your clicker in my dance box and will be sure you get it!)

YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

October 13, 1996

Kylie Brown of Brisbane, Australia was guest of honor at the 2nd Friday dance. She taught her newest choreography Sunset Dreaming. It was Michael Barr's birthday. The Buffalo Girls blindfolded and kidnapped him from the dance and later returned him to a darkened dance hall. He was un-blindfolded before his birthday cake and asked to blow out the numerous candles whose glow was illuminating the entire room. In honor of Michael's birthday George Hall introduced the choreography - Nine So Far- "Can't Stop Thinking About It", James Taylor preferred. This dance includes the first counts to every dance that Michael and Hedy had choreographed up to 7/96. The dance is 400+ steps; it starts with Fly Like A Bird,continues with Dreamin',Burning Down The House, Whiskey Brush, Black Dresses, Honeysuckle Vine, Younger Men, I Like It,and ends with Backroads.Tom, Karen and Evelyn showed off their newest talent...flag waving during "Snap N' Time". (Tom thought that props would enhance the hand movements that Knox choreographed into the dance and so Karen bought some flags for them to try out.) They looked really good coming out of the rolling vines and thrusting one hand held flag at a 45 degree angle to the ceiling; alternating hands at each turn. They gave me my set of flags and Evelyn is giving me lessons. Other dancers also want to join the flag team: Thanks Knox for giving us "Snap N' Time" cause we are having TOO MUCH FUN with your dance! (see the photo gallery)

Swiss Park- Newark, CA

September 30, 1996

Dancers were honored to have 4 Aussies and 2 Canadians sharing their choreography with us. "Forbidden Love" choreographed by Victor Watts and &qu;Pf���g7?6��g7БW7W7150~�Б�}�g7?6��g7БW7��W7W7�STOR /aimweb/linedancefun/96chat.htm � � Ɛ �6Ґ��6 8F � W7�:7 8F��6����g7?6�W7БW7W76��Tg7?6�W7БW7�6F6/aimweb/linedancefun/96chat.htm��W7�6�6�C�C�W7��64���nz��6'W7�D `N n�(���? ����ot;Thump Therapy" choreographed by Bill Bader were taught. Dancers were also treated to a streaking by Michael Barr...Hedy was on stage calling out the steps to "Younger Men" when all of a sudden a naked chest flew by me...Michael had just run by in his small print boxer shorts; he was waving and smiling up at Hedy. Now it was dimly lit in the dance hall, but those didn't look like blue shorts! Michael claims that the shorts had cowboys riding upon horses and they were wearing blue. Have to take his word for it cause he ran by so quickly I couldn't tell.

Golden Gate Classic - Union City, CA

September 28, 1996

The winners of the New Line Dance Choreography were as follows: (check photo gallery for candids)

5th place - Jukin' Around choreographed by The Buffalo Girls of the Bay Area

4th place- "Honey Hush" choreographed by Jim Anderson of Mill Bay, BC Canada

3rd place- Younger Men choreographed by Hedy McAdams of Palo Alto, CA

2nd place- Backroads choreographed by Michael Barr of Palo Alto, CA

1st place- Close Encounters choreographed by Bill Bader of Vancouver, BC Canada ...Much Congratulations to Bill! (How lucky are we dancers who attended the September 27th Palo Alto YWCA dance. Bill taught his dance to us that night and we loved it.)

Congratulations to the following advanced line dancers:

Grant Gadbois (Grant helped Bill Bader teach us Close Encounters at the Y dance. His current champion belt buckle is so large you could eat your dinner off it in case you wanted to) from Vancouver, BC Canada won overall in the Advanced Men's Line Dance Division.

John Burton from the Bay Area won 2nd place in the Advanced Men's Line Dance Division & First Place in Freestyle "Classy but Flashy".

Anna Burton from the Bay Area came in 2nd place in many of the Advanced Women's Line Dances.

Anna Burton and Laura Holder of the Bay Area won 1st place in the Line Dance Duos.

Cactus Flower from the Bay Area won 2nd place in the A Division for team competition.

Starlight Express from the Bay Area won 2nd place in the AA Division for team competition.

Also congratulations to:

Judi Grater from Freemont won 1st place in the Dick & Jane for dancing the Wooden Nickel.

Charlotte Freeman won 3rd place in the Dick & Jane for dancing the Wooden Nickel. Charlotte was persuaded to compete in this event just minutes before the competition. (She regularly dances at the Cowboy Country Club in Pleasanton with Mac & Jackie.)

The following pieces of chat were overheard on the workshop dance floors.

Cadillac Crossover with Dave West- "Could you come back here Dave and show us up close just how you do those hip bumps!"

Turns & Techniques with Michelle Burton- "Head up, Tummy in, Squeeze those cheeks" those are the words that will help us all look better on the dance floor.( and I just thought I needed to know the dance steps and not look at my feet...this is a public apology to all you dancers out there who have had to stand in back of me in a line dance. I have been rude without knowing it. My cheeks have been flapping in the breeze for a little over a year now and if I hadn't taken this class I would never have known to correct my rudeness.) Now we know why Michelle looks so graceful (and light as a feather floating) when she dances. Thanks to Michelle for sharing her secrets with the rest of us.

Nightmare with Terry Hogan- When I was struggling to remember counts 25-48 and Terry said that there were 16 counts yet remaining...I realized why this dance is called "Nightmare". This dance was too hard for me and I had to leave the lesson..it is a 4 wall, 64 count 5 star advanced nightmare. My congratulations to all of you dancers who completed the lesson and to you Terry for creating advanced dances for the elite dancers to enjoy.

Backroads with Michael Barr- Sometimes it is just relaxing to go to a workshop when you already know the dance and just sit quietly and observe the concentration and stress other dancers are experiencing. When the lesson is over and the real music is playing; just get up on that dance floor and show off!!

Fresh Break with Lori Wong- this 4 wall, 32 count slow intermediate cha-cha should be done with Latin movement says Lori. I LIKED IT, Michael Barr LOVED IT and gave me a big smile with a thumbs up. This means he will teach it to our class and we will get to do MORE OF IT. Thanks Lori for the beautiful Cha-Cha!

T T S Boogie with Michael Barr- this 1 wall, 64 count easy intermediate Texas two-step boogie flows so smooth and easy when the music starts playing...that the "genius" word was heard. (It is hard to believe that for so many years line dancers have had to sit around waiting for a two-step to finish so that they could get up and line dance again and then this "genius" choreographs TWO two-step line dances for us in one year.) Harry is a friend of mine; he came to the class 7 minutes late and observed me from the door...he saw TTS Boogie was easy for me to pick up. He joined in; he too picked it up fast. Sharon is Harry's wife...she was lucky to have been in the front row all along. After class she rushed up to Harry and exclaimed, "My God Harry, I can't wait to get home and teach this to my class. Did you LIKE IT, I LOVED IT, isn't Michael a genius!" (Michael is just Michael until he puts his hat on; then he becomes Michael Barr world famous choreographer and now, genius!) Thanks Michael for sharing your creative talent with us and being the kinder, more gentler instructor. Your classes make learning a joy, not a challenge.

New Wall = New Dance with Knox Rhine- this 4 wall, 64 count west coast swing, schottische, line dance, cha cha that Knox said was an easy intermediate line dance. Well, the cowboy in back of me didn't think it was an easy intermediate..he was whining, the cowgirl to my left dropped out before the lesson was ended..and by the time the music "Been There, Done That", Hank Williams Jr. started playing..the once packed dance floor was thinned out with just us die hards. I was lucky enough to have Evelyn Khinoo in front of me so I could have someone to follow. Evelyn had no trouble learning it of course, and danced it without difficulty. She promised to think about teaching it to us in one of her next soon to be famous Advanced Marathon Line Dance Workshops. Tom Neier thinks Evelyn should let us earn stars; everyone would know that we are becoming big time dancers. Then one day maybe we too can take Knox's lessons without difficulty. (I don't know, most of Knox's dances sure are advanced! We will try of course, but I don't know if it can be possible!) Thanks Knox for inspiring us to want to be the very best dancers in the world.

Other notes of interest:

The nights entertainment included a special appearance by recording artist, Scooter Lee (check the photo gallery for candids); a clogging dance team whose dancers must think at 100 miles an hour and lose 5 pounds per performance and a mystery performer. This mystery dancer had hair and clothes (he was wearing boxers, not briefs under that white jumpsuit) that made him look like Elvis. He sang like Elvis, but was not fat like the Elvis I remember. This dancer danced the "Soda Pop" (not as good as the Buffalo Girls, but pretty close) and most importantly, this dancer danced the brand new Knox Rhine dance New Wall = New Dance. perfectly. Knox just choreographed New Wall = New Dance this month! My guess was that since Knox' dances are so hard to learn this dancer was just pretending to be Elvis! I had to check it out for myself; I ran up with my dollar bill just like a lot of the other women dancers at the end of the performance. (check the photo gallery for candids) With so many women grabbing at this dude, his belt came off...lucky it was a jumpsuit. Anyway, I got a hug. This dude was Knox Rhine; I could tell by the hug. Now we know...Elvis is alive & well & channels through Knox Rhine. I need to think about opening Fort Knox...a place where we can keep all the Knox Nuggets of information so they won't get lost in our memories. You know when you are having TOO MUCH FUN... everyday just runs into another and before you know it you forget to remember and treasure all the good times! Everyone knows Knox tells the most fabulous Macarena jokes. You haven't heard the one about the mock dancers in the competition who were dancing in the Radisson Hotel Arena? See, we need to save these nuggets.

Possible notes of interest:

This is a lacer update:

Karen Neier found a small silver leaf on the dance floor at the Friday Night Dance. Grant Gadbois (he is the reining world class advanced men's line dance champion visiting us from Vancouver BC Canada) recognized it, and said that it must have fallen off the lacer jewelry that Doris was wearing. Karen brought it to the Golden Gate Classic and returned it to Doris (who was unaware that it had fallen off.) It certainly was nice of Grant to notice that Doris was the one wearing lacer jewelry.

Nicky Wolf and George Hall were wearing brand new lacers to the Golden Gate Classic. George was telling Mike Sliter how comfortable his were and that he could wear them all day long, no problem. (Mike has been thinking about getting a pair as is Evelyn) Nicky was telling Doris how her laces were not long enough to wrap all the way around her boot yet. I assured her it was because they were new; it takes time for the laces to stretch.

Doris was sitting on a chair just watching a workshop and quietly talking to Nicky about her new lacers when all of a sudden Knox Rhine approached. He bent down quickly, and got up close and personally checked out to see if Doris' socks were scrunched equally. Well, Doris jumped up, turned around, and let him see that her socks were perfectly scrunched at 1.5 inches each. Dancers you never can tell who might be the lacer police, please try to follow the rules!

Western Days at Pismo Beach, CA

September 13-15, 1996

The winners of the New Line Dance Choreography were as follows:

5th place - Soda Pop choreographed by The Buffalo Girls and Pat Eodice of the Bay Area

4th place- Cadillac Crossover choreographed by Dave West of San Ramon, CA.

3rd place- OOO! AAH! choreographed by Sal Gonzalez of Reedley, CA.

2nd place- Stampede Stomp choreographed by Marlene Taylor of Temecula, CA.

1st place- Dreamin' choreographed by Michael Barr of Palo Alto, CA....Much Congratulations to Michael!

Congratulations to the following advanced line dancers:

John Burton from the Bay Area won 2nd place in the Advanced Men's Line Dance Division.

Anna Burton from the Bay Area came in 2nd place in many of the Advanced Women's Line Dances.

Anna Burton and Laura Holder of the Bay Area won 2nd place in the Line Dance Duos.

Starlight Express from the Bay Area won 1st place in the AA Division for team competition.

Congratulations to Chris Kumre for his hard work. Chris Kumre did a great job of hosting and competing in the Line Dance Competitions. He did a fabulous job as the DJ for the Friday and Saturday night Line Dances. He played every dance the Bay Area Group requested!

The following persons were observed during the open dancing segment at the Line Dance Competitions.

Bruce Bowman- fabulous job doing the "Hawaiian Hustle".

John Burton and Michael Barr were doing "Younger Men" turbo style at least 1 minute before Hedy McAdams noticed...and then joined in. She has a great smile!

John Burton and Chris Kumre entertained the entire audience by doing an impromptu duo to hip hop music. As the audience was showing their appreciation for this creative magic...Pat Nolan was seen shaking his head in disbelief...probably thinking can you believe the talent of these "younger men".

Other notes of interest:

Congratulations to Darla Neeley (she was Darla Peters when she choreographed Double Trouble and Sweet Cheeks) she is expecting a new baby. She choreographed The 'Doodle' along with her daughter Denise and daughter Kelly Jones. Kelly taught the dance at Whaler's where it was seen and loved by many of the Bay Area Group. Evelyn Khinoo and Michael Barr liked it...Tom & Karen Neier liked it...Tom even mentioned he thought it had a "Cheek Flavor".

Possible notes of interest:

The sun was blinding on Saturday...Evelyn had to go buy sun glasses.

The Whaler "dance floor" was tiled....Karen couldn't dance in her boots and had to go buy lacers.

Doris had to give Karen lessons on how to scrunch her socks on top of her lacers... only 1.5 inches of scrunched sock should show. Tom was so rude; he kept pulling Karen's socks straight up...that just drives the lacer police crazy!! Anyway Karen promises to think about getting lacer jewelry and Evelyn was taking careful notes because she thinks that she might get a pair; after all Bruce already has a blue pair. Michael and Bruce wear their lacers with wranglers and so it does not matter how or if they scrunch their socks correctly....but it does matter to the lacer police if dancers do not adhere to the lacer rules. There were dancers at the Saturday night dance that were not wearing any socks at all with their lacers (panty hose does not pass with the lacer police)...and one dancer had one sock scrunched correctly but the other sock was scrunched noticeable higher. If you are going to wear lacers, please understand that there is a correct way to do so...any color of sock is fine as long as it matches your outfit. Lacer jewelry is very acceptable. When the laces stretch and become very long...do not tie one big, gigantic bow...you need to wrap the laces around the top of the lacer twice and tie one very small bow. Be sure to check that the wrapped laces are scrunched together; there should not be a gap showing between the doubled laces.

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