February 1997 Chat

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YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

February 28, 1997

We had guest choreographers Jim and Julie Krywko from Newark, Delaware (pronounced new Ark there) here to teach us Tail-Gating. Michael and Hedy met them at a dance class when they were on the East Coast in January. Michael had told them, "when ever you get to the West Coast look us up".

Jim and Julie had emailed me for places to dance in our area. They are the first dancers that I have met on line through linedancefun.com and then have met in person. I started to introduce myself and they already knew me ...too cool!

Jim told our dancers "I found this song while listening to A Hip-Hop CD we purchased on vacation. I just fell in love with the pounding rhythm as well as the great harmonica riff. The dance just fell into place and a crazy trend was born! TAIL-GATING!" Our dancers did very well with the vanilla version of the dance...then Jim and Julie showed us the variations including the contra version...eee gads! The line police were overwhelmed; chaos, pandemonium and laughter broke out. Dave our DJ was hopping diagonally through the lines; stopping only, to chap hands, and then move on quickly across the lines. Folks were having too much fun with this one. Mike Sliter remarked, and I agree, this is the only line dance we have seen where a dancer could turn to the second wall and end up doing a dot dance. Thanks Jim and Julie for bringing us your dance.

Our dance started with Bill Bader's Cowgirls Twist and then we did Lori Wong's Ain't Goin' Nowhere.

Michael and Hedy split the floor 3 ways last night for the Cherokee Boogie", by BR5-49. We got to do Chris Kumre's Cherokee Boogie, Hedy McAdams' Prairie Strut and a new one to us called One Cherokee Boogie. This is Michele Burton's newest dance and John Mulhall was leading dancers around the outside of the floor with this pretty cool single file (like Travlin' 4 Corners) dance. John Mulhall will be teaching this new dance up at the All American Dance Jamboree at the Beresford Community Center in San Mateo on March 22. Mike Sliter will also be there teaching his I'm Dancing and Evelyn Khinoo will be teaching Scott Blevin's Ride That Train and Sal Gonzalez's Whatcha Gonna Do? Karin Ziegler is going to be teaching Scott Blevin's Swing Time Boogie.

This was the first time for Jim and Julie to see dancers using props...we had our mirrors and our money when we did Evelyn's Attitude, and they couldn't believe the mini flashlights we use when we do Evelyn's newest dance, Take A Look Michael played new music ("This Old Highway", by the Neilsons), which we all love now, for his Backroads and new music ("One Dance With You", by Vince Gill) for his Black Dresses. I need to remember to concentrate more on the dance when there is new music... (when I'm trying to learn new lyrics, I forget to send signals to my boots (which are still in training) and then I loose my place in the dance) I know Black Dresses, but I didn't realize that Jim was triple dottin' the dance until I messed up and he yelled, "gees Doris, I'm trying to get the steps down; you can't mess up!"

The Horseshoe Club- Santa Clara, CA

February 25, 1997

Beth Sliter taught us Double Dutchess last night...this is a beginner dance done to turbo music. Beth really likes this dance, we could tell. Mike reviewed his dance, Evelyn. This is an intermediate dance and I struggled with it...then the band played "Heads Carolina, Tails California....it clicked...I could really feel the dance to this music. It is always fun for a dancer to feel a dance for the first time. For me, it creates a bond between the dance and the music...sometimes the feeling just evolves over time and sometimes, like tonight, I remember when it hits...and a memory is made.

We also reviewed Michael's Stuck on Hold. I missed doin' it to Bobby Day's turbo music, "Rock-In' Robin", but I got over it....the intermediate crowd was not there last night. Got to triple dot Allnighter with Mike and Beth...and double dot Fireman with Beth.

It was pretty cool to dance Love Letters to a live version of "Strawberry Wine". The beat sure seemed faster; I know the band version was way longer than the CD version.

Last night was an aerobic workout...I was tired and sweatin' when I left . Thanks Beth and Mike and, of course, the band.

Note of interest: from Evelyn Khinoo

February 25, 1997

Sal Gonzalez called me this morning at work. The first thing I asked him was did he enter his new dance in Solvang this past weekend and did it in fact take 1st place like I told him it would. His answer was yes, and yes! Sal said he had to make a couple of corrections on his original dance description that he used in Solvang and should be doing that before the end of the week. He will send a signed copy.

He actually was calling to invite us to a dance they are having on April 5 (same night as Oakdale). He thought we said we would be at Oakdale but he wasn't sure. Their's is a workshop day, potluck in the evening, followed by a dance. They may have another one in August.

The Buffalo Girls were in Solvang also and entered their new dance, Rewind. It took 3rd place. He also said it was a real treat to have the Buffalo gang there as it really added to the dance floor--got it up beat and all.

Said to say hi to Doris! Thanked us all for the great hospitality we gave him. Said he really had a good time, especially at the dance at the YWCA.

He will be teaching Silk & Satin either this week or next week. Also said they did Silk & Satin to Island while in Solvang and the Buffalo Girls did Silk & Satin to the Cornell Crawford music. He really liked it the fast way also.


February 22, 1997

The South Bay Dances are DJ'd by Don Duffy who invites every dancer to dance every dance on the 10,000 square foot dance floor. He splits the floor 3 & 4 ways: couples can always dance the perimeter, line dancers usually have 2 dance choices for the center of the floor and additional dances were invited to be done "up front" on the floor directly in front of the DJ booth. He takes requests, he dances with the dancers, and he mentions my web site at his dance...what a terrific guy!

Evelyn Khinoo taught her newest dance Take A Look to the South Bay Dancers. Evelyn also led the dancers in her Attitude and her classic dance Silk and Satin. We got to do Michael Barr's newest boogie: Stuck on Hold and Sal's OOO! AAH!. When we did Sal's Dancin' with You, Gary and Kimm were right up in front doin' the couples version of this dance. They were so smooth and flowing together...they learned the dance from Sal first hand at the Country Harvest Dance Festival in Tres Piños this past November. (Gary, I remember you were one of the first persons I ever gave my web card to...and it made my day to meet you again and find out that you are downloading my dances...thanks for your support.)

The dance floor was crowded with dancers doin' Neil Hale's Diamonds Are Forever and up front by the DJ booth with Instructors: Trish and Bob and Sharon and Harry, we were doin' Michael Barr's brand new waltz: A Waltz In Time.

We got to do Michael's Black Dresses & TTS Boogie and Hedy's Fly Like A Bird , Love Letters, and Prairie Strut. Most of the dancers were doin' Swing City Jive...but Ev and I got to double dot Swing Time Boogie. (I needed the practice that dance is so turbo!) We got to do Neil's Cruise Control and some of us are gettin' pretty fancy with the applejacks and syncopated heel & cross steps!

I am always amazed at how many couple dancers there are at the South Bay Dances...not only do they do a great many pattern dances..but the two-steppers, waltzers, and the WCSwinger's are fun to watch. Everyone had a great time; thanks Don Duffy we had TOO MUCH FUN.


February 15, 1997

This Valentine Dance was DJ'd by Neil Hale; the evening was made extra special by having Sal Gonzalez from Reedley dancin' with us. We did his OOO! AAH! and when we did his Dancin' With You...Sal & Evelyn Khinoo showed the crowd how fabulous this dance works as a couple dance...they were smooth! Later in the evening...Sal was WCSwingin' with Hedy McAdams....Too Cool! Karen and Tom brought their new Maui friend Nancy who is visiting the Bay Area...she had a great time...there were many dances she knew..

The Buffalo Girls led the crowd doin' their Soda Pop, Jukin' Around and their newest Rewind. Evelyn Khinoo led us in Attitude and her newest Take A Look and in "Island" Silk & Satin and the TOO MUCH FUN turbo "Cornell Crawford" version of Silk & Satin. She also helped us with the new ones she taught us this week by Scott Blevins: Swing Time Boogie and Ride That Train. Neil played my favorite "Neil Hale Dances": Crusin', Cruise Control and the very rockin', too sizzlin' HoT TaMaLes and my all time George Davis favorite The Fireman! (Mike and Beth you won't believe this! I won the red ticket drawing at this dance...a huge Valentine tin full of assorted popcorns, can you believe it!) and.....I got a Valentine for all of us from Neil Hale ....his newest, soon to be taught..."Front Row Attitude" Thank's to Glenda and her Quick Stepper Committee; the decorations were beautiful as always, the desserts were fabulous, and the dance was sizzlin'. Thank you Neil for playing all our requests!

YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

Valentine's Day, 1997

Evelyn Khinoo and Bruce Bowman (and Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse) DJ'd our dance tonight; Ev taught us Scott Blevins' Ride That Train. Pretty turbo music..."C'mon Ride It"-Quad City DJ's...should have seen Chris Kumre and Michael Barr gettin' into this dance...but the TCWB dancer to watch was Bruce...I could hardly concentrate to get through the the demo...Shake Back, Shake Forward, Grind, Grind... TOO MUCH FUN!

Evelyn pointed out to the mostly red dressed crowd just how many choreographers were at our dance tonight; The Buffalo Girls, Michael Barr, Hedy McAdams, Sal Gonzalez, Chris Kumre, Gary Maxwell, John Mulhall (Mike Sliter was out of town) and herself, of course. Sal drove up from Reedley to attend our dance; we persuaded him to demo his newest dance - possibly entitled "Whatcha Gonna Do (MaryLou)" He just finished the hand written draft this weekend.. Sal looks real good doin' it...and the dancers went vocal watching Sal doin' his hip grinds.. and The Buffalo Girls showed the dancers their newest - Rewind.

It is gettin' harder to be a DJ...there are so many new dances that are hot; we don't want to forget our oldies; the dancers' request list is gettin' longer; Bruce and Evelyn did a fabulous job of splitting the floor to get all the requests in and keeping the energy high...We got to do my right now favorites: Swing Time Boogie, Uno, Dos, Tres and Queen of Memphis...Michael's newest...Stuck on Hold and the one coming out...A Waltz In Time... and Evelyn's new one Take A Look ...and It was TOO MUCH FUN to dance next to Sal doin' OOO! AAH! and Dancin' With You. Sal even joined in using the prop for OOO! AAH!; He "held his nose, closed his eyes, and took a drink" from the plastic cup he borrowed from Bruce...What a Guy!...Thanks for coming to our dance Sal...and Thanks to Ev and Bruce for givin' us dancers Too Much Fun on Valentine's Day.


February 11, 1997 (Hedy's Birthday)

A dance floor full of fans was at the "shoe" last night (even Karen and Tom)...Mike Sliter taught us the dance he choreographed for Evelyn Khinoo....Evelyn: an intermediate line dance done to "Paris, Tennessee" by Kenny Chesney. Mike and Beth also reviewed Norma Jean and the dance I really wanted to learn... All Nighter. The band was rockin' last night; Diana Cox called the dances and the floor was packed with dancers doin' Love Letters when in walked Michael and Hedy...they immediately joined in...too cool to have them drop in at the "shoe". Some of the dances we did last night... TTS Boogie, Fly Like A Bird, Dancin' With You, Cruise Control, Apple Jacks, Travlin' 4 Corners, and I'm Dancing (the dance Mike Sliter choreographed for Doris). Most of the floor was dancin' the Watermellon Crawl but I spotted Michael and Hedy double dotin' Honey Suckle Vine. Michael gave me an article about Hedy's Love Letters written by Neil. Check out what he wrote: Hedy- What Folks Say About Her. Happy Birthday Hedy!

Feb 8 - Note of interest: I had a phone conversation with Sal Gonzalez tonight and he indicated that he will be at the Feb 15th QS Valentine Dance in Belmont DJ'ed by Neil Hale. He asked for directions to the Palo Alto Y... and Swiss Park...he hopes to drop into the Friday dances also.


February 8, 1997

The South Bay Dances are DJ'ed by Don Duffy who invites every dancer to dance every dance on the 10,000 square foot dance floor. He splits the floor 3 & 4 ways: couples could always dance the perimeter, line dancers usually had 2 dance choices for the center of the floor and additional dances were invited to be done "up front" on the floor directly in front of the DJ booth. This "up front" floor was active. I spotted dot dancin' (a single dancer) and double dot dancin', and triple dot dancin' (in triangle formation i.e. a single dancer following the steps of the double dotters) and couples doin' their free style. Many dancers wore "red" in celebration of Valentine's Day and Don got the crowd energy goin' by kicking off with Attitude. Must of been too cool for Evelyn Khinoo to see an entire gym floor of "non- pennisula" dancers doin' her dance when she turned to do the second wall. Ted & Joann Arrouzet taught couples Shenandoah Waltz and Trish Boesel taught Michael Barr's Stuck on Hold at the 7:30 class workshop...it was too cool to dance to the music "Rockin' Robin" to Michael's new boogie! Don played my current favorites: including Silk & Satin, OOO! AAH!, Dancin' With You, and even Uno, Dos Tres! He split the floor for Prairie Strut and Chris Kumre's Cherokee Boogie. Don asked Chris to lead the dancers in the Rednex Stomp. We all were doin' Swamp Thang when Chris suddenly bolted from our line and started dotin' Knox's Hot Footin' well, Ev's marathoners couldn't stand it...so of course we joined him! During the evening Ev and Chris were seen double dotin' that Prince's Bridge dance they love to do and Ev and Doris attempted to double dot A Waltz In Time...Michael Barr will be glad that we finally remembered it! He will be teaching it at the "Y" on February 21...it is his newest waltz and it is flowing...Thanks to the teaching efforts of Mike and Beth Sliter...I was able to triple dot The All Nighter with Ev and Chris...that is a long dance! (Linda, I tried dot dancin' Dancin' Feet during the evening...not too much fun dancing by yourself...can you believe we were double dot dancin' that night at Sidekick when you were teaching me that dance...and we didn't even know it!) The evening went by so quickly....Tommy and DJ Dave from Thursday class were there and most all the folks I know from Sh-Boom....thanks Don Duffy for all your work putting on a dance that was TOO MUCH FUN!


February 1, 1997

This dance was DJ'd by Pat Nolan who gave a wonderful acknowledgment to the local Bay Area Choreographers..."because of your talent, my job is made so easy...one hour and 40 minutes of my play list contains requests to play your choreography"...John Mulhall, Chris Kumre, The Buffalo Girls, Michael Barr and Hedy McAdams were in the dance crowd....Evelyn Khinoo was greatly missed, but her Attitude was the second dance of the night...followed by Silk and Satin...

The first dance was Prairie Strut and Diane Montgomery lead the dancers with her "props" for the dance....(see photos for a great picture of Hedy and Diane) Diane also led the dancers with the newest dance from Terry Hogan....Blue Moves, he was in town and taught this dance at Swiss Park on Monday night. It is done to LeAnn Rimes' "Blue"...I couldn't learn it from watching, but Evelyn told me she is going to teach it to us and so now I am not worried....I can't stand not knowing the latest cool dance....

Michael and Hedy are just back from Memphis and learned some new dances by Scott Blevins....his Swing Time Boogie was really a hot topic...Evelyn is teaching it this month. He is a choreography from the Mid-West, Indiana....and I saw his Ride That Train at every club I danced at last week in Illinois....Chris Kumre had learned Ride That Train also...and so we showed Michael and he liked it! Lucky that I bought the CD when I was back there....got to have the "C'mon Ride It" by the Quad City DJ's in order to do this dance!

Possible notes of interest:

I spent last week in rural Illinois havin' Too Much Fun with Linda, my best friend since 1968; she is my drinking buddy, a line dancer and Alan Jackson's Number One Fan! In Illinois, we got to go out dancing every night (except Monday when it blizzarded and we just practiced what I had seen on the week-end. I fell in love with Dancin' Feet by Susan and Harry Brooks from Indiana and Bump In The Dark by Jo Thompson from Houston, Texas).

It was BELOW ZERO every night, and there was snow on the ground. We went to a superbowl party at Stone Country and danced during half time and then during the entire 4th quarter while the big screen showed the game in silence as we line danced. I don't watch evening TV and am very new to going to dance festivals and so have never seen couple dance competions...it was Wednesday night, we were at Wild West in Bloomington, Ill...the big screen was on and the DJ announced that we should all turn our attention to the TNN program that was being shown as we line danced....Tony and Yvonne GutPf���g7?6��g7БW7 W7150~�Б�}�g7?6��g7БW7��W7W7�STOR /aimweb/linedancefun/febchat.htm � � Ɛ �6Ґ��6 8F � W7�:7 8F��6����g7?6�W7БW7W76��Tg7?6�W7БW7�6F6/aimweb/linedancefun/febchat.htm��W7�6�6�C�C�W7��64���nz��6'W7�D `N n�(���? ����sch from Santa Rosa, CA were the first couple announced...I knew their names, but I had never seen them or seen them dance...they were amazing together...Linda and I continued to dance and occasionally looked up at the screen...then we both left the dance floor when they announced Californians - Robert Royston and Laureen Bladovi...Linda noticed right away..."they are the dancers on your page"...they looked every bit the champions that I had heard about...the crowd in that dance hall watched, as we did, with our mouths open for the entire performance....They were so beautiful together, they never slowed down, continuous fast, fluid movement as if connected as one...their costumes were to die for and they looked like a royal couple! We went on dancing after that and I gathered that Tony and Yvonne won the contest...since we saw them being hugged by everyone at the end of the program....Sure made me proud to be from California that night!

We had way Too Much Fun on Thursday...Linda took the day off and we took turns letting Mr. Steven cut our hair...we both wanted short, easy to take care of styles and he looked us over and said with a straight, very young, and serious face..."when ladies reach a certain age...a shorter style flatters and gives a certain lift to the face" that young hair stylist was certainly right on...we love our new looks! We wanted to be as pretty as possible, cause we were goin' to Springfield to see Alan Jackson and LeAnn Rimes in concert.

The Prairie Convention Center is a small venue...unlike the ones we have here...we were at eye level and our seats were close to the stage. That night Alan introduced the newest member to his Stray Horn Band...a local hometown boy from Springfield...I didn't catch his name due to all the rompin' and stompin' going on when his face was flashed on the huge screen. As he mouthed the words " Hi Mom"... he was noticeably pleased and embarrassed by all the attention. Alan Jackson was of course just fabulous...but being apart of this special crowd and watching them all sing out loud..."It's OK to Be Little Bitty" did my heart good...(Linda and I both thought that song was a bit dumb when it first hit the charts)...LeAnn Rimes held her own with the crowd...she told us that she had only been on the "circuit" for six months and was having the best time. I had not heard her do "Unchained Melody"; I got goose bumps and shivers. The talent she has been blessed with is very special and she presents herself as a young women many years beyond her actual 14 years. Linda and I love Alan and know he is a legion, but we saw a legion in the making with Miss LeAnn Rimes, the home town girl who hails from Garland, Texas. (note: Linda and I were in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day and caught their local morning show; LeAnn was their featured guest and the hostess said..."well LeAnn we asked you to come back and give us an interview when you became famous and here you are back so soon!" We were impressed with that interview and of course her "Blue". She doesn't like being compared to Patsy Cline..she is her own self...but to us "old timers", she is a beautiful reminder of Patsy, and Teresa, and Brenda Lee.)

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