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Imelda's Power Mac Deal #1:
     Power Mac 5300/100 w/32MB RAM (r) - $1149
  	* PowerPC 603e 100mHz
  	* 32MB RAM
  	* 1.2GB Hard Drive
  	* 4X CD ROM
  	* TV Tuner & S-Video input
  	* AppleDesign Keyboard
  	* 15" Built-in multiscan monitor
  	* Factory refurbished with 90-day Apple warranty
Patra's Performa Deal # 2: 
      Performa 6400/180 NEW w/ 15" Multiscan (r) - $1599
 Includes the following:
 	* PowerPC 603e 180mHz
 	* 16MB RAM
 	* 1.6 GB hard drive
 	* 8X CD ROM drive
 	* Software bundle
 	* Keyboard & mouse
 	* Apple 15" Multiscan Monitor 
 	* Internal 28.8kbps fax modem
 	* 2 PCI Slots  
 	* Performa 64000 is Factory Sealed with 1-Year Apple warranty
 	* 15" Apple Multiscan monitor is factory refurbished w/90-day Apple warranty
Add 256k Level 2 cache for $129
Substitute a new 15" Apple Multiscan for $69 or a new 15" Apple Multiscan AV for $99
Add 16MB RAM for only $95

Honey Bear's Printer Deal #3:
Apple Personal Laserwriter 300 (r) w/ new Apple toner - $289

	* 300 DPI QuickDraw Laser Printer
	* 4PPM quiet energy efficient engine
	* New Apple-branded toner included
	* Software and QuickDraw fonts included
	* Peripheral 8 Serial Cable included
	* 90-day Apple warranty

Libby's Big Dog Special:  
Apple Personal Laserwriter 4/600 (r) $559!

	*	Offers 600-dpi resolution 
	*	Supports Adobe PostScript Level 2 
	*	Comes with 64 PostScript and TrueType fonts
	*	Connects simply via the Macintosh computer's built-in LocalTalk port 
	*	Complies with the EPA's Energy Star guidelines for energy-efficient 
	*	Prints extremely quietly, and makes no noise at all when not in use 
	*	Includes new Apple-branded toner
	* 	Factory refurbished with 90-day Apple warranty

TIDBITS Readers Special!
Power PC 132mHz 604 Daughter Cards - ONLY $129!

	Genuine Apple 604 Power PC daughter cards are available to upgrade
  	the following machines to 132mHz:
  		* Power Mac 7500/100
  		* Power Mac 7600/120
  		* Power Mac 8500/120
  		* Power Mac 9500/120
  		* Power Computing's Power Wave machines
  	Add a 512k Level 2 Cache for only $109
  	Trade-in your 120mHz 604 card for $50
  	FedEx 2-3 delivery for only $8 (domestic USA)	
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