The 1996 U.K. Modern Jive Open


This year we've made some changes to the competition. Firstly the name, from French Style Jive to Modern Jive. This is to accomodate some of the international dancers who dance the Bugg in Scandinavia and Disco Fox styles in Germany and Switzerland. Both these styles are similar if not identical to what is called "French" jive in the UK. Secondly, we've moved from a Sunday to a Saturday, this means more freestyle dancing, a second band and the party is now going through until 1.00am in the morning. Thirdly, we've changed the venue, which has allowed the competition to move to a Saturday. It now means drinks at pub prices, a larger dance floor, better spectator viewing and easier parking. Finally, we've added a new section, THE JIVE TEAM CHALLENGE. This section is open to groups of between 3 and 10 couples who can strut their stuff to their own music in whatever style they want.


Modern Jive is a form of rock 'n' roll dancing based on French partner dancing and is known in Britain under a variety of different names and brands. The dance is heavily improvisational and operates on the beat with a limited degree of footwork. It can be danced to almost any type of music from 40's swing to 90's chart.


This is the third national championship to be held in this new style of dance. The day has been organised to create an atmosphere of fun and celebration. Alongside the championship a selection of DJ's will be spinning danceable sounds from the past and present to keep everyone on the floor between the bouts of dance competition.


One of the greatest British soul voices. Formerly known as "Howlin' Wilf", James Hunter shakes the room with his blend of blues, soul and rockin' rhythms.


A legend on the Rhythm and Blues scene. Ricky Cool founded The Big Town Playboys in the mid-eighties before leaving to pursue other musical styles. An infectious blend of rock 'n' roll, swing and rhythm and blues all played at a danceable tempo and enthused with Ricky's irrepressible humour.


leJIVE DJ's will be playing beats to move your feet from classic rock 'n' roll through to house and chart tracks of today.


This competition is not just for the experts and those who have been dancing for years. There are five different sections so everyone can compete, if they wish.

SECTION ONE - DANCE WITH A STRANGER! - fun section with medals for the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd). No cash prizes. Partners will be drawn in advance but only disclosed on the day.

SECTION TWO - INTERMEDIATE - an "on the ground" competition, amateurs only, no cash prizes. Trophies (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

SECTION THREE - CLASSIC - 600 first prize, trophy and a national title for the winner of this traditional, strictly "on the ground" competition. Also open to teachers and professionals.

SECTION FOUR - AIRSTEP - 200 first prize, trophy and a national title for this spectacular section where anything goes!

SECTION FIVE - JIVE TEAM CHALLENGE - 250 first prize, any style of jive to the music of your choice, formation dancing has never looked like this!

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