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We are trying to increase our coverage. Therefore we need your help! If you would like to write for In the Crease please send in this sign-up form and we will be in touch.
Minor Pro Logo Contest
The Official In the Crease Minor Pro Logo Competiton is over. We have spent the last few days counting your votes and a winner has been selected. We hate to keep you in suspese so.... find out who won the award right here!!
The ITC Trophy Room
We have been winning our fair share of awards lately so The ITC Trophy Room is currently under construction. Stop back next issue to see what the ratings services on the web think of In the Crease.
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It's a great day for Hockey.
17 In the Crease
Like interviews? We got 'em in Issue 18 of In The Crease. Paul Kariya, Bryan Murray, Craig Billington, and Ken Daneyko. Skate on in...we're ready for 'ya!
Meet the Minors Meet The Minors
The minor league playoffs are in full swing, and we got the news and views, match-ups, and heroes. Stop in to see how your favorite team is doing.
ITC 3 Star Award
ITC will be honoring outstanding Hockey sites each issue with our new 3 Star Award. To nominate a site, follow this link and make your submissions.

Be sure to stop and check out the winners of the ITC 3 Star Awards. We've found some great sites and we think you're gonna like 'em. You can also submit YOUR site for nomination. Remember...only the best make the pages of In The Crease.
 Hockey Scouting Profile
Are you a player?? If so.. be sure to visit The Hockey Scouting Profile, and see how you can promote yourself to colleges, junior, and professional hockey teams. All ages and all skill levels are welcome.
NIKE Hockey Catalog
We've had an overwheming response to the NIKE HOCKEY area of ITC. Be sure to check out this sneak peak of NIKE HOCKEY products. Exclusive only to In The Crease.
ITChat About Hockey
ITChat is HERE!! We've added an all new real time chat room, and the best thing is that you don't have to leave the pages of ITC to enjoy it! Stop in for some lively hockey talk and meet new friends. A Java enabled browser is required.
The Ice Pages
ITC is proud to launch a book written by one of our staff. The 1996-97 edition of the Ice Pages is the definitive Minor-Pro Guide available today. The Ice Pages is a 644 page, comb-bound, 8x11.5, soft cover book that will answer any questions you may have about the world of minor professional hockey. It is a absolute must have for any hockey fan. Most of the proceeds generated from this book will be given to the Travis Roy foundation. Interested? Follow the above link to find out more.
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