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Women with Interesting Interests
Last updated 20 April 1997

I've highlighted this page as one of my favourites for years and years. Jennifer is smart and funny and fun -- and as exhibitionistic as ever. The highlight of this page used to be her Anatomy 101 Tour of Her Body, but things have shifted around a bit and now everyone's fascinated by the JenniCam®. The Cam is in her dorm room, and takes a new picture of her every three minutes, no matter what she's doing. Sometimes you'll see her staring intently at her computer, trying to solve some curious problem; other times, she'll be talking cheerily on the phone to a friend, and other times, well she'll be doing things one doesn't normally see in a family website . If she's not in her room, you can always check out the Tour of Her Body and her curious obsession with Winnie the Pooh. Although I don't host her site anymore, I'm still proud to be her friend. [Updated 18 April 1997; first found 9 September 1995; Bob's Cove]

Amelia was the first person to sign in on my new Blue Ribbon Campaign! Get involved today by clicking on the link!

Amelia has a fascination with monsters, those gargoyles that she sees everywhere during her walks in New York City. A magnificently eloquent study of yesterday's architectural freaks, this site is one of the best written I've ever seen. This page has been very nicely updated with smaller background images, a Monster Locator and some charmingly humourous facts about the author, so drop by again even if you've been here before. In October, she added a hilarious bunch of travel and vacation misadventures, and in December she started NrrdGrrl, an ambitious effort to debunk many of the tired myths of womanhood. With these new additions, we're at long last finding out more about the woman behind the monster mask. Bravo! My congratulations to Amelia for making Cool Site of the Day on 7 December. My congratulations to her for hitting the top of Interport's access derby, at 23,192 accesses! Yep, she's Queen of Interport, if only for the moment! [Web Weavers, this update 9 December 1995]

Sometimes I can't resist muddying the waters a little. My friend Ameliaw (see above) is now a ferocious NrrdGrrl, saving the world for women who dare to be strong, opinionated and sexy all at once. She wants to save the world from the horrors of cosmetic conformity, with the evils of things like over-made up faces and uncomfortable high heels. And yet ... Here comes Teresa Antrim, who just loves to show off her hot sexy heels, together with tantilizing glimpses of what look like a very nice pair of legs. Let's talk turkey, friends: What man can resist a hot pair of red or black heels combined with a slinky dress? Alas, Terri admits making big sacrifices: she tells the world that she needs a good foot massage after her photo sessions, so perhaps she might not mind talking to the NrrdGrrls after all. We'd better ask! (Note: This page is back up after a long absence, and her shoe page is at long last back up again, albiet unchanged. Phew!) [Really, really random surfing; don't ask! Revisited 10 April 1996; first found 9 December 1995].

Tracy Lee is fighting the good fight of the 90s: A constantly sick child, an unfulfulling job and a husband often too busy to make love to her. Will she become a happy cross between punk and suburban wife, combining the best of both worlds, or will she sink in the mire of unfulfilled misery? Check out her journal and find out what she is now Becoming. As a special bonus, this page has some truly spectacular nude photos of her that she took, showing her to be both talented and beautiful. And if you care to look past her sick child and miserable work situation, her diary will, in time, hand you some delightfully sexy entries. Be patient, and Tracy will reward you. This set of pages would also be of truly enormous interest to you if you are a two-career couple considering child rearing; it really opens up the enormity of the task, while not stinting on the joys. [29 March 1996; self-nomination].

Verity tells us the truth about the horrors that have shaped her life: Rape, Child Abuse, Death, and - thank goodness! - love and hugs. This is an extremely powerful site, not for the faint of heart, telling a dreadful story - but one that must be told. [7 March 1997; Web Sociology mailing list]

Okay, after that one, we need something light-hearted, don't we? Quazimoto, aka Heather Ann, is a gorgeous redhead who loves her cats (great pictures here for cat lovers), friends, and - most of all, I think - being a SexyFlirt. What does being a SexyFlirt mean? It's somewhere in the grey area between lacy innocence and the monotonous vulgarity of netsex. Come on, guys, be a little more creative than "LETS DO IT", won't you? Just for her? (I think that's what being a SexyFlirt really means). [18 April 1997; self-nomination]

kristin's place is the creation of a fellow Angeleno who doen't really think much of the place, even though she had an ever-glamourous job: Beverly Hills 90210 Script Goddess. This is rather a sad case now; what was once a site with lots of interesting stuff now only has her Tribute to Wonder Women and her information about working for 90210. So what's she doing now? All we can do is wait and wonder. [15 May 1996; Originally added 21 December 1995].

Kimmy's Mom writes an incredible moving tribute to her now-dead daughter, lost in a tragic haze of bullmia and alcohol. This site has a grim goal: To try and reach the increasingly cynical, burned-out people of today, and convince them that there is help, and that people still care about them no matter how much they mess up. I must admit to being a bit cynical myself about this situation; it's so hard to reach today's often-doomed people that one wonders about the sanity of those that try. But this site's a real winner, beautifully done and moving. [29 December 1996; self-nomination]

Dina Ray presents a guide to romance with some intriguing features about $ 40,000 cars, diamonds, and how an anonymous friend (her?) turned a one-week stand into an enduring special love. [11 May 1997; Self nomination]

R Frankel and her fellow mothers present Angry Moms, a support group to help with the trials and tribulations of a home life. [6 March 1997; self-nomination]

Lena suffers from bipolar depression, an insidious disease that causes wild mood swings and deep feelings of worthlessness and dispair. This page includes some interesting insights and ideas for fellow depression sufferers. If you suffer from major depression, or if you have a friend who does, this is an invaluable resource. [30 December 1996; self-nomination]

Zannah is sad that no salespeople ever pay her attention in computer stores. She wonders if this has to do with her purple hair. No, I'm afraid they're all that way, I say sadly. They're all that way. She also has some intriguing diatribes on love, office life and the always harrowing world of the commute. [10 March 1997; self-nomination]

Two Chicks, Porter Gale and Donna Murphy, took a break from their fast-paced advertising career to slow down, smell the roses, and fight the good fight against breast cancer, that terrifying scourge that affects all too many of us. Their advertising background shows; the graphics and slick look of the pages remind you of the best high-gloss corporate sites. But as you read their story, you can see that they're a sincere pair whose marathon bike ride taxed the spirit as well as the muscles. A fascinating account of an intriguing journey and a vital cause. [12 January 1997; nominated by a friend].

Caryn is an aspiring actress, struggling with the daily trials and tribulations of her chosen career. She feels that, whether she succeeds or not, it is something she has to do, it is her destiny. A telling sample quote: "To me, being grown up means that when you walk by a beautiful flower, you didn't notice whether it was purple or red because you were too busy on your way to whatever it was you were headed next to stop to notice. It's an actor's job to notice."

In her journal, Emily flings her words into space and wonders if anyone's listening. Out they go, out of her tiny Pennsylvania town and into Geocities' mighty server in Beverly Hills, California. She seems lonely in her tiny town, wondering what will happen. But her 'Frog Story' makes me wonder what she would really think of the big city. Will we ever find out?

Betty and Jo have some warm family memories to share, of growing up and watching their own children growing up in turn. This site has a very neat unique navigational system - they have a big dollhouse, the type rich parents give their indulged children. You click on the front and you enter the house. You click on furniture in the rooms, or the car and doghouse outside, and you get a bunch of nice little stories that relate to what you've clicked on. It's very clever, and there's lots of excellent content to back it up. The sweetness of the stories are also a refreshing counterpart to Tracy Lee's struggles (see above). [30 June 1996; self-nomination]

The Mighty Kymm is almost as egotistical as I am - 'amazing' and 'mighty' go well together, do they not? At any rate, the Mighty Kymm proves her mettle by sharing her often-hilarious online journal with us, letting us pay a visit to her theater, and - best of all - displaying her fine collection of beautiful photographs. The pictures are the best part of this page; don't miss them! [2 January 1997; self-nomination]

The Lady Diana Dru sits us down in her comfortable home and talks about her varied interests - in particular, paganism and spirituality. There's a massive set of links here, lovingly categorized, but the highlight for me is her friendly openness, as she seeks to answer your questions and tell you more about her life. I also enjoyed her Eclectic Award of Excellence; perhaps someday my Electronic Mansion will qualify. [1 August 1996; self-nomination]

Wheatina escapes from the stresses and cares of the city and finds satisfaction in farming. Committed urbanites such as myself will find this page ... well, rather alien. I mean, it's hard to fathom that there is a place known as the "outdoors" and people actually work there all the time instead of safely within Buildings. And look at all these big machines that get us our food! This page is a little marginal in terms of the amount of content - look at the section labelled "Our Farm" and that's pretty much it - but it's beautifully done and deserves a space here for its sheer culture shock value. [22 May 1997; Web Design mailing list]

This is a fascinating era of high technology, of CD players and Silicon Graphics O2 workstations and a lifestyle that becomes ever more complex and sophisticated ... and high-stress. In Tales from a Mute Swan, Karen reminds us of the many things we have lost in the rush. [3 November 1996; self-nomination]

Shannon loves the outdoors, that mysterious space where, from what I gather, there are no walls, roofs or other curious impediments. Apparently something called the "Sun" shines down on odd looking things called "trees", which look sort of like what would happen if you took a really big computer cable and twisted it around funny. My own twisted sense of humour excepted, this is one of the best sites I've seen in some time. You'll enjoy the reviews of local parks, together with some gorgeous photography, and perhaps even realize that South Texas has a lot more depth and interest than you might have thought. And, just to show that she has a human side, you might even read her love poetry to see how much she adores Justin. Lucky guy. [26 December 1996; self-nomination].

Kacia is an artist, rebel and net junkie, in her expressive words. As a result, she's created another sprawling web site which has so much going on that it's tough to categorize. Sort of like mine, in fact . See her gorgeous artwork, read about her Phantom of the Opera obsession, and check out her tattoos (and her cat). [26 December 1996; Yahoo personal pages]

Susabelle is a BBW - a big, beautiful woman who knows that being a big woman means you have a big heart. She shares her dating misadventures, dreams of the ideal man, and writes about Hercules. Are you man enough for her? You'll never know until you check it out. [5 March 1997; self-nomination].

Go Down on the Farm with Granny and enjoy glimpses of a simpler life, away from the glitzy hustle and bustle of the web. I particularly enjoyed the stories in her library. A friendly place, chock-full of down-home hospitality. [1 August 1996; DianaDru's Eclectic Award]

Sabina does a diary in which she worries about her studies and meticulously records her consumption of Chocolate Milk. Could this be a trend? [Babes; 26 December 1995]

It's impossible for me to think of women on the web without thinking of bEveRley aka Wednsday the tortured USENET Goddess. Most of the pages I put in this list are dancing with sunshine and good humour; hers are pregnant with the passions of a confused and abused personality. And yet, in the end, a very real charm and flair for the written word comes out. [Personal acquaintance on USENET]

Meet WWWench aka Jayne Loader, as she gives link-filled editorials on subjects ranging from droughts to sluttiness. Be sure to check out the mind-bending variety of links in each essay. [The Net Magazing; 11 September 1996].

Meet Miss X, another charming and delightful girl with some nifty quotes. She also has one of the best links pages I've seen, complete with enjoyably quirky descriptions. If she only had some interest, some beautiful obsession, Mistress X would be a great place to visit; as it is, she's a fun person to know. This page now has some promising writings on Generation X (the best one) and computer crime that will be of interest to those involved in either subject.[Self-Nomination]

Kristina is one of the most eclectic girls I've ever seen - from being in the army to singing at a dinner theater, she really has done it all. I particularly enjoyed her detailed biographical information and columns - there's lots of interesting information and great writing on a whole variety of subjects. This page was featured as Miss Babe-O-Rama on Babes on the Web for December. For once, I must admit that Rob Toups made an excellent choice. [Billigan's Island & Babes; 30 December 1995].

Linneaville is an attractive small town. I imagine it overlooking the sweep of the ocean, with numerous tastefully designed buildings and a town square filled with the pleasant bustle of everyday life. Go into the buildings, and visit with our friend Linnea, as she gives you her meditations about tea and web page design. Encourage her to add more buildings to her town, and I'm sure she'll wave goodbye as you leave. A text-based page that manages to convey the friendly spirit of a delightful girl. The only problem is that she just hasn't written enough. Now stop reading this fullsome praise, Linnea ... put some more fun stuff on your page, won't you? [2 February 1996; self-nomination].

Irrepressible Nancy has that loveable egotism I find hard to resist in a woman. And she also gives some darn good advice to the lovelorn ... if you can find where she hid her responses! [7 October 1996; self-nomination]

Old Mc'Hillary had a farm, ey-ey-o. Rabbits, a horse, a dog, and only Hillary knows what else! This page has no real theme other than her animals, but a pleasant afternoon indeed can be had speculating on what happened to the vanished Paul, and figuring out who might have replaced the poor sod. Is it Izzy or some unknown? (I have been told from a reliable source that it's Izzy, but don't let that spoil the delightful mystery, will you?) Visit the page and enjoy the real life mini-soap! [3 February 1996; Netaxs personal pages]

Rangy Lil roughs it, ponders the mysteries of being 30, and wonders why nobody ever comments on her page. Don't feel bad, 'Lil ... of the 2,000 odd people who visit Wonderful Women every day, I'd say I get about two nominations a day - and no comments at all. The crowd out there ... they're quiet types, I guess. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed her Sideways Glance collection of essays, as she tries to make sense out of an eternally confusing world. [27 June 1996; Self-nomination]

Vicki presents a grab-bag of art, stories, poetry and tarot. I particularly enjoyed her observations on Love, which are under her stories section. Does love die, and how do we know we're in it? Often only when we're out of it again, it would seem. Touchingly eloquent. [via Yahoo Personal Pages; 25 November 1995]

"Some people think Abigail is something special, something other than human ...". Will you? Abigail hates Netscape and wants to tell you all about it ... her text-only page without even a hint of graphics is certainly a change from all the Netscape-enhanced creations, with their bright plumage, that people have put together on the web. She makes some intelligent arguments against graphics and Netscape, but somehow I doubt that the creators of Netscape-enhanced pages will agree. Thought-provoking nonetheless; if you're a lover of HTML design, you'll want to take a close look. [10 February 1996]

Saint Bibiana presents Immortality in Velvet, a real must-see site if you're interested in the gloriously inventive world of the Renaissance Faire. You can learn how to grovel, make your own special garb, and learn how to speak like a steely-sworded veteran of a thousand Faires. The only complaint I have is a mysterious lack of pictures of our intrepid heroine in the proper garb. How could she do this to us? Well, perhaps she just wants to keep her hits under control. Perhaps. <laugh;> Oh yes, I almost forgot - she also features the Egotistical Site of the Day, for home pages from people as egotistical as ... well, me. [11 January 1996; self-nomination]

This HAS to be one of the funniest and best done sites I've seen, even if you might consider the subject matter, well, yucky. Meet Betty, the enthusiastic curator of Cockroach World. Check out a day in the life of Rodney Roach, and find out how to keep and observe your very own adorable pet roaches. And if you still decide you don't like roaches, there are some handy tips for getting rid of them. The subject matter may sound unpromising, but Betty really makes the Roaches come alive. Do you dare drop by and pay them a visit? [Weevil's Links; 8 January 1996].

Captain Anne decyphers today's buzzwords and shares her obsessions on topics from shopping to David Siegel. Is David Siegel a plastic product of his own busy imagination? Find out here. [18 October 1996; SGI employee home pages]

Judy Edwards and her partner share Gooseberry Hill, a picturesque place of woods, briars and nature, which serves as her sanctuary from life's petty problems. Check out the birds and the bugs and the briars, and see how she treasures them all. On a pure design level, this site also features one of the best-looking uses of frames I've seen, although people with small monitors might not like it a lot. [Friend's nomination; 6 June 1996].

Sonja lives in Belgium and introduces you to the hottest and wildest parties in the trance/techno scene. A very nice run-down of the available clubs and information on her favourite music grace this attractively presented site. I enjoyed her open-minded stance on drugs, including both pro and anti-drug links, with thoughtful commentary. [9 September 1996; self-nomination].

Nancy Redd tells us how to become a cheerleader and gives us her unique spin on the world of fashion. Just like a cheerleader, this page is charmingly peppy and filled with enthusiasm! [29 September 1996]

Some people think children are the future of the planet. Others think they're horrible pests. Haemi Balgassi likes writing for them, and she does it with charm, creativity and passion. "Sometimes people ask me why I moved "down" from writing for adults to writing for children. I explain to them that I have worked up to this. Writing for children is real writing. Children's books are real books. Who among us does not hold the memory of one close to our hearts?" [20 June 1996; self-nomination]

Ilana Davidi has an adventure with an insect, and shows us what she has in common with a moose. Maybe we should introduce her to Cockroach World? [21 May 1996]

The Harley Mom tells us all about motorcycle helmets, mourns her first-born son, criticises the CDA with her daughter, and enjoys a torrid online romance with the Colonel. I found her romance and her crusade against mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists to be particularly appealing. [Self-nomination; 1 June 1996]

Just in case that wasn't enough for you, Ravenna Presents Hamsterland features her amazing pets. She takes the Roach Lady's advice (see above) to heart, proudly presenting us with her most glorious pet, a South American Hissing Cockroach. As a special bonus, she lusts after Mafia Dons and jokes around with her hamster. Great fun! [11 January 1996; Egotistical Site of the Day (see above)]

Marlena Evans shares her lovingly maintained Polish Art, Poetry and Folklore pages. I particularly liked her gallery paintings; they showed us some strikingly attractive glimpses into a bygone world. [20 June 1996; From my guestbook]

Fiona defends horror fiction against the brutal attacks of its snobbish detractors, and helps us take an entirely different look at sharks. [17 February 1996; Web Weavers]

Kim grrrrrs at the Communications Decency stuff, Valentines Day and other things that aren't quite right in the world. At times hilarious, at times eloquent, always recommended. But couldn't I make her crack a smile? Perhaps this review will help. [17 February 1996; Web Weavers]

Yisca presents a neat Gothic home page, complete with stunning photographs of herself and the touching story of her pet rat. Beautiful stuff! [6 April 1996; Yahoo personal pages]

Leek is a geek. This is a very austerely stylish goth page, and it features her paper on death symbolism. I liked her arty QuickCam experiments and the explanation of how her name came about. [1 May 1997; self-nomination]

Aimee sticks out her tongue at us, but does it with charm. She also seems to be rather keen on inhabiting graves. She couldn't be a Goth, could she? Well, um, I guess so :-). She's particularly charming peeping out from behind a gravestone. [8 December 1996; nominated by a friend]

The Famous Lorax talks to us about feminism, Chemistry and the joys of working for the Highway Department, laying concrete and running those big yellow machines. If you're willing to work as hard as they do, she says, the macho men are really pussycats. [27 April 1996; self-nomination].

Are you a gambling man (or woman)? Jennifer by Chance lets you roam around a bunch of dice in search of her most interesting rants. Everything from her oddball friends to her malfunctioning car is covered, in often funny and touching prose. A great place to visit, with surprises under every link! [17 February 1996; Someone's friends]

Muse is a Blonde on the Loose in the Navy, surely a most dangerous creature! Can the Navy survive it? She also has a few charming airbrush paintings to show us. [15 April 1996; nominated by a friend].

Cat purrs away on her motorcycle and introduces us to her own cat, Steve. She also gives her former web space provider some interesting and well-deserved slams, and tells us about skating and biking. [17 February 1996; Web Weavers]

Karen aka Mindfire may be on AOL (at least for now), but she has some good words to say about Barbie. How could we men let them castrate Ken, she asks? Good question. Probably since we didn't notice; we were too busy playing with cars. But that's what the evil folks at Mattel were counting on, eh? Aside from that, we have the entertaining spectacle of her struggling with stereograms and not quite figuring them out. Perhaps that's what we men are good for? [20 January 1996; Billigan's Valentine Page].

Kate's Place is a stunning artistic tour de force; I love her spare neon-tinted images and the use of colourful salt water fish around the page. It's a very classy look, one of the nicest I've ever seen. When I first saw her page, I was instantly charmed, but then I noticed her page was mainly whole bunch of lists of links. Oh dear, I thought to myself, what can I do? Well, fortunately, her page has one other feature: The Daily Grind, a neat little creation where she talks on some theme or another, and works in links to suit. It's nicely done, and this site is well worth looking at just to see the pretty pictures in the beginning. I especially liked her response to me when I told her her page was just a list of links! [15 May 1996; self-nomination].

Katie Raves and shows us some gorgeous polar bear pictures. Oddly enough, there isn't much about raves on this page, but she definitely has a flair for the written word; while you're here, be sure to check out her diary, where she eats insects (oops!) and suffers through the horrors of air travel. This is the first page using Netscape 2.0 frames that made me think the feature could actually be useful, and that's high praise indeed. You might also like to visit her main corporate page where she has some cute pictures of lions. I'll never buy a Windows NT httpd (the thought of using Windows NT for any purpose makes me shudder), but I admire the clever gestures that make this corporate site look like something created by a caring human. [30 January 1996]

The Maura Girl is a senior undergraduate trying to figure out what to do with her life before her dreaded Graduation in April. Watch as she screams into the void that is the Internet, and gains solace from the sophisticated gloom of Nine Inch Nails and her idol Trent. How can you gain solace from gloom? Ask her; she had some interesting answers when I did. [5 February 1996; self-nomination].

Julieanne M Brown-Micko has some interesting prose and poetry to share. If you like blood with your romance, or romance with your blood, you'll love her. Even if you don't, you'll love her love letters. Could you be her love? [Susan Brewer's links; 25 February 1996].

Abbagirl sings the Madrigals, tells us about her favourite musicals and shares some intriguing poetry. [7 April 1996; Women's Web Links]

Cathy stiches and sews, waxes nostalgic about 18th century clothing, and brings us "my trashy, unfinished Regency Romance", which I thought was a nice bit of good clean fun. Will our hero and heroine ever get together or are they doomed to a life apart, separated by gossip and social obligations? Maybe we'll even get to find out someday. [7 April 1996; Women's Web Links]

I don't even have the slightest idea how to cook. But when you're along for the ride on Molly's World on Wheels, and check out the delightful pasta recipe, you'll understand that cooking isn't the point. Enjoying life and indulging in the sensual delights of quality food in your hands, is. The men in the audience will enjoy looking at her delightful pierced navel. [7 April 1996; Women's Web Links]

Magdelena Donea is a lesbian web mistress with a sprawling website, containing her charming diary and many intriguing things about herself. [16 March 1996]

Anne the SassyFemme loves lipstick, hates censorship and wonders why she has no life. There are also some interesting essays on coming out as a lesbian and being a stepmother. [27 March 1996; self-nomination].

Diane tells about the fine art of journal writing: Handwritten, with pen and ink. Wow. I barely remember how to hold a pen, much less actually use it for something other than vaguely scribbled notes I can't read five minutes later! She also has a bunch of intriguing book reviews; the one I was most interested in was 'How to think about weird things in the new age'. Finally, don't miss her great list of all-purpose excuses! You may need one sooner than you think. [7 April 1996; self-nomination].

Paula Schroder wishes you were here with some wonderfully evocative prose. The most fascinating feature of this page, though, is "The 100 Most Classic Guestbook Entries Ever!" What a curious idea that is! I guess I'd better crack the whip and do my own guestbook. (Which I have; fill out your entry!). [20 January 1996; Billigan's Valentine]

Jessa's Garden of Groove is straight out of the 60's: When you enter, you are asked to pick a flower. Want to know someone who loves both laid-back Pooh and cosmetically obsessed Martha Stewart? Check her out! [Web Weavers; 26 December 1995].

Michele Boland designs a plane and plays us some music. I loved her wonderfully silly music bio. She was "better known from her previous band Dangermouse, whose entire 12 CD catalog was never released due to artistic and legal differences with her pets." Original! [2 December 1995; self-nomination]

Elena has spent 29 years of life on this earth, and what does she have to share with us? Start with drink recipes and mix carefully with hangover cures. Then, once we're wide awake and healthy, she tries to frighten us with her Macintosh Borg. This page also features some clever graphics, a nice navigation system and a winsome personality. [21 January 1996; Web Weavers].

It's going to be tough to catch up with Pamela Parker, aspiring journalist and runner. I like the look of her new E-Zine, The River, although much still needs to be done. I particularly enjoyed her touchingly expressed poetry. [30 December 1995; self-nomination].

Lizzz sings us some songs, goes to Woodstock and dresses up like the SexyChyck (her name, not mine!) she is. Be sure to visit her guest book and answer the cute questions she put there! [5 December 1995; Self-Nomination]

Aspiring Presidential Candidates Michelle Villaneuva searches for her running mate, worships the Sacred Donut (see her Entropy role-playing game page) and enjoys the curious world of the Furry. [1 April 1996; self-nomination]

Fortuna gives us the Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology, an often-hilarious effort to make sense of the world around us. Or does it make any sense? Be sure to check out The Seven Dwarfs of The Apocalypse. [19 October 1995; nominated by her friend Ben]

Danielle Tropea and her alter ego Natalie Engel share with us their intriguing obsessions with "tall, lanky and, brooding men" who constantly let them down. I particulary appreciate the often-funny and harrowing diary sections and the large amount of original content on this page. [23 November 1995; general surfing].

Natalie P is the creator of Purient Minds, Inc., a Division of Heartless Bitches International. HBI is not the horrid place you might think; in it, she rants and raves about how people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own fates. In all honesty, however much I may dislike heartless bitches in general, I found her attitude to be a refreshing breath of fresh (albiet chilly) air. Want to see the products of Purient Minds, Inc? I thought you might! Click on the picture of her with the Big Ears, and keep your eyes peeled for the adorable cheesecake picture. [URL updated 16 April 1996; first added 1 January 1996; the first Wonderful Woman of the New Year!]

Do you dare to open Pandora's Box of Tricks? Some intriguing stuff here, including information on Time Warner's new ThePalace chat room software and meditations on the existance of God. [2 December 1995; Centre for the Easily Amused]

Donna Kossy presents the Kooks Museum, a lovingly crafted tribute to those bizarre beliefs without which life would seem almost normal. [18 November 1995]

Joolie's Joint is a clever free penpal service for people who have Multiple Sclerosis and those who love them. This is an awfully single-minded site; if you don't have some form of interest in the disease, you probably won't enjoy it much. But if you do, it looks like a lovingly crafted resource that will be of much use and comfort. [15 May 1996; nominated by a friend].

What's wrong with the world today? Michelle lets us know with some entertaining rants. She also gives her poetry, art and links. [7 April 1996]

Meet a Rain Sprite, a creature of the hills and valleys, whose beating wings can keep you up at night. A beautifully lyrical description of a mysterious creature. [Susan Dennis; 31 October 1995]

Baby Doe collects Tiki Mugs, indulges in girlish wonders and digs in the trash. [Yahoo, 24 November 1995]

Cindy procrastinates and tries to protect her sanity. I wish this was a little longer, but it's fun. [Yahoo, 18 November 1995].

Xander Mellish sits us down and tells us some wonderful touching stories. Charming! [31 October 1995]

Gabrielle's Lair is the home of the nasty Killer Rabbits. Do you dare enter? [28 October 1995].

Lisa presents you with some neat Gothic art and poetry. A dark page that still manages to charm. [Yahoo; 18 November 1995]

Aska Andsaelis is your dream girl if you think blood is sexy. "If you feel like it, you might be welcome." Do you dare?

Joelle is a gorgeous red-headed vampire lady, who invites us to come with her into the night, and enjoy the sensuous delights of her kind. [10 April 1996; Self-nomination]

Jennifa Oh Jenny presents Junebug, a fun and funny zine. She's at her best when recounting her own experiences fighting with her shoes and longing for the touch of the unattainably beautiful boy. Combine this with in-your-face feminism, and I'm not really sure what we have here, but it is interesting reading. [28 October 1995]

Amy talks about herself, writes some neat short stories, and plays with her camera. Don't miss the film, book and music reviews; they're short but superbly expressed. [11 November 1995; self-nomination].

Alison loves music, especially a band called the Del Amitri. She also has a delightfully quirky sense of humour and a really beautiful background. Her best friend and younger sister Caroline has a similarly charming home page. [28 October 1995]

greyrose is a cute 18-year old girl who has not yet given up completely on life. She's struggling with her writings and her e-zine to make sense of it all. She has charm and she has brains, but the workings of our rather chilly society seem arrayed against her. And the love of her life is so far away ... but at least they managed to meet. Will they triumph in the end and create a happy life in the midst of this messy world? Let's hope so. [21 April 1996; self-nomination; note: 'greyrose' all lower case spelling with no spaces at her request].

kel has an abbreviated name and an abbreviated height; her page has an often hilarious diary in which she battles with FedEx and the ever-challenging world of studies. Neat but quick to load graphics complete a quirkily charming page. [4 November 1995]

C J Silverio has a great page with lots of interesting writings, including her reasons why the web is, perhaps, not an entirely satisfactory medium at this time. No, those weren't her exact words. :-)

Deb Nyberg shares with you her experiences in building up a small, home-based, women-owned business in a rural Illinois. Check out how she managed to triumph by persevering where others might not have. [Self-nomination; 28 December 1995]

Nikki's Home Page features the Realm of the Awake and Restless. Check out her lovely Aviary, too! [Yahoo; 18 November 1995]

Lizzie's Cat Zac has a wonderfully sweet and loveable home page. Great writing here, and a neat picture on the top. "I'm Zac and this is my homepage. I'm not territorial, so feel free to explore. email comments to my mom and she'll read me my mail. she'll even help me answer. ..."

The Homepage of Belinda Asbell is organized into rooms like an adventure game and written with real flair. [Babes, around 15 November 1995?]

"Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the virtual fly," says Heather Meloche aka The Black Rose. On her web page, she showcases the alt.books.anne-rice archive and her portfolio of fantasy illustrations. [ users; added 11 Oct 1995]

Angela's World has an intriguing organization: Take the Seven Deadly Sins and create text and links related to each one. Includes a Do it Yourself Picture, and emphasizes her favourite hobby of Sloth.

Don't miss Margaret Balfour's Concise Summary of current Conspiracy Theories. Great stuff! [Yahoo; 18 November 1995].

Kim Casey follows her bliss and tells us some stories. [speakeasy user pages, 18 October 1995].

Susan Barclay presents the Sea Monkey Worship Page. Whatddyamean they're only brine shrimp? Pity there's nothing about the author, but the zaniness of this one made it irresistable. [Geek Site of the Day, 15 October 1995]

Madly is so busy being delightfully mad that she never gets around to finishing her page. [Susan Dennis]

Ms Data is in love with data. Most people think of data as a dull bunch of abstractions, but Ms Data shares with you a genuine enthusiasm for the numbers. Do you love data? Ms Data might even love you back. It's very rare for me to recommend a career oriented home page to people, but this one has that spark, that sense of enjoyment, that made me add it here.

I'm a bit cynical about this one, since I personally find it hard to believe that there is a God; after all, this is an incredibly imperfect world we find ourselves in. But Stacy still believes, and she seems a lot better adjusted than the cynical, angst-ridden New Yorkers who make many of the best-written pages I see. Visit her and judge for yourself.

Christina presents SoulSell, the innovative new commercial service that will put you in touch with the devil straight away. Offbeat fun. [2 November 1995].

Avianna Chao designs an airplane and looks really cute on a pillow. (Warning to the masses: Not even partial nudity, but cute as a button). [2 November 1995]

She's not frightfully keen on Newt Gingrich, but Newt is a lively and engaging personality with a great sense of humour. In particular, I'd like to thank her most profoundly for her partial retraction of previous comments made about Newt Gringrich. It's not like the fellow is perfect, but he sure did help us with the dreaded S.314. Anyway, she's a wonderful person on the web, indeed, although I must confess that just doesn't have the flair of my present title.

View her multiple personalities at Mary Anne's Skitzophrenic Home Page. "So, which one of us should go first? Oh let me, me, me. *Me's hand waves frantically ... What about Her? Her seems really excited to share about herself. Ok, here's the deal. Her will start, She will go second and Me will go last. Is that ok with everyone? ..." [Women Web Weavers]

The Cafepreak presents the Grouchy Cafe. And yes, she is a little grouchy, but her charming cartoons of herself and friends will delight you. [Hadley's Women]

Susan's Page has a wonderfully entertaining story about when she hated and envied computers. Now she's their master. Or was that mistress?

Doogie's Den of Comfortable Delusions explains how she attempts to keep her sanity in an increasingly insane world.

Serenity's Resting Place by Barbara Sherman. In this crazy, nonsensical world, meet someone who wants to make a difference, if only to just one person in the world's rush.

Julianne bathes her cats, plays with her mind and takes us on a splendid tour of her Virtual Garden. [ENTJ]

Hilary Ostrov is the accidental tourist, somewhat uncertainly launching herself on the vast seas of the Web.

Dirtgirl presents her place to bitch, where she offers entertainingly harsh commentary on subjects ranging from sports to Microsoft.

Jean Fielder has a webpage of Considerable Significance. Watch as she debunks Gen-X myths, explores Fielder's Laws and offers to design your web page. [Babes; 27 May 1996]

Judy Tucker's Magical Places is a haven for fantasy writers. In her words, it is "a place to spark creativity, celebrate pleasure and to be playful."

With all the hostility in the world and the mean people getting us down, it's nice to relax and cheer up at Sarah's Page O'Happiness. Find out if what makes her happy makes you happy too. (Chocolate? Yum!). [Babes]

Take a look at Romana, a Cryptographer, Extropian and ravishing Model. [Babes]

The Dutchess of Chaos has one of the most bizarre pages I've ever seen. This one really defies categorization. [18 October 1995]

Laura Lemay wrote the best book on HTML I've seen so far. Her page features her intriguing adventures, and some fine exerpts from her book. She has a wonderful sense of humour; this is a great place to go for a laugh. [Babes & others]

Melanie has some entertaining writings and some interesting theories about storytelling. [Well Community Pages]

Nana talks about censorship and the Internet. Check out the "pornographic" photo of ice cream. Is nothing sacred? [Well]

Gail Williams of the Well talks about the problems and glories of managing the Well's many conferences. [Well Community Pages]

Meet Eileen and her alter ego Mr Friendly. He looks sorta like a green version of Casper, and I'm sure he's a nice enough chap you get to know him. Eileen, on the other hand, is a bit of a bitch. No kidding! That was what she tells us on her page. Do you dare to follow this link?

Dawn Bastian Williams, librarian extrodinaire, likes pets, books and fashion. [Babes]

Want to really exercise your high-speed Internet connection? Check out the neat use of backgrounds and cute images in Jennifer's Dolphin Home Page. A word of warning: I really wouldn't try this if I didn't have at least a 56k link to the Internet. Otherwise, it's torture, not fun. If you love dolphins, there are also some really neat dolphin pictures on her pages. [Babes]

Heather tells you how to be a good wife, with an ironic twist

Lynda Williams is a Science Entertainer. She's part of the Cyberset, whose mission is to Flood the Future with Content! Interesting idea!

Luna got stressed out working for an Internet Provider, so she is now hard at work establishing "a Medieveo-Gothic Emporium". You see her at rest, gathering speed and taking flight. Fun and quirky, just what I love in a home page.

Alia's Castle is a lovingly crafted text page, which dresses you in exotic costumes and creates a clever atmosphere redolant of the world of the Middle Ages. The structure of this page is a lot like a Mud, giving you a very strong sense of place. This is a truly refreshing and original place. [MIT pages; 3 March 1996].

Xta is the founding member of the Society for the Preservation of the Length of Men's hair. She also longs for a Dodge (or Chrysler; she's not picky) Neon to follow her home and become her dream car. Wish her luck! She has written to me stating that she has been miscategorized as a woman, as opposed to an engineer. So when you visit her page, please keep that in mind. [MIT Home pages; 2 March 1996]

Antigone is a cool character with a rather terse outlook on life. Includes some interesting pictures from her travels in Eastern Europe.

Andrea Foster has an exceedingly clever way to make even a list of links interesting: she wraps them in a 1950s-style romantic story. I suggest moving your mouse pointer around and looking at what strange places she sends us to, in the disguise of a 1950s-style romance. This is last on the list due to its nearly-complete lack of any original content :-(, but I've never seen a cleverer way of handling the 'list of links' problem. Hurrah for her! [Yahoo Personal page; 25 November 1995].

The Women with Interesting Interests have been accessed 27001 times since I moved to my spiffy new T1 line on 24 December 1996.