Tom Bombadil's Software Emporium
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Hey, you made it to our place! Welcome one and all. Tom Bombadil, your host, greets you with a cheerfully absurd song. What is life without meaning? Don't knock it 'till you've tried it!

Hi ho, what hey?
Ho hi, ought-thay
Some grills a piggin' down here!

Hi ho, naught say.
Ho hi, which way?
Agreed the dough-boy cheer!

What Now?

Tom Bombadil's Software Emporium & House of Curiosisities spends most (but not all!) of its time making good shareware games for computers and the people who use those computers. You're probably here looking for one of our games or trying to find out more information about our games. We recommend that you check out our newest and critically acclaimed game, Get Lost! It's a unique and exciting puzzle game, the likes of which you've never before seen!

More about Get Lost!

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