CIBA Vision soft contact lenses give you the look of satisfaction!
CIBA Vision soft contacts are made of a unique, thin soft lens material for a natural feeling in your eye. Even at the end of the day, CIBA Vision soft contacts are so comfortable, you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

Not only do contacts help you look and feel better, they also give you better peripheral vision, unlike glasses which can obstruct your view. When you're active or playing sports, contacts eliminate the problems of glasses sliding down your nose, fogging up, or breaking.

CIBA Vision's Softcolors lenses satisfy the light-eyed individual's need for something different.
These eye enhancing tints look natural, so you can wear them every day.
Softcolors lenses are easy to handle and care for.
They are available in both disposable and monthly replacement, so you will always have a lens that fits your needs and lifestyle.

CIBA Vision soft contacts are packaged in six-lens multipacks, so you enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of having spare pairs available whenever you need them. Now you never have to worry about losing or tearing a lens, because you'll always have a fresh new pair of contacts on hand.

CIBA Vision offers many choices in lens wear, all with the comfort, freshness and convenience you've been looking for. Your eye care practitioner can recommend which CIBA Vision lens is best for you.

The Pure Eyes Disinfectant/Soaking Solution uses hydrogen peroxide to kill germs that can cause eye infections.
The five-minute system, for lenses ready when you are.


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