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April 12, 1997

Free Home Pages & Free E-mail

500,000 members and growing...

Area51/Corridor3811 -- Make an out-of-this-world homepage with Area51 Software.


Calling all bands! GeoCities and SPIN magazine are kicking off our first annual Best Unsigned Bands contest. If you're in an unsigned band you'll want to get the details now. (Not in a band? Check out the great music already submitted by other bands.

Buying a car just got a lot easier. Get all the info you need at the new Car Center,
brought to you by Auto-By-Tel.

40,000 Computer Hardware and Software Items at Internet Shopping Network

GeoCities is proud to present Programmers' Pavilion, a showcase for cutting edge technology. You'll see high-tech home pages featuring Java, ActiveX, Shockwave and others! (You can have YOUR home page featured in Programmers Pavilion, and DOUBLE your exposure on GeoCities!)

There's lots to do in Programmers' Pavillion: Visit the Microsoft Developers Toolbox, Redmond Roundtable forums, and the monthly Developers Contest.
Come visit!

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