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Get real! Get ready to take a techno-trip to the world of Jonny QuestTM . We're presenting a hot new toy line based on the all-new animated series from Turner Home Entertainment and Hanna-Barbera. Jonny QuestTM and his globe-hopping Quest Team will take you on exotic adventures all over the map, from Siberia to cyberspace. The 1996 Jonny QuestTM toy line from Galoob includes figures and vehicles from the Real World and the virtual reality realm of QuestWorldTM, a cyber universe of light and shadow where anything is possible. Our 5 Real World Collections include 2 fully articulated, highly detailed and decorated 3.5"-tall action figures per pack, along with lots of great adventure accessories and features. The QuestWorldTM Collections include a clear, fully articulated, 4"-tall QuestWorldTM action figure with a light-up QuestWorldTM vehicle, clip-on armor and spring-fired weapons. To transport the Quest Team across the globe, we're introducing the Quest RoverTM , Quest PorpoiseTM and QuestWorld Cyber CopterTM vehicles. They're all loaded with plenty of action features and spring fired weapons, and carry any 2 Jonny QuestTM figures inside.

Take a techno-trip to QuestWorldTM at the official website for Jonny QuestTM. Check out episodes, bios and adventures. You can even chat with others about your favorite members of the Quest team!

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The Galoob Quest Team!

Jonny Quest(tm) Real World Collections
JQ 3 - Shuttle Pilot Jonny Quest
(Not shown to scale).

Jonny Quest(tm) QuestWorld(tm) Collections
Cyber Cycle Jonny Quest
(Not shown to scale).

Jonny Quest(tm) Real World Vehicles
Quest Porpoise
(Not shown to scale).

Jonny Quest(tm) QuestWorld(tm) Cyber Copter
QuestWorld Cyber Copter
(Not shown to scale).

Micro Machines JQ
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