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State of the Industry

There's been a lot of stuff happening in the gaming industry as of late. Nintendo is planning on dropping the price of the N64, Sony has already dropped the Playstation down to $149, and Sega is selling more and more Saturns due to it's 3 free games deal. On top of that, we are all in store for a hell of year, even better than last year.
This great industry isn't without it's problems. I still see punks posting messages on the Usenet like "Sega Suks", "Sony Stinks", and "Nintendo Blows", and it really amazes me. Numerous counts of bias still remains in magazines and other gaming sites. It seems that this will not cease. If your a gamer looking for straightforward information, you know what sources you can count on. Just enjoy the games and be happy. The one thing that still pisses me off is lazy programmers. If you Saturn owners are always wondering why the the original Playstation versions of games are better than the Saturn versions, it's because of lazy programming. After seeing what AM2, AM3, Scavenger, Core, and EA can do, there's no excuse for sloppy ports. I especially have to commend EA on the wonderful job they've done. All of their Saturn ports of Playstation games are exact. I must make a note that Probe's conversion of Diehard Trilogy is excellent. With the exception of the handling on Die Hard With A Vengeance, the game is just as good as the Playstation version. All of these things I'm discussing here are important, not only to properly inform you, but also to kill these rumors that are being spread by bias editors and miscellaneous geeks on the net.
Now for a little bit on E3. As always, we are gearing up for E3 '97. We are trying to get as much information as we can to do a little E3 preview of all of the games that will be at the show. Keep checking our site as we will be leaking out as much info as we can on all of the new titles and surprises that are in store at this years E3. As for the next E3 video, we are planning to put 3 hours of footage on tape this time around. We'll try to get as much footage as we can of the "behind closed doors" stuff. That's what everyone wants to see isn't it?
As you can see a lot of changes have been done to our web page. We've redone some graphics and started working on our PC Gaming section. We will have a ton of demo's available, as well as previews, news, and movie clips. We are growing and are still in need of a few writers for Anime Extra, PC Gaming, and Kung Fu Theater. Send all inquiries to: Editor In Chief.

I'm really good at making predictions about the video game industry, so I made a list of things that I think are going happen towards the end of this year and at E3.
1) Sega drops Saturn down to $149 and includes one game to compete with Sony.
2) Nintendo has a prototype 64DD running Zelda.
3) Core should have early Tomb Raider 2 shots up and running
4) Sega with have the finished "Model 3" emulator for the Saturn running a demo showing it's power of 1 million polys per second.
5) Capcom will have Marvel Super Heroes, D&D, and SF vs Xmen. Also Cyberbots with RAM Cart. Resident Evil 2 will be shown in early form too.
6) We'll see more 3rd party titles for Saturn than before.
7) Panzer Dragoon 3 surprise? Maybe
8) Sonic Xtreme? Definitely
9) M2... Possibly with running demos and D2 or Enemy Zero running.
10) Final Fantasy VII for Playstation will be up and running.
11) Grandia will be in form for the Saturn
12) Sega will outdo themselves and have the best party ever.
This year:
1) Nintendo will release 64DD for $150 and leave the public dazed and confused.
2) Nintendo will if not already drop the 64 down to $149 to compete with Sony and Sega.
3) As promising as the 64DD looks, sales will be slow.
4) Namco will announce that they will be doing games for the Saturn (once the upgrade gets finished)
5) Core will announce Tomb Raider 2 for Saturn, Saturn upgrade, and PSX.
6) Sony will release official specs on Playstation 2, after Christmas.
7) Someone, probably AM2, will max out the Saturns capabilities and astound everyone.
Torrence Davis
Editor In Chief
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