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The CCETT, involved in MPEG Audio since the very beginning of the standardization process, produces now optimized real time encoders/decoders for plateforms running under Windows (3.1, 95, NT) or MAC OS ( version 7.0 or higher).

MPEG Audio are two international standards established by ISO. The so-called MPEG 1 is referred as ISO/IEC11172 whereas MPEG 2 -targetting at both lower bitrates, and multichannel coding- is referred as ISO/IEC 13818. They enable you to encode and decode audio files with a wide range of bit rates, ranking from 8 kbit/s up to 448 kbit/s.

A sub-part of MPEG Audio called MUSICAM includes the two most popular parts of MPEG Audio (layer 1 and layer 2). The decoders called PlayerII presented on this web site are MUSICAM compatible, and available in a demo version. The CCETT can also provide professional users of MPEG Audio with real time Encoders able to reach the highest quality of layer 2 encoding, on a PC-compatible platform.

Our software support the DAB mode which makes possible multimedia data bases ready do be broadcast, and error dissimulation at the decoding end.

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