Bandai Takes Responsibility for Pippin Developer Support in the United States

September 1: Bandai Digital will now be responsible for all developer support for Pippin in the U.S. Apple will continue to support Macintosh developers, including those who are interested in obtaining more information about Pippin, but all developers who want specific technical or marketing information are encouraged to contact Bandai directly.

July 9-10: Japan Developers Conference, Apple announced that the next version of the Pippin hardware development kit will include a "Pippin Security Key" which, when plugged into the ADB port of an ordinary Atmark player, will allow non-authenticated CD-ROMs to boot. This means that in the future it will not be necessary to have a separate "development" version of the ROM. Info about availability of the new kits and the PSK will be posted to our web page soon.

June 3: Katz Media signed a worldwide licensing agreement to ship products for the European market later this year, based on Apple's Pippin technology.

May 15: First U.S. showing of the Pippin @world. Bandai Digital announced plans to begin shipments in Fall of 1996, at a price of $599. The @world will be sold with a 6-month unlimited Internet account from PSINet at a cost of $24.95 per month.

March 28: The Pippin Atmark went on sale at 300 retail outlets throughout Japan at a price of 64,800 yen, including modem and 4 bundled titles.

February 22: Bandai Digital showed off the Atmark player to hundreds of thousands of visitors to their booth at Macworld Tokyo. Bandai Digital also handed out catalogs showing the hundreds of titles being planned now for Pippin in Japan.

February 9: At a news conference in Tokyo, Bandai Digital Entertainment introduced the Pippin Atmark, a new product based on Apple's Pippin architecture. Over 400 companies are developing Pippin-compatible CDs in Japan right now, with more than 100 titles expected to be on sale this month.

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