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April 12, 1997

The Dance Mobile traveled from Mike & Beth's house in Sunnyvale across the Bay over to Pleasanton and parked itself in front of the Cowboy Country was T-shirt Dance Night. We all had our "Marathon" shirts on, cept Bruce, he claims that Ev took it away cause he didn't deserve it...I don't think she would do that! Anyway, you can see the winners of the t-shirt contest on the photo page.

Happen to notice the "prop" dancers on the home page? They had just finished doin' Hedy McAdam's Prairie Strut and were nice enough to pose with their feather headbands. Mac was DJing and mentioned that there wasn't any "prop" competition or anything between the East Bay and the Penninsula. I don't know... their dancers had "train whistles" to blow when they were doin' Baby Likes To Rocket and huge bones to shake when they were doin' Lisa Firth's Cannibal Stomp. Mac was very nice to call all of Evelyn dances one right after the other...(that we only had to search through our prop boxes once). We got to do Claxton Stomp & Go, Silk and Satin, Attitude and Take A Look Then...Mac called Stray Cat Strut.... this is a beginner dance and we thought we would go rest awhile since we just did about 6 fast dances in a row...WRONG!!! GEEES, you have to check out the photo page to see this...there were about 10 dancers who raced to the floor dragging their tails behind them...I was lucky enough to get close enough to capture Julie swishing her tail around while she was Stray Cat Strutting...

Ev and I were laughing so is a wonder I got a clear photo...we were so jealous...we were about to call "prop war"...but Julie and Charlotte called us over and presented us with our very own tail cut outs. All we have to do is stuff them and we could have cat tails too. (I spent Sunday stuffing tails while waiting for my .avi files to compress)....(Ev is teaching Stray Cat Strut to her beginning class on Wednesday...won't they be surprised) Cowboy Country Club Dancers...we are thrilled that you remembered and included us in your most creative "prop idea"....and thanks to you Dan for having the idea!

Karen and Dave and Kay and Linda were there and we got to do many of our favorite dances...we did Hedy's Younger Men to the music for Wild Wild West Boogie. We did Vanilla TwirL while others were doin' Boot Scootin Boogie and we did it again to the slow cha cha Tequila Sunrise. Mac played some nice rollerblading we got out and did Evelyn's new I Never Knew Grandma Could Rollerblade and then several folks, including DJ's Linda and Todd from Line Dance Fun Day came over and joined in....Linda and Todd even did Evelyn's new Black & White Rag with us. (One of the things we love about going to the Cowboy Country Club is all the friendly dancers...if they see us doin' something new...they will come over and start picking it up...and Ev is really nice...she even gave one dancer a private lesson on how to do her Black & White Rag!) Linda and Kay remembered Desperation Samba from the Friday night Y dance and they helped us through it...and Linda and Ev got to do Jammin' to some really cool hip hop music. Ev and I were doin' Mike Sliter's I'm Dancin' to some pretty fast music...and it took him and Beth at least a New York minute to recognize what we were doin' before they came out and joined us.

The t-shirt contest was pretty cool...there was one dancer there who disqualified herself....because she would have won hands down...but it was nice of Mac and Jackie to let me and Evelyn define the 6 categories and pick the contest winners. Folks get pretty creative when it comes to contests...Charlotte even added two props to her shirt in hopes of winning and it worked. The evening sure speed by and we were dragging our tails out the door at 11 pm. Mac and Jackie sure know how to give a dance and lucky dancers even get their flavor choice of tootsie pop as they head out the door for the ride home. Bruce and I got the red ones...and of course I whined all the way home about how long it took to get to the tootsie center...Bruce is more patient; he never whines.

April 7 - 11

Totally exciting week:

Monday - Went over to Swiss Park to learn two new dances that Charlotte Skeeters and Neil Hale were teaching...Mi Salsa Vaquero and Fast Fish. Hedy and Michael came by to check out the lessons also...It was the first time we all got to see them since their return from Australia. Michael said he knew about the explosion of new dances here and that it would take them 4 months to catch up! (They asked me to show them my new dance.) The minute the lessons were over...Neil put on the music for his new dance One Toke Over The Line and we all got to practice it with him....too cool!

Tuesday - Went over to the Horseshoe Club; Mike Sliter reviewed - Vanilla TwirL, Doris Volz's beginning cha cha, and taught Neil Hale's new beginning/easy intermediate dance - Front Row Attitude. There was a large group of beginner dancers here again tonight and it was too much fun to introduce a "prop" dance. The band has started to check over the dance sheets of the dances that Mike and Beth are teaching before they begin their set....and tonight they had a totally fabulous surprise for us...Patty Kisner sang the lyrics to "You Never Can Tell", as the band played this tune by Willie and the Poor Boys...(and I thought this was an obscure tune that only Neil Hale and a few other folks had ever heard of...) It was just too much fun to dance Front Row Attitude to a live band and have Miss Patty belt out the words. There is something special about live music, lots of line dancers, a small dance floor, and band members who actually call out the dances for the tunes they are going to play. Tonight my favorites were called out: the Fireman, Love Letters, TTS Boogie, Travlin' Four Corners, Front Row Attitude, Silk and Satin, I'm Dancin' and even Vanilla TwirL!

Wednesday - Went over to Cubberley Community Center; Evelyn Khinoo reviewed Flying Eight, Stray Cat Strut, Cowgirls Twist ,Front Row Attitude, Whatcha Gonna Do, One Cherokee Boogie. Evelyn also taught her new dance: Black & White Rag. Michael Barr stopped by to get started on learning all the new stuff that he has he helped Evelyn out when she taught his Waltz In Time. We are the luckiest dancers in the world; we not only have choreographers who create cool dances for us....but they actually show up at each other's lessons and dance with us dancers!

Thursday - Went to the Palo Alto Y; Michael Barr reviewed the Carmel Cha Cha and taught Tail-Gating and Mike Sliter's dance - I'm Dancin'. Beth Sliter stopped by class to help teach and demo I'm Dancin'. She told the dancers that her husband Mike choreographed his dance for Doris and then they asked me to come out and join in the demo ...pretty cool dance! (At first, I was embarrassed from all the compliments that Mike Sliter gave me when he first brought out his new dance, but I'm over it now!) Hedy McAdams taught a review of the Fireman to everyone...including Michael....he said it was just one of those classic dances he had just never had time to learn...well now he knows it!

Friday - Went to the 2nd Friday dance at the Palo Alto Y; Michael and Hedy were the DJ's....Michael taught us a new dance that they brought back from OZ....Desperation Samba. It was choreographed by Eric Sellers and Monica Miles.

Right before the lesson started, Michael was playing some really cool turbo music and I just can't stand to waste nice I said....let's Vanilla TwirL. Pretty cool, the dance is so easy that Michael and Hedy picked it up turbo style...while the rest of us who knew it enjoyed a dance warm up!

It happened to be that John Burton was celebrating his big three 0 birthday tonight and of course, there was a cake. Chris Kumre had a hand in decorating the was blazing with all 30 "can't blow out" candles...After we sang "Happy Birthday" to John, Michael said he could have the next dance...well, he chose Chris Kumre to be his partner...they entertained us while dancin' to the music of "Baby Likes To Rocket"...after it was over...Hedy said that they were both doing the men's lead....who knows...but, they sure were showing off with a lot of fancy dancin'.

We got to do all of my right now favorite dances: I Never Knew Grandma Could Rollerblade,Turbo Cowboy Lengua (remember the one that Neil sanctioned...Cha Cha Lengua done to the Cowboy, Take A Look ,Fly Like A Bird, Love Letters, TTS Boogie, Front Row Attitude, Silk and Satin, I'm Dancin', Whatcha Gonna Do, One Cherokee Boogieand Evelyn's new dance: Black & White Rag.

And you sure was nice of Hedy to review the Fireman for us yesterday...for the first time ever...I didn't think the music was so fast!

April 7, 1997

Hey, Sister Friend! Vacation in Alabama was ok. I got to sit in the sun for each afternoon and while it was a bit cool because of the breeze, it was really nice. I did find a line dance place and got to go one nigh.t Anyway, it was this barn way out in the country, and the dude had two big red and white boots at the entrance to the place, one on either side of the driveway, and at night they are lit up as gawdy as you please with the place's name in bright red neon---PAW'S BARN! It was a really nice line dance place, though, and only a couple of couple dancers there! You and I could have had a ball! Three ladies were doing a fast version of Cruisin' when we came in, so I hurried up and got out there because I thought it might be the only one they did all night that I would know! But later on they did God Blessed Texas, the Shotgun Twist, and Walk the Lineso I was able to get out there and join them. Then I picked up one really easy one they were doing to Baby Likes to Rocket called Loco-motion. Then they taught one called the Jackson Stroll which was fun (one of the songs they played to it was She's Got the Rhythm and I've Got the Blues, which I thought was apropos!). They taught another one from Michigan called Hip Hip Hippity-Hip which was lots of hip bumps and not much else. We left when they started teaching the Watermelon Crawl. You and I could have had some real fun there! I did find some fringey boots down there at a boot outlet. They're not a name brand but they're light beige suede and have some silver studs up the side and lower wider heels than most fancy boots, so I think they'll work pretty well for dancin'. I was thrilled! So now I'm back at work and guess I'd better get to it. Can't wait to get back to dancin' tomorrow night! . . . . . . E-hugs, LK

LINE DANCE FUN DAY at Gone Dancin' - Oakdale, CA

April 5, 1997

It is a good thing I wore my training lacers to this workshop; I had to learn 3 brand new dances taught for the first time anywhere! The workshop music was DJ'ed by Lori and Cam Wong; the instructors for the event were: The Buffalo Girls, Evelyn Khinoo, Neil Hale, and Charlotte Skeeters.

The Buffalo girls taught us Pat Eodice's new dance Do It To It and their own dance, Rewind.

Evelyn Khinoo taught us her newest - I Never Knew Grandma Could Rollerblade and her brand new dance that she has created and dedicated to all the Black and White Balls - Black and White Rag. Evelyn says the preferred music "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" by Ricky Van Shelton is pretty fast, but there are holds almost after every step so the dance is not difficult. I did notice that there is a lot of clapping and "up and down" motion and dancers really get "into the swing" of the dance...and ladies wearing those short dancin' shirts tend to get noticed on the floor during this dance!

Neil Hale taught his latest creation - Front Row Attitude after he introduced us to the dancers from the team "Front Row Attitude". He didn't disappoint the dancers....he used toy gun props as he demo'd and taught this dance....then he taught his second dance...the brand new one...he prefaced it by saying..."There will be no props for this dance." The music started...."One Toke Over The Line", by Brewer & Shipley from "Tarkio" CD....then he demo'd this beginning, easy intermediate 2 wall, 64 count creation. (The dance is in beta release but will be up on this site by Tuesday, April 8.)

Charlotte Skeeters taught her new dance, just out of beta release....Dig That Sound and Cannibal Stomp. Dig That Sound is a 1 wall, 48 count intermediate line dance done to fast music. Charlotte describes the first steps as Michael Barr steps...(the boogie steps from his TTS Boogie). I was lucky enough to learn this dance from Charlotte at the Y when it was still in beta this dance with what I would call the "boogie Barrs" was pretty easy for me the second time around.

It was the best workshop event I have been to ...from a dancers point of view. Picture this! Gone Dancin' is a smoke free, alcohol free dance hall with a huge wooden floor...dancers are learning brand new dances right next to famous choreographers who are also learning each others dances for the first time...Evelyn just finished teaching us ...Rollerblade and Charlotte is saying...I just love the rollerblade glides...can we do the dance one more is really fun! (We will later on Charlotte, we have to learn them all first, then we do them again at the dance tonight)

Between each new lesson we had open dancin' and our DJ, Lori Wong, called the dance The Cowboy. The Buffalo Girls started doin' the turbo version of Cha Cha Lengua. Annette and I were right behind them...Ev and Bruce joined in...then Charlotte and by the time I turned around for the second wall....There was Neil Hale dancin' right in back of me! It was his first time ever to do Cha Cha Lengua to this music! Afterwards, he said it was really fun...I said," Neil do you sanctTurbo Cowboy Lenguaion it?"...he said, "Yes"..."Neil can I print that?" HE SAID YES! Annette christened it... and so now we can all know what to ask for when Neil is DJing and we want him to play the Smokin' Armadillo music. (Neil is really particular about his creativity in his dances and he appreciates that his dances are done according to the way he choreographs them) We dancers feel honored that he creates for us and now we feel honored that he loves doin' the Turbo Cowboy Lengua with us!

Danette Buffalo Girl taught us the beginner intermediate Do It To It and everyone got it right away and got right into the music....Honky Tonk Song by BR5-49. Susan Buffalo Girl taught their newest dance, Rewind...this is the elegant 64 count (but nearly every count is syncopated) dance...I can dance the first part of the dance...but then when they get to the Rewind part of the brain my goal is to remember the first part of the dance perfectly...(I have a difficult time learning dances with steps greater then my age) so I figure the older I get the more harder dances I will be able to learn. Anyway, it was pretty much fun for me and Country Sue to sit and chat and watch all the famous folks take the lesson...(first time ever I got to see Neil Hale take dance lessons!!) I am in awe of all you dancers on the floor who can do advanced dances and ,of course, in awe of the choreographers who can create them. You Buffalo girls sure can dance good!

Just as we got our coats on to grab a bite to eat...Evelyn's Claxton Stomp and Go was called...of course, our coats came back off and we did that turbo dance. Bruce and I were hungry before we did the dance; We were starved by the time the dance was over.

And the evening started....Lori and Cam had to head off to Sacramento to teach at a workshop so now our dance DJ was Mr. Neil Hale. He had a request list and wouldn't you know it...just as I was changing out of my training lacers ...he started the music and called Sal Gonzalez's new dance Whatcha Gonna Do way was I going to miss doing that dance...had to do it in my socks! (Sal is visiting the Bay Area and the Palo Alto Y dance on April 11.) By the time he played the music for Evelyn's Take A Look I was laced up and even had time to grab my flashlight before I hit the floor in time for the count down.

There are tables surrounding the dance floor so dancers can talk to each other and eat munchies...Sharon, Nicki, Veda and Trish & Bob were there from the San Jose Area. Carlene and her friends from the Sonora Area were there...Carlene is the fabulous advanced champion competition line dancer who does a to die for Fireman (as a fan I went up to her and talked to her when we were in Pismo last September) anyway she told me that she just got on the Internet for the first time ever last week...she typed in "line dance" in her search engine...and found the url for Line Dance Fun was the first web site she ever visited. When she asked me if I was the Doris of Line Dance was too exciting for me...

We got to do Michael Barr's TTS Boogie and Ev passed the "prop cow" from dancer to dancer...(you know Carlene showed off big time when she got the cow). We got to do Hedy McAdams's Fly Like A Bird and her beautiful Love Letters and her advanced dance...Younger Men.

When Boot Scootin' Boogie was called, I couldn't resist doin' Vanilla TwirL. Ev and Bruce were dancin' with me...and then Trish joined in and learned it...then Neil was nice enough to play Alan Jackson singin' Tequila Sunrise and announce couples cha cha around the outside and Vanilla TwirL in the center. He did mention that it was hard to keep a straight face when saying the name of my dance...Bruce says it is a guy thing...well, anyway, Neil accepted a copy of my dance and who knows maybe he will learn it...Charlotte said she liked watchin' the Strawberry version.

We got to do all the dances we were taught and most of us remembered them...I even remembered Neil's new dance and got to sing the lyrics while I was dancin'. Charlotte got to do Ev's Rollerblade dance again. She seemed so excited to be dPf���9�9��9Б//// 150~� Б�}�9�9��9Б//��// //�STOR /aimweb/linedancefun/chat.htm � � Ɛ �.Ґ��. �W � //�:7 �W��.����9�9�//Б// //6��T9�9�//Б///F6/aimweb/linedancefun/chat.htm� ��////0?0?�//��.4���nz�/'//d@ L_n�(���? ����ancin' and havin' fun...I don't know what it was...could have been the new skirt she had on, but that woman has to get out more with us...We Had Way Too Much Fun...and then we drove all the way home.

April 1, 1997

G'Day Doris,

Thanks for your great page, it's an enormous help to us down under. Thought you might like to know that we had a great time with Hedy & Michael in Brisbane and there are some pics on our page at Follow the lead through the Albums page to 'Workshops' where you will find photos of Charlotte, Bill Bader, Michael & Hedy in Brisbane. M & H were reading your report of the Thursday class the next Sunday and were quite blown away, and on seeing the photos of her birthday cake printed in full colour was heard to say "Is nothing sacred? ". Best Wishes and thanks for the loan of your teachers, they were great. Ken

Horseshoe Club - Santa Clara, CA

Mike Sliter taught us Vanilla TwirL (That's my dance) last night...this is a beginner cha cha dance which can be done to the slow music of Alan Jackson doin' Tequila Sunrise or it can be done to a turbo Boot Scootin' Boogie for an entirely different feel. There were a lot of beginner dancers on the floor last night and a lot of couple dancers.

Mike reviewed Five O'Clock Stomp, Stray Cat Strut, and Midnight Waltz.

New faces were there last night, Tommy H and DJ Dave...said they came especially to learn Vanilla TwirL What nice guys!...and Angela had some news to tell...she and J.R. eloped on Saturday...yeap, went to Reno and tied the knot! Congrats to you guys!

Mike and Beth have given the band the list of dances we do to the music they play. It's pretty fun when the band calls a dance before they start playing the music...cause the dance floor gets crowded and folks know what they are going to do! Last night it seemed the entire bar turned out for Travelin' Four Corners and then the floor was split between the couples around the outside and the line dancers filling in the middle...The dance floor is small and last night was a good test for Vanilla TwirL. The band played Neon Moon and couples were doing Cowboy Cha Cha and line dancers were doin' Vanilla TwirL. It worked, there was room for everyone! and ...."new " Barbara , not to be confused with Barbara who is married to Chuck, came late and started picking up TwirL off the dance floor...afterwards she says..."what was that, I liked it"...

The band was rockin'; we got to do: Dancin' Feet, Love Letters, TTS Boogie, Stuck On Hold, Cruise Control, Watermelon Crawl, and I'm Dancin'.

Last night was an aerobic workout...I was tired and sweatin' when I left . Thanks Mike and Beth for teaching Vanilla TwirL. I certainly had Too Much Fun!


Hi Doris, Just thought I would let you know. I got my first pair of lacers today, custom made! Mahogany, shark skin toe and heel pieces, Black leather uppers, 10 sets of hooks, 6 sets of eyelets at the bottom and 1 set at the top. Cut back dance heel, chisled toe and they are 12" tall with red and white stitching! You can give them the OK in Reno!........ (That's a note from Knox)

Well, everybody, over the week-end --Evelyn Khinoo bought her first pair of basic black!

Also, over the week-end, Doris finally found the letters "L" & "R" for her training lacers. Now she will know at a glance which is the left foot and won't have to stop and think about it. If you are still in training, might want to consider putting the letters on your lacers! Lucky for me I found the letters in time to help me out when I take workshops in know when you are learning those hard Knox Rhine dances...every bit of your brain power is needed!

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT FLASH TO LINE DANCE FUN Just back in Tiburon after two terrific weeks of vacationing and dancing in Australia, hereinafter referred to as "OZ." It's a fabulous place to visit, and it's line-dance paradise -- venues everywhere and every night, high-level dancers on the floors, and lots of weird new stuff to learn. Country line dancing is actually a bigger deal in OZ than in America -- they figure 200,000 regular dancers in a country of 20 million people.

Line dancing dominates, although partner dances and the two-step are making inroads. It's such a big deal, in fact, that people like Cindy Truelove in Perth and Mark Simpkin (GYPSY LADY) in Sydney run full-time dance empires with instruction staffs and booking offices.

We arrived in Sydney on a Friday, poked around downtown for a while, caught a jet-lag nap in the afternoon, and got ready for a night of dancing right after dinner. At least I did -- Miss Nicky was too pooped after the interminable 15-hour flight nonstop from San Francisco. I was picked up at the hotel by Woolongong boot-scooters (that's the term they use mostly in OZ, rather than "line dancing") Mark and Wendy Pilley and driven to an old wool shed in the bush called Darke's Forest. It's about 40 miles south of Sydney, and the Pilleys live even farther south, so they wound up driving half the night to accommodate me! Beyond the call of duty, and mucho appreciated. Good on ya, mates.

Darke's Forest has a big wood floor and there were about 70 boot-scooters on hand. Everyone apologized for the low turnout -- a big contingent of regulars was in Canberra, three hours away, for weekend competitions and a series of workshops with our very own Michael Barr and Hedy McAdams. The dancing was advanced-level, and the gang was after me for some new stuff from the US. Trouble was, they already knew almost everything I mentioned!

Lots of fans of Miss Doris's web page Down Under! I finally settled on teaching Hedy's LOVE LETTERS and PRAIRIE STRUT, plus a favorite oldie, BOCEPHUS, that they'd never heard of. I also learned that at Sydney's Royal Easter Show on March 30, 6,000 OZ boot-scooters will be doing FLY LIKE A BIRD on national TV, having paid $20 each for the privilege! Jet-lag hammered me big-time on the one-hour midnight ride back to the hotel. Thanks again to Mark and Wendy for all the help.

Off early the next day to Alice Springs, dead center in a country about the same size as the continental US. The occasion was Rockscoot '97, Cindy Truelove's five-day dance event in the true Outback. Guest instructor, along with Sydney/Woolongong's Tom Glover, was Bill Bader from Vancouver BC. Bill was making his first teaching tour of OZ-land, along with his buddy and international line-dance champion Grant Gadbois. Some teaching highlights you'll be seeing soon in America: Bill's new HOME ON THE RANGE, Tom Glover's COUNTRY GIRL, and Cindy's hilarious ROCKSCOOT, written especially for the event. The trip's highlight was an overnight bus trip out to Ayers Rock, 250 miles even farther into the Simpson Desert. The Rock is properly called by its Aboriginal name "Uluru" (pronounced like "toodle-oo") these days. This is one of the true wonders of the planet -- the world's largest single piece of rock, a sandstone monolith eight miles in circumference. The aboriginal locals worship Uluru, and I can't say I blame them -- it's truly awesome.

We stayed at the five-star Sails resort nearby, and comandeered the poolside lobby for an evening of line dancing before an astounded audience of locals and hotel guests, many of whom jumped in for quickie lessons on GO GO STOMP and Bill Bader's COWGIRL TWIST. Grant Gadbois got talked into a solo demo of his contest-winning talent. Just one fly in the ointment, so to speak, at Alice Springs and The Rock: flies so thick that we had to wear face nets everywhere. But the little buggers magically disappear every night at sundown, and the desert nights are magnificent.

Cindy and husband Eddy Boekelman are planning a repeat Rockscoot for 1998, and I can't recommend the experience highly enough -- you'll have the time of your life. I hope we can get together a good American/Canadian contingent next year. And Cindy's leading a tour of 100 Aussie dancers around the US this fall, hitting the Pismo Beach event among other stops. Watch for 'em.

After a few dance-free days on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Nicky and I headed for Brisbane, the third-largest OZ city and home base for line-dance guru Terry Hogan. Terry was hosting Michael and Hedy at three afternoon/evening workshops. Our locals were a huge hit in Brisbane, and they still have a few more appearances in Sydney and Newcastle before heading home. The Palo Alto kids, already famous in OZ for FLY LIKE A BIRD and BLACK DRESSES, taught just about everything in their book, from Hedy's first effort HONEYSUCKLE VINE to Michael's new STUCK ON HOLD and A WALTZ IN TIME.

Terry's well-taught classes do lots of northern California stuff, including a perfect SILK AND SATIN (complete with hat moves) and even Evelyn Khinoo's new TAKE A LOOK (no flashlights, though -- in fact, the whole "prop" thing had them a bit bewildered in OZ. We'll have to send Ev and Miss Doris down with their trick bags for some silliness workshops!) Terry likes goofing around with SILK done fast to KT Oslin's "Cornell Crawford" -- claims to have gotten the idea from Ev herself, at the last Golden Gate Classic. And speaking of Terry: watch for the latest addition to his choreography repertoire, which includes TULSA SLIDE, NIGHTMARE, BLUE MOVES, CHECK PLEASE, AND GOING STRAIT. It's going to be a monster. The official name is ALONG FOR THE RIDE, but his students call it "The Ants Dance", as it's written to "Ants On A Log" by Randy Travis. Do the dance right and you'll look like a bunch of ants trying to balance on a log. You'll get it when you see it. Mr H is a genius.

Michael and Hedy plan to teach "The Ants Dance" as soon as they get back. I'm headed for a jet-lag coma as soon as I squirt this e-mail to Linedancefun world headquarters. Only one thing wrong with Australia -- it's that horrible 15-hour plane ride each way! We'll be recovered in time for some dancing this weekend -- see you then. Meanwhile, here are the hot ones to watch for in the weeks to come: HOME ON THE RANGE (Bill Bader), ROCKSCOOT (Cindy Truelove), COUNTRY GIRL (Tom Glover), and THE ANTS DANCE (Terry Hogan).

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