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Nothing Says Fun Like an Ingroinal Hernia

The World Wide Web is a great thing, putting a wealth of sports information, entertainment trivia and explicit pornography at your fingertips. In the future, when there's no breathable air and all life must dwell underground in reinforced bunkers, it is reassuring to think that humans will still be able to derive pleasure from Disney Aladdin sex stories and Continental Basketball Association news. However, there's something wrong with a medium that loves itself as much as the Web does. We're being turned into a planet of Steven Seagals. As an antidote to all of this unhealthy positive energy, Cruel Site of the Day presents a daily link to the world of the perturbed, peeved, pensive and postal. It's brought to you by Rogers Cadenhead, a web developer who began examining the issue of self-love in his early teens.

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