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April 17, 1997

News Center:
Details of Japanese SOTE Improvements
The Japanese version of Shadows of the Empire is improved over the American version. Find out more.

Today's Edition of the E-Mailbag!
Today's edition of E-Mailbag covers N64 HQ, Star Fox 64 and more.

Yesterday's Highlights
April 16, 1997

Weekly Editorial:
Video Game Retrospective: Racing...
Justin Nation begins this new series with a look back at the revolutionary Racing Destruction Set.

Cheat Warehouse:
All Level Passwords for Doom 64
We've got all the level passwords for Doom 64 on every level of difficulty.

Today's Edition of the E-Mailbag!
Today's edition of E-Mailbag covers Yoshi's Island 64, American companies and more.

Software Sector:
Release Lists are Updated
There are small updates to the American and European release lists.

News Center:
Import Racing Game Coming to U.S.
Imagineer's Multi-Racing Championship is going to appear in the U.S. courtesy of Ocean.

Readers' Corner:
New Talkback Question Now Online
There's a new Talkback question concerning what you think should be improved for Super Mario 64 II.

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