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  • Organizations for Computer Professionals
  • Computer Security
  • Skeptical Sources
  • Civil liberties
  • Freethought
  • Human Rights
  • Progressive
  • Fun
  • Bicycling
  • Legal Mumbo Gumbo

  • Professional Organizations:

  • IEEE Home Page
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • USENIX Association Home Page
  • USENIX SAGE System Administrators Guild
  • UniForum
  • ACM
  • The UNT ACM Home Page

    Computer Security Information:

  • CERT Coordination Center
  • CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
  • FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

    Follows are Sources for Skeptics:

  • CSICOP Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
  • Skeptics Society
  • Skeptic Magazine
  • The Skeptic Magazine(UK)
  • North Texas Skeptics Home Page
  • The James Randi Educational Foundation
  • Bob Carroll's Skeptic's Dictionary
  • The Junk Science Home Page
  • SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography
  • Church of Scientology
  • Society for Scientific Exploration
  • Sceptic's Sanctuary
  • Prometheus Books (UK)
  • False Memory Syndrome Foundation
  • Skeptics info UFO's
  • The Sci.Skeptic FAQ

    Civil Liberties Index:

    The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom of Speech, Press and Association

    Help the Center for Democracy and Technology guarante your online freedom!

  • American Civil Liberties Freedom Network
  • An Unofficial Index to Older ACLU Press Releases
  • ERGO!'s Euthanasia World Directory
  • The CAF Civil liberties archive
  • Computers and Academic Freedom Archive
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation Archive
  • Censorship at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Anti-Censorship Organizations
  • Banned books
  • The Flag-Burning Page
  • MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression (SAFE)
  • Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility CSPR
  • Institute for First Ammendment Studies IFAS home page
  • Privacy International Home Page
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Home Page
  • COYOTE/Seattle: the sex workers rights organization
  • People for the American Way

    Human Rights pages:

  • Amnesty International USA
  • United Nations
  • Physicians for Human Rights
  • Covert Action Quarterly
  • Washington College of Law Human Rights Page

    Freethought on the Web:

  • The Freethought Web
  • The Secular Web
  • Stanford Humanists Web Page
  • American Atheists home page
  • Atheist Express
  • Humanist Association of Canada Home Page
  • Humanist Association of Ottawa
  • The North Texas Church of Freethought
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation

    For the Progressive Minded:

  • Mother Jones
  • FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
  • Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
  • The Left Side of the Web
  • Turn Left...the home of Liberalism
  • The National Organization for Women (NOW) Home Page
  • Reproductive Rights Page
  • ERGO!'s Euthanasia World Directory
  • Fight the Right Action Kit - Table of Contents
  • ACORN The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

    On a Lighter Note:

  • Micorsoft Panhandling
  • Gurus of Unix Meeting of Minds
  • Bastard Operator From Hell
  • What if Dr Suess Did Technical Writing?
  • Sixteen Reasons Why God Never Received Tenure at a University
  • Calvin and Hobbes Comics Gallery
  • The Dilbert Zone


  • Winning Online
  • VeloNews
  • Bicycle Guide
  • Team Internet Information
  • Chevrolet-LA Sheriffs Cycling Team
  • North Texas Mountain Biking
  • Bike'alog's Complete Bike Specs '95
  • Bicycle ShopView - Main Menu
  • Bikepro


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